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Saturday, June 22, 2013

2012 Disneyland Half Marathon Trip - Part 3

 photo MiscRaceSwag071_zps99942782.jpg
2012 Disneyland Half Tech Race Shirt
2012 Disneyland Half photo December2012andMore128_zpsf59df5c3.jpg
2012 Disneyland Half Race Bib
 photo MiscRaceSwag056_zpsf22882e5.jpg
2012 Disneyland Half Key Chain
 photo MiscRaceSwag054_zps748fda95.jpg
2012 Disneyland Half Charm Necklace
 photo MiscRaceSwag053_zpsb18d8beb.jpg
2012 Disneyland Half Commemorative Pin
 photo MiscRaceSwag051_zpsa7b50734.jpg
2012 Disneyland Half Commemorative Pin

As I mentioned, this half marathon was not an easy one for me.  This race tested me mentally and physically and it really took everything I had to finish.  As I was going along the course volunteers were telling us how far ahead of pace we were and each time I was steadily losing ground.  To be honest, this is the first race I had been back far enough that I was being told how far ahead of  pace I was - it was not a nice feeling.

2012 Disneyland Half photo 94235-2272-035f_zpsde8e83fd.jpg 2012 Disneyland Half photo 94235-3649-021f_zps9b6357fd.jpg 2012 Disneyland Half photo 94235-2226-024f_zpsdda71fbd.jpg 2012 Disneyland Half photo 94235-3929-005f_zpsce2ec37b.jpg
 photo MiscRaceSwag064_zps6f95e05b.jpg
2012 Disneyland Half Medal
 photo MiscRaceSwag065_zpsa98be3df.jpg  photo MiscRaceSwag067_zpse058edf0.jpg
2012 Disneyland Half Lanyard

While I didn't train well for this race, I was reasonably sure that I would be able to finish the race having done it several times.  It really took all my effort to complete the race and by the time I was done I knew I needed to get back to my room as quickly as I could.  The weird thing was, instead of being able to go back to the Disneyland Hotel in an efficient manner, I was told I'd need to go all the way around, about an extra mile to mile and a half. 

At this point, I was pretty close to collapse and knew that was not going to be an option that I could do.  All I needed to do was cross the street and I'd basically be at the hotel.  Unfortunately, I ran in to some not so friendly Cast Members (front line cast and security) on my journey to get back to my room and was told there was no way that I could cross the road to get to the hotel.  Now, I'm not a kid and I'm certainly capable of crossing the steet on my own, but they refused to allow me to pass.  I was told I could just sit down and wait for someone to come - this was not done in a tactful or respectful manner.  I was almost in tears at this point.  I knew if I sat down I wouldn't be getting back up - was starting to shake very badly and it was getting difficult to even stand there.  I did not play the "I'm a Cast Member and it's not okay to treat a Cast Member this way, let alone if I was a Guest" card although I came close.  Finally,a cast member that I did not speak with directly flagged someone down and that's when I met Steve, and he was wonderful and helped me take the shortest route back to my hotel.  I could not thank him enough for his assistance.

I made it back to my room and literally collapsed - I was supposed to meet the gang for lunch and I knew there was no way that was going to happen.  In fact, I didn't leave my room for the rest of the day/night. 

Even though I can't say I have fond feelings about this race, I was still glad I did the race and was able to complete it.  Sometimes, the toughest races are the ones you learn the most about yourself.  It reminded me that the mind is incredibly strong and can help me get through some tough conditions.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2012 Disneyland Half Marathon Trip - Part 2

Jeff Galloway speaking at the Expo - I never miss a chance to listen to him speak!

2012 Disneyland Half photo December2012andMore117_zps275083a9.jpg

The 2012 Cars Land 5K Family Fun Run took participants through Disneyland, the Esplanade, and California Adventure.  There were tons of cars with faces out on the course for photo opportunities.  It was a crowded course, but I like the 5K here as it's fun to get to go through both parks for a 5K.

2012 Cars 5K photo December2012andMore122_zps8aba06ac.jpg  photo MiscRaceSwag073_zps169994a0.jpg  photo MiscRaceSwag050_zpsb2016826.jpg
Race bib, Participant t-shirt and Limited edition race pin

2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0489_zps757ab87d.jpg
2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0493_zps8f304344.jpg  photo IMG_0497_zps6c3ed503.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo 94236-192-022f_zps8324cae8.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0498_zpsdb951af9.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0500_zpsffd3f7b1.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo 94236-138-028f_zps6c2e9445.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0503_zps4ad85607.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0509_zps4017c095.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0514_zps15710776.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo IMG_0532_zps9014ec77.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo 94236-544-007f_zps4c6a2760.jpg 2012 Cars 5K photo 94236-292-014f_zps17d8647d.jpg
Took my time to enjoy the course and take some photos for a change.  As usual it was a fun time on the course.  It was very crowded in spots - it always is on this course, so be prepared if you do a 5K at Disneyland.  There were a few characters on the course, but the stars for this one were all the vehicles with their eyes - tons of opportunities for photos with them.

2012 Cars 5K photo December2012andMore134_zps5a7f33ca.jpg  photo MiscRaceSwag059_zps739fdd32.jpg  photo MiscRaceSwag062_zpsbf8d3b9d.jpg
Cars Land 5K Medallion and Lanyard

Sunday, June 9, 2013

2012 Disneyland Half Marathon Highlights Part 1

Better late than never? 

Well, I thought I'd share some photos from the Disneyland Hotel, 2012 Cars Land 5K, and 2012 Disneyland Half Marathon.  The race was a tough one for me and I contemplated stopped over and over during the race.  I hadn't trained, but I was also feeling really bad and didn't know why at the time and wouldn't find out until much later what the problem was.

I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel for this race trip.  It was the first time I'd stayed at the Disneyland Hotel since it had been refurbished and I was pleasantly surprised.  The rooms are gorgeous and there are a ton of great Disney touches.

Disneyland Hotel photo December2012andMore001_zpsf624dcac.jpg Disneyland Hotel photo December2012andMore002_zps78be5947.jpg
View from room

Disneyland Hotel photo December2012andMore010_zps7edf3246.jpg Disneyland Hotel photo December2012andMore012_zps2366fdeb.jpg
Fun Disney touches

Disneyland Hotel photo December2012andMore022_zpsd2a0af8c.jpg Disneyland Hotel photo December2012andMore044_zpsbe9e52ae.jpg Disneyland Hotel photo December2012andMore052_zps6ed59909.jpg
Contemporary design

Disneyland Hotel photo December2012andMore059_zps99e37418.jpg Disneyland Hotel photo December2012andMore068_zps498aae56.jpg Disneyland Hotel photo December2012andMore069_zps49857ddf.jpg
Fireworks show on the headboard

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