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Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 Princess Half Trip Report - February 23, 2012

The alarm didn't go off until 6:00am this morning and despite going to bed at 12:30am I was awake before the alarm went off.  I am tired though.  It's been a few super hectic days at with with a server upgrade and a database engine upgrade.  At least I'm starting to feel better from the UTI, but I am still on antibiotics and they make me pretty sick to my stomach when I take them.

I got up, did some work and ate some breakfast.  Then I finished some chored and finished protecting things from crazy dogs.  I was able to watch a little TV and relax for a few minutes before getting ready to head out.

I headed outside at 8:40am and the Super Shuttle driver was there in just a couple of minutes.  The driver was a talker.  As we're making our way along we saw an accident happen right in front of us.  Three cars were involved - one car in front of us going straight and two cars from the left.  The car going straight went as soon as the light turned green and the two cars from the left ran right through the red light and hit the car going straight.  They ended up on the side walk on the corner.  One of the cars tried to do a hit and run and leave, but his car wouldn't move so the driver jumped out and fell tot the ground and started rolling.  The other car from the left was leaking from the radiator.  My van driver called dispatch to report the accident to 911 and we continued on our way as there were other witnesses already trying to help.  So odd that the driver and I witnessed the same accident and we have completely different stories.  He was convinced a pedestrian was involved and that one of the cars was leaking gas - I don't know what accident he saw, but it must have been a different one than I saw :).

The van made two more stops and then we were on our way to the airport.  Lines are really crazy at this time of the day.  Even with the lines checking my bag at Southwest was pretty quick and easy and I headed to security at 9:40am.  I made it through security at 10:02am and headed to the gate.  I had checked the flight status before I left home and it was delayed from 11:20am to 11:40am...Then it was delayed to 12:15pm...then back to 12:00pm.  I sat at the gate and logged in to do some more work (clean up stuff from the upgrades) and the plane finally showed up at 11:30am.  We started boarding at almost noon and we wouldn't be landing until almost 6:00pm - it was supposed to be 5:25pm so it wasn't too terrible.

The long plane ride give me time to reflect and I am not feeling supremely confident about the races this weekend.  I haven't even run 100 miles yet this year.  I've been sick, stressed and eating horribly.  I won't set any unrealistic expectations and will just hope to finish and have fun.

The story of my flights this year - turbulence!  There was quite a bit of turbulence and no service for a while because of it, etc...Other than that it was pretty uneventful and we landed at 6:00pm.  I headed straight for the monorail to baggage claim.  Took a quick bio break and waited what felt like forever for my bag.

I headed over to Disney's Magical Express and got in line and didn't even have to wait a minute before getting on a bus.  The bus took off shortly and we stopped at Caribbean Beach, Pop Century, Animal Kingdom Lodge and finally Kidani Village.  I got my bag and headed in to check in.

There were no cast members at the online check in area so I hopped in line with everyone else.  As I was waiting Stefan came out and gave all the ladies a beautiful red rose.
Then he offered to go get my check in packet.  He came out, described everything to me and I was on my way to my room.

My room is on the fifth floor, 7506 and right by the elevators - a few doors down so not too far, but not too close either.  I entered the room and I really loved it immediately.  It's spacious and beautiful.  It made me wish I had some points here too!
2012 PH
Looking towards the entry
2012 PH
2012 PH
Bathroom vanity area
2012 PH
2012 PH
Water Closet
2012 PH
2012 PH
2012 PH
2012 PH
2012 PH
Looking towards sliding glass door
2012 PH
Sofa/Coffee Tables
2012 PH
Art Work
2012 PH
Bed with Towel Mickey
2012 PH
Bedspread Pattern
2012 PH
Carpet Pattern
2012 PH
Message Card on Bed

It was dark outside so there wasn't much to see outside.  I ordered room service for dinner - room service comes from Sanaa.  I ended up having the bread service and flounder with shrimp and scallops in a light curry broth and a rootbeer.  It was a good meal - I think it is a little better in the dining room, but it was certainly still very good.

I unpacked and watched some TV.  It was about 10:00pm and I was tired so I decided to go to bed.  Not a bad travel day overall.  Tomorrow is the Expo which should be fun!


TIx2GR said...

Love the pictures- husband and I thinking about buying DVC in at AKL. Thanks for posting, can't wait to read more!

KippWade said...

Dad is looking into the possibility of renting some points for our trip at the end of November. I'll have to point him here to see the pictures of another example of the DVC rooms :)

Richard said...

Thanks for posting so much detail on the rooms! I love the photos!
I'm not really that surprised you and the van driver had such different stories. I once worked in law enforcement and you might be surprised how many people can see the same thing and have stories that vary.
I'm looking forward to more posts on the trip.

Christina said...

I'm really glad you liked Kidani! I joined DVC during Princess weekend and that is my home resort! I cannot wait to stay there :-) I'm bummed its not a host resort for Tower of Terror weekend!

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