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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 WDW Marathon Weekend

Oh how this topic hurts my heart right now.  I should be getting excited to participate in my third Dopey Challenge.  Should be...Instead I just have a heavy heart full of disappointment.  Why?

I am getting over some injuries and illness that I'm pretty sure will cause me to be swept during the half and full marathon.  See, I haven't really trained in seven months.  Life, health, and stupidity took over and I wasn't able to get myself in gear to train.  Yes, I was told by my doctors I was not allowed to run for a couple of months of that, but that doesn't excuse the rest of the time.

So, what am I going to do?  I bought new shoes, new bigger clothes (weight loss didn't happen in 2012), a calf sleeve, and knee braces.  I will be starting all three races.

What's going to happen?  I'm going to do my best.  I'm going to try to have fun.  I'm going to try to give myself a break when I get swept. 

No, I don't want to be swept, but I am not going to sit out.  I had to do that for Wine and Dine and I do not ever want to feel that way again.  Even though I know I'm not in shape to finish, I have to try.

This is certainly not what I'd call third time is a charm, but there's always 2014 and my fourth try!


DebWDW said...

I think you are right going into the races focused on having fun and enjoying the experience! Plus, if you do get swept, you can post some details about the bus and what they say and who else is on the bus. I've always been curious about it! Stay positive, and hang in there :)

Leanne T said...

OK, pleading ignorance here- what does "being swept" mean?

Richard said...

As Deb said, go out and have some fun with it and see what can happen. You've been through a lot this past year and there is no shame in not being prepared like you would want to be.
I've been through injuries recently as well and I know I'd give the Disney races a try if I was registered this year despite not being ready to run.
I look forward to reading your report after you head out and try.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great blog! Is it still active?

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