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Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Princess Half Trip Report - February 26, 2012 Part 2

At 10:30am I got on the normal Epcot to resort bus.  I'm feeling pretty good at this point.  I am back in my room at 10:45am.  I had some snacks and drank some water and Powerade, got cleaned up and decided to relax for a while.  At 1:45pm I decided that I really needed a nap.  I know most people will tell you never to do this after a race, but it doesn't really bother me as I have a tendency to do this at home so I'm used to it.

I dozed off an on while watching TV and then at 4:00pm decided I should think about getting moving.  I headed to the bus at about 4:55pm.  I am noticing that my knees are a little sore on stairs and I'm tired but other than that feeling pretty darn good.  While waiting for the bus a family was having a major panic attack about making a reservation at the Magic Kingdom.  They were so sure that the bus would be so slow that they decided to take a taxi right as the bus pulled up.  I got on the bus to the Magic Kingdom.  On the way, I saw five deer grazing in the grass by the side of the road right before the Contemporary Hill.

As I am walking up to bag check, guess who I see right in front of me.  Yep, the family that decided to pay for a taxi got there at the same exact time that I did and I didn't pay a penny.  Oh the uninformed and high strung vacationer - you have to love their antics!  I was in the park at 5:30pm.

Pirates of the Caribbean was first up.  It's listed as a 10 minute wait, but it was pretty much a walk on.  Of course I manage to get pretty wet from a rogue cannon blast - blech!  I probably go to Disney parks too often because I am noticing when things aren't quite right.  The fight that happens at the fort - the one where the shadows are fighting were off today.  For some reason I always like watching this fight and listening to the sounds - well at least I got to listen to the sounds.  Then Carlos's wife didn't open the window and look out when she told Carlos - don't be chicken Carlos.

The Haunted Mansion was calling my name.  It was a walk on and I have to say that walking felt really darn good.  I love the hitch hiking ghost enhancements - my head was taken off and blown up as a balloon - that is some great technology there!

I walked on It's a Small World - I was a bit sad because there were some things not working.  One of the carousels in the white room was one of the bigger things I noticed.

Next I headed over to Mickey's Philharmagic.  This is my all time favorite 3D movie.  I just love it - the 3D is great and it's fun seeing all the characters.

Took a quick bio break at 7:00pm and then walked right on Carousel of Progress.  I know that a lot of people would like to see improvements and changes to this attraction, but I love it.  I thoroughly enjoy all the scenes - even the cheesy last scene.

I figured it was a good time to head to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (Peoplemover).  I got over there and the ride was stopped and no one was going on or coming off, but it was getting ready to come back up so I waited.  Ah, a nice relaxing place to put my feet up and take a break.

Shopping was next on my list - I was starting to wear out and figured I'd see what things I couldn't live without.  As I was walking to the Emporium, The Magic, Memories and You! show was going on.  Now, I'm not one to line up and watch parades and things (except the Boo to You Parade), but I actually had to take my time walking through this area because that is some really cool projection.  I was thoroughly impressed with the clarity of the images and the imagination of the themes projected.  Very nice indeed.

I walked through the Emporium, but decided that I really wanted to head out before Wishes got rolling and certainly before it ended.  I headed out to the buses and was on the bus at 8:05pm.  There was a woman next to me on the bus that volunteers at all of the runDisney events and has been doing it for years.  She happened to be the woman with the bullhorn at the booths heading in to Magic Kingdom.  Even though she was standing there warning people to be careful there were still five people that fell going over those speed bumps.

She had some really great stories.  Remember the monsoon at the Expedition Everest Challenge?  Well, if you've wondered why runDisney went to clear plastic bags for bag check - one of the reasons is that many people ended up with ruined items because the checked bags were placed on the ground and the water destroyed a lot of them.  The checked bags are no longer left on the floor as you may have noticed going through bag check tents that bags are on tables - that was another improvement.  Another reason they went to the clear bags is so that people think about what they put in them.  We chatted for quite a while and then walked in to Jambo House together.  Such interesting stories - I could have talked to her for hours :).

I found some items I'd been wanting to get in January so I was happy, but I was also starving.  I was going to get dinner at the Magic Kingdom but all the places I wanted to go were pretty busy.  I decided to head over to the Mara to grab some food.  I really like the Mara, there are some great options on the menu, but all I really wanted were some chicken strips and a burger so that's what I got.

It was a pretty nice night out and I decided to walk back to Kidani Village.  It's a nice easy walk and I was back in my room about 10 after 9.  I ate my dinner, packed up most of my stuff, relaxed and watched some TV.

At 10:50pm I decided it was time for bed, it was a long successful day and I figured I'd be sleeping pretty well!


Rae! said...

I can see everything the way you explain it. Or I go enough I just know what your talking about. =) Sounds like you had a good time.
We nap after long distance miles. I would do the ice on the knees, E would get the cold water soak and then change. After that we would nap for couple good hours and wake up hungry.

Leanne T said...

Your reports are so vivid. One of these days, I going to enter one of the races. Even though I work-out, I don't really run, but those races sound like a blast.

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