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Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 Princes Half Trip Report - February 24, 2012

The first alarm went off at 5:00am and the second alarm at 5:10am and both of them got turned off.  I finally decided to get up at 7:25am.  I grabbed a quick breakfast and did some work.  Then I took a shower and got ready to head out.

I headed out at 7:55am and walked to Jambo House.  It's a bit cloudy and humid out this morning.  It is a nice walk to Jambo House and I could certainly see this being a nice running path.  Once I got there I was found the bus stop and waited with a group of other runners.  We were on our way at 8:12am and guess where we went - yep, Kidani Village :).  I didn't need to walk to Jambo House, but that's okay because it felt good to stretch my legs and get the blood flowing.

It was an uneventful ride to the Wide World of Sports and there was already a pretty good line and I gladly joined it.  As we got closer to 9:00am they let us in.  You could go straight for packet pick up or head right for the Dooney & Bourke bags - no, I'm not kidding.  You should have seen the amount of people that headed right - wow!  I headed straight and we kept going straight - wait, we're not headed in the HP Field House?  Nope, we continued down to the fields where there was a big white tent set up.  Everyone in line was happy and chatty and made the wait go much quicker.  Jonathan wasn't too far behind me in line so I figured we'd meet up inside.

At 9:00am they opened the door and in we go.  I decided to stop and pick up my 5K packet first.  There were only two people in front of me so I was able to get my bib very quickly.  Then I headed over to the half marathon pick up area, said hi to Jonathan and then got in my line.  Here I picked up my half bib, the two pins I ordered and my necklace voucher.  I walked right over to the necklace pickup and got that, then checked to make sure my B Tag was working correctly.

Jonathan and I then headed out and over to the Josten Center to get our shirts and do some shopping.  As I step up to get my 5K shirt I realize that the volunteer kept my 5K waiver and they wanted it in order to get my shirt.  I asked the volunteer what I needed to do and she said that I would have to go back over and get the waiver...My immediate response - who can I talk to?  Thankfully there was a runDisney employee standing there and I explained the situation and she had them give me my shirt no problem.  I appreciated that and thanked her for her help - I did not want to fight the crowds over in the tent again as I knew it would have been a madhouse by this time.  I got my half shirt - I knew I should have ordered the men's style shirt instead of the women's I won't be wearing this any time soon.
2012 PH 5K
Front of 5K Shirt
2012 PH
2012 PH
Front of long sleeve shirt
2012 PH
Sorry for the bad photo on this one.
We headed to the official merchandise area. I picked up another pin, a key chain, a Bondi Band, and a 2012 Coast to Coast t-shirt.  I really wanted an I Did It! shirt, but sadly they only had women's styles with cap sleeves and they were cut small.  So, no I Did It! shirt for me.  There weren't any vinylmations either.  I was truly disappointed in the merchandise for this event, especially after how great the merchandise was for the Tinker Bell Half.  I really thought that maybe runDisney had finally figured out that we aren't all size 2 and that different styles are appreciated, but you couldn't tell it from this event.

I headed to check out and it was a short wait.  The Cast Member I got had never seen the Premiere Pass so he had to get help from someone for that.  Then he went to run my room card and he couldn't get it to work, so we waited for someone to help only to find out that the system was offline so I had to use credit card.  It was just one of those things.  Not a big deal.  I have to say that this was the cheapest I think I've ever gotten out of the official merchandise area and it wasn't for lack of trying.
Key chain
Bondi Band

It was time to leave the Expo and head back out to the buses.  I didn't have to wait for a bus, I hopped on and once back in my room I grabbed some water and a Vitamin Zero at the market.  I went to pay and my room key won't work - it said that it was inactive or something to that effect.  The Cast Member offered to go to the Front Desk and check on it, but I just paid with credit card and then I headed to the Front Desk.  Rachelle helped me and she kept saying that she was confused.  Finally she said that the reservation says it's under Amanda and I said, yep, that's me.  She asked me who Julie is - I replied that I have no idea.  She said, well the key card says Julie not Amanda - well it's no wonder my card isn't working.  So funny, I didn't even bother looking at it, I just signed the back and stuck it in my wallet.  So, now I have a functional room key!

I got to my room and there's a giraffe right outside my balcony, so of course I have to take some photos.  After watching  the giraffe I logged in to take care of some work and then got ready to head back out.  Right before I head out I look out and there are four giraffes out there - so cool.  I'll share some animal photos later in this report - loved watching them from the balcony.

At 10:40am I headed out to the buses and the bus I wanted pulled up right as I got there.  I headed to Hollywood Studios and got right on The Great Movie Ride - got the cowboy scene this time and it was pretty good.  I did a little bit of shopping and as I'm looking around  I noticed that the Scary Apothecary has carrot cake cookies - I thought you could only get those at The Writer's Stop.  Bought a bottle of water and met up with Jonathan.
Jonathan wanted to audition for the American Idol Experience so he signed up and did his audition and I was able to go with him.  Unfortunately he didn't make it through this time, but he was encouraged to come back first thing in the morning and try again.

Star Tours was holding a flight for us so we headed over there.  We had a sequence I hadn't experienced so that was fun.  The Great Movie Ride was next up - another great ride and we sat up front and got to interact with the Cast Members so it was fun.  A quick bio break and then off to see Muppet Vision 3D - it was good, but the fireworks on the ceiling weren't working - sad.  Time for another bottle of water, got to stay hydrated.

A nice tour of the Animation Store and then we decided to watch the Art of Animation show.  I still love Mushu!  A quick tour of One Man's Dream and a screening of the movie - that movie amazes me every time because it's awe inspiring how intelligent, creative and inventive Walt Disney truly was.  It's humbling how much he has given to so many people.

It was time to check in to our rooms, but the elevator wasn't working so we had to use the freight elevator.  Wow - what a ride.  There was a ton of air time on that little drop sequence.  Remind me not to book at the Tower of Terror for any upcoming trips!  The hotel did arrange for back stage passes and a super stretch limo to see Aerosmith though and that was some crazy LA traffic - I swear that car went upside down a few times.  We did Rock-n-Roller Coaster in the single rider line and the boy I rode next to apologized for being a screamer - too cute!

It was time for dinner at the Brown Derby.  Our waitress Danielle was amazing and super nice.  I had a nice lobster bisque - not as good as the Coral Reef, but still quite nice.  For my entree I had the 6oz filet with white truffle mushroom mashed potatoes - all I can say is super yum!  It was really an amazing meal.  Just don't be fooled, this is not what I would call an inexpensive meal, but I do think it was worth it.
At 6:10pm we decided to call it a day and headed out.  As I waited for the bus I took my phone out and noticed that it was connected to wireless - huh?  I never asked it to connect to wireless and since when is there wireless at the parks.  It was some slow wireless, but it was definitely there.

I had a bus all to myself on the way back to Kidani Village at 6:20pm and was back at the resort at 6:33pm.  I cleaned up my room, got my gear ready for the 5K in the morning, wrote some of my trip report.  Then all of  a sudden I got really sick to my stomach - I don't know what set me off, but thankfully it passed pretty quickly.

I watched a little TV and headed to bed, it was going to be a pretty early morning.


Richard said...

Sounds like a full day--and a fun day. Keep the trip report coming!

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