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Miles Completed = 29.01
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Review: Mar 19 - 25

Goals for workouts this year:
1. 100-125 miles run/walk per month
2. One 20+ mile run/walk per month
3. One day of Pilates per week
4. One day of Strength Training per week
5. One day of Bike or Elliptical per week
6. One Incline Workout on the Treadmill per week

Here's this week's recap
PM Workout:  20 Minute Pilates Circle Workout
Treadmill walk 3mi @ 14:38 per mi
Notes:  Got in a nice beginning Pilates workout, then jumped on the treadmill for a nice walk.  Not too sore after the weekend's miles so that's good.

PM Workout:  Treadmill walk 4.25mi @ 14:38 per mi @ 1.5% incline
Notes:  Got a great walk in on the workout, legs are feeling good.

PM Workout:  AbRipperX
Treadmill walk - 3.37mi @ 14:38 per mi
Notes:  More ab pain - great.  Wasn't feeling super tonight, but happy with workout I did.

PM Workout:  Treadmill Incline Workout #3 - 2.01mi, 30 minutes, up to 4.9mph, up to 10% incline
Elliptical - 1.08mi, 30 minutes, random ramp from 10% - 40%
Notes:  Incline workout was a bit of a killer again tonight.  Elliptical was a bit painful too.

Notes:  Took a rest day today.  I'm just really tired and stressed and figured a break would be a good idea.

Notes: Had a bit of a mental breakdown today.  Frustration hit me really hard.  I feel like I'm doing what I should with the eating, I'm working out, but the scale and feeling in clothing isn't changing.

Notes:  Still struggling mentally today.  I just don't have the energy to get miles in today.  I know that isn't going to help my situation, but I'll work on it.

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: +1.6 pounds
Well that's about a unwanted as another hole in my head.  This really hit me this week.  I don't want to be going up, I want to be going down.  It's hard not to get down when you see results like this.

Run/Walk Miles: 312.63
Bike Miles: 0.0
Elliptical Miles: 1.08

Pilates: 1 20 Minute Circle Workout
Strength: 1 Ab Workout
Incline: 1 30 Minute Incline Workout

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles: 60.36
Bike Miles: 20.0
Elliptical Miles: 2.13

Training Notes
The beginning of the week was pretty successful.  It was the end of the week that really threw me for a loop.  I just got really frustrated and unhappy with my lack of progress.  I know it's normal and I'll get past it.

I did pretty well with food this week, until my breakdown over the weekend.  I know I did some damage there.  I'm doing my best to stay on track here, but I'm finding it very difficult right now.  I know I just have to stay with it though.

I know I just have to keep believing I can do it and things will come together.  What are your stumbling blocks and how do you get past them?


~* Jenn *~ said...

I have had those "weak moments" as well. I tend to binge more than I want to on the weekends and then feel guilty and do great during the week. It allows me to maintain for the most part, but obviously I would prefer to lose!

Keep doing what you are doing, you are healthier for it even if the scale isn't moving!

Karen said...

Maybe you need to change things up a bit? (although it does seem like you have quite a bit of variety already...). I think we all have those frustrations. Take a deep breath and maybe a rest day and keep moving forward :)

Leanne T said...

I find that the more I obsess on food, the harder it is for me to stay on track. I just keep working out and heating healthy and know that it will all pay off in the end.

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