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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Being Swept

I received a comment asking what it means to be swept, so I thought I'd share a bit about sweeping during runDisney races.

If you do not maintain the 16 minute per mile pace you can be picked up on the course, not allowed to finish the race, and transported to the finish line.

While you have a set amount of time to complete a race, the timing doesn't actually start until the very last person crosses the start line. The longer races have what we call balloon ladies that are the pacers - they carry a balloon and you must be in front of them or you are behind pace and are in danger of being swept.

The 5K races are very lenient on the pace because they are oriented towards families and I don't know of anyone that has been swept during a 5K, but they do have the right to remove participants if they fall to far behind.

While I haven't been swept yet, I was very close during the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. I was quite ill during that race and was only 7 seconds ahead of the pacers. I had to fight to get to mile 9 where they stopped sweeping people.

That's the other thing, there is usually a point of the course where they will stop sweeping people as long as they are ahead of the pacers at that point. Then participants just have to keep moving and they will be allowed to finish. Usually for half marathons it's at about mile 10-11 and for the full marathon it is around 18-20 miles.


Leanne T said...

Thanks for that information. Good to know that I need to keep in front of the "balloon ladies" in order to stay on pace, or else be at the end of the pack at the start line.

KippWade said...

I'll be down to Disney World on Wednesday for Marathon Weekend. I will be participating in both the 5K and the 1/2 (I call it Pluto). I will be headed back home the Monday following the races, so I hope I get to meet up with you again at some point, if not only to just say "HI" :)

Richard said...

Good explanation. It's good to see you posting again!

DebWDW said...

I'll be thinking about you this weekend :)

Scarlett said...

I had no idea about this - good to know, and well done for never being swept!! xx

Catherine said...

After reading your article on your thoughts on accepting finisher medals for being swept, and seeing on FB you were swept, did you accept or turn away your medal? I want to know if it is ok to do either and the appropriate way to do so =)

Amanda said...

Catherine -

I have never been swept and I'm not on FB so you might have me confused with someone else.

As for my view on medals and being swept. runDisney did change their wording so that they no longer say participants do not receive a medal if they are swept.

That being said, I might accept a medal if I was swept, but I would never wear it or display it as if I completed the race. If I displayed it I would have to have the one I didn't earn or something similar.

I was going to do the full marathon even though I know I would have been sept, but I really didn't want a medal in my collection that I didn't earn. I don't even display the merchandise I have purchased for the two races I was not able to start.

It's certainly a personal choice and decision. You have to be comfortable with the choice you make, either way.

Missy Rose said...

I'm doing my first 5k at the Disney Royal Family one and was nervous about swept. Good to know that timing starts once the last person crosses the line (makes sense but I never thought of that before. I'm definitely going to try to be at the start of my coral.

Missy Rose said...
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