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Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Tinker Bell Trip Report - January 28, 2012

The first alarm went off at 7:00am and I shut that down right quick.  The second alarm went off at 7:15am and yes, it got turned off as well.  I decided to take it easy and just sort of dozed until 8:30am.
I noticed that my throat is still pretty sore.  I can honestly say I've never had a sore throat for such a long time before and it's getting a bit old.  I finally got up and got moving and got ready to head out for the day.

At 9:30am I headed out and made the walk to the Disneyland Hotel to visit the expo again.  Oddly enough, as I was walking through Downtown Disney I ran in to De'Dee and crew - funny that we keep running in to each other. Once I got to the Disneyland Hotel they were making us line up outside since it wasn't quite 10:00am yet.  It was okay to wait as the folks in line were nice and we all shared race info and experiences.

10:00am came and the expo opened and I went straight in to the Official Merchandise area.  I was on a mission to find a shirt for Lisa.  I found the shirt she mentioned pretty quickly, but I was unsure about what size to get so I called her and chatted for a few minutes.  I grabbed the correct shirt and then another Bondi Band and a pin to send to Lisa with the shirt.  The line to check out was short and quick this early in the morning - always nice!

I figured I'd hang out and wait to see Jeff Galloway speak since it was 10:30am and he was scheduled for 11:00am.  I enjoyed sitting and resting for a few minutes.  Then the speaker line up was changed and Jeff wasn't going to be on until noon, so I headed over to the expo and wandered around a bit more.

There was nothing that I had to buy so I took the walk over to Disneyland.  I was in the park by 11:20am.  I was hungry, but I decided to head on Pirates first.  It was about a 20 minute wait, but worth it of course.  Next up was Haunted Mansion which was also a 20 minute wait.  I love both of these rides so it was a great way to start my time in the park.

I was thinking that I would do lunch at Hungry Bear, but it was a bit crowded and a tour group entered right as I got there.  Instead I headed over to ride Winnie the Pooh - I found it rather odd that it was a four minute wait.  Still a cute ride.

After that I ended up walking toward Tomorrowland and along the way I ended up at Village Haus.  Seems to be my go to spot when everything else is just too crowded or I don't want to walk any further.  I sat and ate and read and relaxed for a bit.  As I was almost done with my meal a lady came and put her stuff on my table and pulled out a chair - she was going to sit down with her whole family without even asking if I minded.  I just found that rather odd to say the least.  The rest of the family saw several other tables and took her to one of those.  You just never know.

I continued on to Tomorrowland and the park was getting pretty crowded by this point.  So, at 2:00pm I decided to do some shopping and headed to the Emporium.  I still wasn't feeling great so it seemed like a good option.  I bought a few things I wanted and at 2:20pm I headed out of the park.

The walk back to the hotel was quick and painless and I was back in my room in about 15 minutes.  I was tired so I watched some TV and fell asleep.  At 5:00pm I thought I'd head to the market to see if there was anything good to eat for dinner - there wasn't anything I wanted.  I did buy a couple of bottled waters - one to drink and one to fill my race bottle for the morning.  Then I ended up ordering room service again.  I had my dinner and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

It was time to set out my race gear.  I always set out all my gear the night before so that I can just get up and get ready to go in the morning without any drama.  Then I figured I should probably decide what time I should get up in the morning and set the alarms.

At about 9:00pm I decided that it was time for bed since it was going to be an early morning!


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