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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2012 Disneyland Half Marathon Trip - Part 2

Jeff Galloway speaking at the Expo - I never miss a chance to listen to him speak!

2012 Disneyland Half photo December2012andMore117_zps275083a9.jpg

The 2012 Cars Land 5K Family Fun Run took participants through Disneyland, the Esplanade, and California Adventure.  There were tons of cars with faces out on the course for photo opportunities.  It was a crowded course, but I like the 5K here as it's fun to get to go through both parks for a 5K.

2012 Cars 5K photo December2012andMore122_zps8aba06ac.jpg  photo MiscRaceSwag073_zps169994a0.jpg  photo MiscRaceSwag050_zpsb2016826.jpg
Race bib, Participant t-shirt and Limited edition race pin

2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0489_zps757ab87d.jpg
2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0493_zps8f304344.jpg  photo IMG_0497_zps6c3ed503.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo 94236-192-022f_zps8324cae8.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0498_zpsdb951af9.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0500_zpsffd3f7b1.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo 94236-138-028f_zps6c2e9445.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0503_zps4ad85607.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0509_zps4017c095.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0514_zps15710776.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0532_zps9014ec77.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo 94236-544-007f_zps4c6a2760.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo 94236-292-014f_zps17d8647d.jpg
Took my time to enjoy the course and take some photos for a change.  As usual it was a fun time on the course.  It was very crowded in spots - it always is on this course, so be prepared if you do a 5K at Disneyland.  There were a few characters on the course, but the stars for this one were all the vehicles with their eyes - tons of opportunities for photos with them.

2012 Cars 5K photo December2012andMore134_zps5a7f33ca.jpg  photo MiscRaceSwag059_zps739fdd32.jpg  photo MiscRaceSwag062_zpsbf8d3b9d.jpg
Cars Land 5K Medallion and Lanyard


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