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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quick Update

Hi folks!

I know I've been very quiet for way too long now, but things are starting to settle down.

I started my new job on July 9th and it's going very well so far.  I will have some more information on that later!

I'm settled in my rental house and am still trying to get everything put away and arranged the way I want it.  It's a two story Key West style house in a gated community with its own pool.  I really love the house and neighborhood, but the stairs are a little rough right now as I am having some major issues with my right knee.  To top it off, there are a lot of stairs at work too so I can't get away from them anywhere.

My dogs have been so incredibly good through this whole move.  They just settle in where ever I put them and have adjusted so well.  I don't know what I'd do without them.  They really are great little troopers!

The diet has been non-existent...I just haven't spent any time trying to focus on that with so much going on in other areas.  I hope that I can start to get things in order in terms of this part of my life.  I think things are starting to get more settled so hopefully I can work on this more.

As far as mileage, I haven't done any in so long I'm actually afraid to start back up again.  I'm fearful of how painful it's going to be.  Yet, I have the Disneyland Half in just over a month and right now I know it's going to be no fun at all.  It'll be a huge struggle, but I am determined to at least finish and not get swept. 

There were some issues with my treadmill and the movers, but I've spent several days getting it put back together and working and so I'm hoping I'll be able to start using it routinely again.  In fact, all my machines are setup and ready to go - finally!

I also saw my first snake in my yard today.  It was skinny and black and long and went in a hole in my neighbor's pool deck.  I'm pretty sure it's not poisonous, but I'd prefer it find a new home away from my yard :).

So, that's about it for now, but I'm going to try to get back to my normal weekly posts as soon as I can.  I know I need the accountability!


Missy M said...

Congrats on your new place and job! Don't give up on your training. I've read your blogs and you've really inspired me to start running!

Jonathan "The Voice" said...


We'll do our Disneyland Half Together again if you like. Only this time I'll bring my own life savers, and drink more water. ;)

But we'll make sure we don't get swept. :)


Rae! said...

I wish I could go to DL with you. Gee, I hope you have iced that knee. Get in the pool and do pool running. That doesn't hurt the joints.
Keep your shoes in check. That was some of my problem too.
Maybe we can get our schedules together and I can come visit, and walk. :)

-J.Darling said...

At least the stairs will help keep you in shape a bit! When we moved into this house, my office is up a spiral staircase and it's the ONLY room up there! My butt has gotten so much more toned just from doing those daily for water, lunch, bathroom breaks, etc!
So glad the pups took the move well! They probably saw it as an adventure, and since you still have your old stuff, I bet they are happy.

sasha said...

Hi Amanda!

If you know anyone who would like to run the SOLD OUT Disneyland Half Marathon,Children's Neurobiological Solutions (CNS)Foundation still has slots! We are an official Disney charity partner and we have for the Half (Sept. 2) and 5K (Sept. 1).

REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/CNSDisneyland


Good luck training!


Cara said...

Hi Amanda!
I'm glad that you are getting settled and getting back to posting. I've been in a bit of a training slump myself, so I'm happy to be back at it again- I know you'll feel the same way once you get going !

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