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Sunday, July 14, 2013

2012 Disney Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run

The 2012 Tower of Terror Expo was held at Wide World of Sports.  I headed over after work and was in and out pretty quickly.  I wasn't overwhelmed by the amount of official merchandise, but I did pick up a shirt that had a glow in the dark logo (I forgot to get a picture of this one) and a bumper magnet for the car.
2012 Tower of Terror photo MiscRaceSwag076_zps1647580e.jpg

I received my bib and shirt for the 5K and I ordered a pin and was disappointed to see that the pin was not specific to the 5K, but was the same pin as the 10 miler pin.
2012 Happy Haunted 5K photo f2f39f9e-f0c3-4564-b2b7-2ad3d9f3d575_zps195e204d.jpg 2012 Happy Haunted 5K photo MiscRaceSwag096_zps2bec09f0.jpg
Bib and t-shirt for the race

I got up quite early on the morning of the race and drove to ESPN Wide World of Sports.  Parking was super easy as I was plenty early.  I started walking towards the complex and out on to the fields.  They had a spot setup for character photo opportunities out on one of the fields with a backdrop, fog machine and hay bales.  There was also a DJ setup and he was playing plenty of loud wake you up music.  It was still pitch black out, but the fields were nicely lit so it was kind of fun to walk around the fields and just stretch the legs out a bit.

There were also some little areas set up selling drinks and snacks.  That was something new for one of the 5K races.  Same day packet pick up was also setup up the stairs from the fields which was rather nice.

I got a text from my 5K buddy and I met up with her as she was meeting up for a photo with the All Ears Running Team.  This was the first Disney 5K that had assigned corrals for the 5K - notice on the bib that there is a letter D noting the corral I was assigned to.  Prior to this, the Disney 5K race corral was just find a spot in the area with the pace you think you'll be at.  As these races have grown that method was getting tougher and they started adding multiple waves, but it was still crowded and uncontrolled.  So, this race we had assigned corrals and the corrals would have a few minutes between each one prior to starting.  I was interested to see how this would change the crowding on the course.

As it started to get lighter we headed to corral D to wait.  The announcers were in rare form this morning doing a whole country radio DJ schtick.  It was okay for a few minutes, but it got a bit over the top after a while and I had to sort of tune it out.  We were standing on the grass and it was wet.  I feared what that meant for the course.  Of course, I had one of my good pairs of shoes on, which would turn out to be a big mistake.

Finally it was time for the first corral to head out and slowly each corral was moved to the start area and finally released.  Since this was my first official trail course I was a bit nervous about how I would do, especially as I was having a lot of health issues and my knees were in really bad shape.  I was also wearing new knee braces and wasn't sure how I'd do with them on.  Did I mention I also hadn't done any miles since the Disneyland races?

The sun was up by the time corral D started and I will say that there wasn't a lot of crowding so that was sort of nice.  Our plan was to walk the course and just enjoy it as much as possible as we were both having some health issues and we had the 10 miler that night.

Even standing there waiting to start, I was completely soaked.  It was already hot and humid and I was worried about how much worse it would get over the course of the day and what we'd be facing come the race tonight.

The course started out on the wet grass around the fields. Then we headed out on a path through the woods, the path was groomed, but it was pretty muddy and gross in areas.  There were some spooky sounds and huge bugs hung in the trees in the woods.  At one point we saw the pirate ship with skeleton crew.  I think there were a few characters on the course, but I don't remember there being very many or any one super memorable.  There were more areas of dirt road, gravel, mud and finally we were on one of the tracks at the complex.  We walked around the track and ended up back on the grass, this is when I noticed that my shoes were completely ruined - muddy, grass stains, dirt - gross.

2012 Happy Haunted 5K photo 97205-322-003f_zps2a907c4e.jpg 2012 Happy Haunted 5K photo 97205-196-007f_zps4e198511.jpg 2012 Happy Haunted 5K photo 97205-247-027f_zpsfd0c8f54.jpg

After we crossed the finish line, we got our medals and headed to stand in line for our finisher's photo.
2012 Happy Haunted 5K photo 97205-057-036f_zpse19bd8d1.jpg

Then we headed to get our snack box, banana, water and powerade.  This is where it became a bit horrible.  There was only one way out - up the stairs from the fields.  The line to get out from the fields was literally lined up all the way out on to the fields.  It took 15 - 20 minutes just to get to the stairs to head out.  It was unbelievable how unorganized this portion of the race was.  That was rather sad because the rest of the race was well organized and it was nice to have a different location for a race.  That being said, I missed going through one of the parks.  It was nice not doing Epcot again, but it's still more special to go through a park.

2012 Happy Haunted 5K photo MiscRaceSwag082_zpse08a1aa1.jpg
2012 Happy Haunted 5K photo MiscRaceSwag086_zps947b7de3.jpg 2012 Happy Haunted 5K photo MiscRaceSwag084_zps75343b63.jpg

After saying goodbye and good luck for the race tonight I headed to my car and went to meet up with some friends to head to the Magic Kingdom.  I only stayed for a few minutes before heading back home.  I let the dogs swim and I soaked in the pool for a few minutes.  Then I headed in for some rest and relaxation before getting ready for the race that night.


-J.Darling said...

Thanks for the run down! This is one race I will be skipping for sure. No run through the parks?! This definately seems like more of a casual "fun run".

Richard said...

Nice race report, sorry to hear about the less than stellar parts of the experience.

raeplace said...

I can't wait to do this this year. Let me say, I am so proud of you doing these races as bad as you were feeling. You just don't give up. I am proud of you!!

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