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Sunday, July 21, 2013

2012 Tower of Terror 10 Miler

2012 Tower of Terror photo IMG_3856_zps6259cb1d.jpg 2012 Tower of Terror photo MiscRaceSwag100_zps223a8e3a.jpg
Bib and Participant Tech Shirt
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Tower of Terror 10 Miler Pins
I left the house at 6:30pm as I wanted to get to ESPN Wide World of Sports so parking wouldn't be an issue and I could catch the first bus to leave at 7:00pm. It was very easy to park and then I headed towards the buses.  There were at least 40 buses parked there.  I was amazed at the number of buses sitting there.  I hopped on a bus and waited to head out.
It was a pretty quick ride over to Hollywood Studios.  I got off the bus and walked around for a bit. There were only four corrals for this race and I was in the last one.  Based on how I was feeling I was nervous about the race.  Both knees were acting up and I was totally drained of energy.  The weather was not helping much - it was hot and very humid.  I sort of felt like I was in for a rough night.
I headed in the corral as I wanted to make sure I got to the very front of the corral as I felt I would need all the extra time cushion I could get.  I sat down and waited.  As with all races, you are always surrounded by others and meet the nicest people.  This corral was no exception and I chatted with two people on my right that were running their first race and a woman on my left that was from the UK and it was her first race as well.

After waiting for a while Rae arrived and met me in the corral and sat down with us to wait.  I was already drenched from the humidity and was starting to feel the nerves.  It seemed like we sat there for hours, but it wasn't really that long and it was time to drag myself off the ground and get ready for the corral to start moving.

It was crowded and there was some pushing as we started walking.  Everyone always wants to be in the front, but tonight I felt like I had to be in the front or risk being swept.  The other corrals started going and we continued our slow journey up to the start line.

Rae and I managed to stay right at the front of the corral and when we were finally at the start line, we were right at the timing mat.  This is the first time that I've ever been at the timing mat in the very front of the corral.  It was pretty cool to see things from this perspective!

Then it was time to go, 15 minutes after the first corral had taken off.  Rae and I stayed together for a mile or so and then I told her to just go as I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with her pace and that was the last I saw her. 

For the most part the first few miles were not very exciting and there was quite a bit of banked road that was really causing me some grief in my knees.  I kept walking as fast as I could, but I knew I was already slowing down.

The only really cool characters I remember seeing were the hyenas from Lion King - now you just don't see them every day.  For the most part I thought that the course along the road was dark and rather boring.

Along the course they were telling us how far ahead of the pacers we were and I was only about five minutes in front of them.  I kept walking as fast as I could and then I hit the unpaved dirt and gravel portion of the course and even as far back as I was it was tight, crowded, dark and difficult.  I really had to pay attention to my feet to make sure that I didn't stumble and fall and I had to swerve around people.  By this point you could really see how much the humidity was taking a toll on the runners.  A lot of people were slowing down and walking by this point.

I made it through that dark section and headed in to ESPN Wide World of Sports.  It was fun going around the field with the big screen on.  This was another area that was very crowded and hard to get through, I had to swerve around people and then we slowed down as the exit was very narrow.  Going through here was over very quickly and it was back to the dark road.
2012 Tower of Terror photo 97203-1014-032f_zps14ba496f.jpg 2012 Tower of Terror photo 97203-1418-014f_zpsc350c4f9.jpg

As I continued on, I heard them call out that I was now only 2:30 minutes ahead of the pacers.  That seemed really odd as I had kept pushing the whole time and I didn't think I had lost that much time.  I tried to pick up my pace again and it was still pretty crowded so it was tough.

Then we get to mile seven and all of a sudden I'm only 10 seconds ahead of the pacers.  What!?!  This makes no sense to me.  I just did a 12:30 mile and I've lost even more time.  I'm so confused, but I know that I have to keep pushing.  And push I did, but if I looked back, there were the balloon ladies.  I am starting to get really nervous now.

It's before mile 8 and some guy comes running up yelling the pacers are right behind us, keep moving people, move faster and then the idiot stops in front of me.  I almost collided with him and as I swerved, I yelled back - thanks for the warning, but dude, don't stop in front of people when you're yelling about the pacers.  Good gravy some people are so dense.

I then heard them say that as long as you get to mile 9 there would be no more sweeping.  I knew this was going to be a fight.  I kept moving as fast as I could.  I was hurting, I was fighting with everything that I had.  I passed mile 8, I checked my Garmin and it was 8.5 and then finally there was the sign for mile 9.

This is where we headed in the park.  This is where I slowed down considerably.  This is where I knew at least I wouldn't be swept.  I kept walking, but I was a lot slower now.  I just wanted to make it across the finish line.  At about 9.5 miles, the balloon ladies finally passed me.  Wow, I had just dodged being swept.

The last half a mile was probably one of the longest I've ever had, but I did it.  There it was, the finish line.  Thank goodness!
2012 Tower of Terror photo 97203-966-036f_zps9ef36bd3.jpg
As you can see by my finish line picture, I was glad to be done.

2012 Tower of Terror photo 97203-142-002f_zpsa4977404.jpg
I crossed the line, got my and had my picture taken with the Tower of Terror in the background.  I was so glad to be done.  It was definitely a good feeling to be done and have that medal around my neck.

I grabbed a bottle of Powerade and water and a snack box and then the cruelest thing in the world was ahead of me.  A hill to get out from backstage and in to the park.  I wasn't sure I would make it up that hill.

This race had taken a toll on people.  I saw at least four people on the ground with medics with them.  I saw at least 50 - 60 people in the self serve medical area.  I saw another 5 - 7 people on the ground with ice on their heads or having water poured on them.  It was a rough night for a race and it totally showed. 

As I headed up the hill there was a finisher's photo line and of course I got in line and got this lovely picture with my eyes closed...silly!

2012 Tower of Terror photo 97203-487-032f_zpscd1da19d.jpg

I headed out in to the park and met up with Rae and Eric. Turns out that Rae had a rough race too with some knee issues. We headed to find some place to sit and Eric went to get us food and we sat and visited with Deb for a while.

Finally we made our way out of the park. Rae needed a little bit of help to get out, but we got her out and then we parted ways. I got very sick on the way home, but I made it.  The next day I didn't move from my couch.

2012 Tower of Terror photo 6cb8f6f0-6d77-48fc-92bc-e464cfdf1eab_zpsf24dcc2c.jpg 2012 Tower of Terror photo MiscRaceSwag091_zps4d6d1993.jpg 2012 Tower of Terror photo MiscRaceSwag093_zps02c447c3.jpg
The medal was worth the pain.  It glows in the dark, the elevator is on a spring and it's just cool!

While this was not a great race for me I am glad I did it and I'll be back to do it again this year.  Hopefully they will have improved the entertainment and some of the dark areas.


raeplace said...

What a race it was. It was so humid. I felt like I had jumped in a pool before we even started that race. This year we need to be up front again!! That was so awesome!
My dumb knee was sticking. I have been taught how to stop it from doing that.
I cant wait to do it again this year!!

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