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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Advice Needed

Alright folks - the things that I've been doing in terms of diet have left me frustrated and gaining instead of losing weight.
I must admit that I am not interested in doing a lot of cooking.  I just don't have the time to clean things up everyday and stand around watching food cook...So, that does present a challenge.

I end up purchasing ready made things, but I do count the calories, carbs, fat and protein.  I've been keeping the calories between 1200 and 1500 and adjust up depending on the number of calories burned in workouts with the goal of staying at a deficit each day if possible.

For some reason, my body is not responding to this plan right now.  I'm finding myself hungry more often than I should and I know that's not good. 

I do eat three meals a day and I occasionally have a snack at night - 100 calorie light popcorn or something similar.

Since this plan isn't working I need suggestions on other plans to try.  I have been considering looking in to joining Weight Watchers or Nutri-System,  or trying meal delivery from E-Diets or Biggest Loser.  My big concerns with all of these - price and I'm super picky about what I will or will not eat.

I know that some of you have experience with some of these plans so I would really appreciate any pros and cons of the plans you have tried.  I'm open to any other ideas as well...


KippWade said...

I've done Weight Watchers before. It worked well for me, as long as it was me AND Dad on the plan. We were going to meetings together and were pretty much keeping each other in check. Then he moved to Florida and I just really didn't feel like I fit in too well with the other gals going there each week. So I eventually dropped out and gained everything back... (*shocker*)

Right now, I'm on a modified WW plan. I still have all of my items and have started watching the points more again. I just think I may need to re-evaluate it again to see if I'm at the right points value now. I also need to watch my killer meal... lunch. Since I'll be "brown bagging" it for the next few weeks, I'm hoping that I'll start to see an improvement.

Once I DO start going back out for any lunches with the guys at work, I'm going to have to pick better items, as I had in the past, when I WAS losing weight last fall.

If it is still available, I'd recommend seeing if WW still offers the kit online. I paid for quite a while to be a member of the web site and received at kit in the mail that described the points plan and gave all the same starter books that they give you in the meetings.

I've heard that they've stopped doing this, because it competes with their local meetings...

Matt said...

Weight Watchers worked well for me in the past. Especially when using the iPhone app. With Chris' help and encouragement, I did it online and didn't need the meetings to keep me going.

One thing that I did with that plan was to eat a potato (usually a sweet potato, but sometimes a regular one) for lunch and dinner, with a piece of meat along with the dinner. The potato would have nothing on but a little salt or cinnamon. They're what WW calls, a filling food, as it expands in your stomach, making you feel full. I would also drink milk with every meal and drink lots and lots of water. This too makes you feel full. It worked for me.

Another option that you can try is smoothies for Breakfast and Lunch. Try the ones with lots of fruit and protein in them. They're thick, so they make you feel full and they tend to stay with you longer as your body digests them. This has worked for me the past few weeks.

Hope you figure something out soon! Good luck!

-J.Darling said...

Have you tried free logging of your food and including monitoring your sodium intake? I'm guessing all the processed foods may be catching up to you. There is so much sodium in that stuff!

I use MyFitnesspal.com to log my food. I did Weight Watchers, but I don't feel the point system is "real world" for me. I want to be able to look at a nurtitional label w/o needing a calculator to turn it into "points" (and don't get me started on how much I hate mental math lol).

MyFitnesspal has an app for the droid and the Iphone.

I lost about 20lbs on WeighWatchers and then completely halted any progress. I've also done Medifast, which I wouldn't recommend for anyone working out.

Have you considered having one "cooking day" on the weekend? When My Sailor is gone, I often cook large portions of easy meals (stews, soups, chili, Trader Joe's Spinach Pie or Multigrain Vegatable Lasagna) and then keep them in the fridge or freezer in portion sized containers. It make it as simple as opening up a box and grab and go, but it's (usually) cheaper, and less clean up than cooking every day too.

We do cook some regular breakfasts that really help out. We focus on a Protein source (Usually greek yogurt, though I lose more when I do egg substitute w/ turkey bacon in it - takes less than 5 minutes to cook and takes 1 pan), a FRUIT (whole fruit, not juice, whenever possible - whole fruit digests better than juice and has less sugar, but you know that I'm sure!), and a fiber source (small bowl of cereal, Double Fiber Orowheat toast).

Seems like a big breakfast, but starting out bigger can last you longer than a smaller breakfast.

Basically - I see the journey to weight loss as a "class" in healthy living. Since you're kinda stuck, you just have to figure out what little thing is holding you back, and go from there. :)

Good luck! (If you decide to start Myfitnesspal journal, we can be accountability buddies! Find me as JDRBT and complete and share your food journal! You can get on my case for all my carbs lately. :P )

-J.Darling said...

PS - I second what Matt said about Smoothies! It's the small changes that make the big ones possible. When I was doing a Whey protein shake (usually with 120-130 calorie mix of chocolate Whey with 4 oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a few ice cubes, and some fruit, whatever is on hand - or even just stirring the powder in with water or almond milk will leave you full!)

If you're not sleeping well or you're stressed out, you'll also keep the weight on no matter what you do.

mgreene said...

When I graduated from high school in 1979, I weighed 153 pounds. 3 weeks ago after a 13 mile trail run, I weighed 150 pounds - so I think I can speak from a position of success: One thing I've noticed in all of your workouts is that you really don't do any "stressed" activity. While long runs are good, if you really stress your body and go into anaerobic states once or twice a week, your body's metabolism will continue to burn calories long after your exercise is over. Speed intervals is the key. I also think you need to get off the "dreadmill" and get outside more - run hard from telephone pole to telephone pole or tree to tree (look up the term "fartleks").

Also, juice, juice, juice! Not only does the high fiber content keep you full for hours, the vitamins and nutrition are essential for good health. I mix carrots, spinach, apples, sometimes strawberries and blackberries.

mgreene said...

PS, I have never had to diet - the activity has been enough to keep the weight off. Of course I rarely eat fried foods which I think helps a lot as well.

Cara said...

I started WW in January of this year. That along with running has helped me to lose almost 30 pounds so far. Last week I started Jillian Michaels Body Revolution- I'm looking to see how that helps me moving forward. I was starting to stall a little with just the running and WW, so I wanted to move things along a little :) Linking my blog for you, if you are interested- http://runninginsanity.blogspot.com/

Karen said...

Sorry, I am late on this one... So behind on reading... Of the friends who have had long term success, generally they contribute that to weight watchers. I would highly recommend it!

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