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Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 Tinker Bell Trip Report - January 27, 2012

The first alarm went off at 4:00am this morning and was promptly turned off.  The second alarm went off at 5:00am and was also promptly turned off.   Thankfully my internal clock realized what time it was and I was up at 5:15am.  I fed the dogs and got ready to go.  Luckily I'm pretty speedy because I got a message from Super Shuttle that the van was 10 minutes away and it was 5:36am, which meant he was early since my pickup time was scheduled for 6:00am.

At 5:42am I headed outside to wait for the shuttle and three minutes later I was on my way.  It was an uneventful trip to pick up more passengers and then off to the airport we went.  I checked my bag, went through security and headed to the wrong gate area.  Since I was there I took a bio break and then headed over to the right gate area.  I bought a bottled water and headed to sit at the gate.

I found a seat, did a little bit of work and then sat and watched people and did some self reflecting.  I haven't been able to workout since the full marathon.  I've been sick and feeling pretty cruddy.  I think I'm over the bronchitis and sinus infection but I'm still fighting a constantly stuffy nose, perpetual sore throat and some coughing.  I've been eating horribly and my weight is up.  Tonight is the 5K and it will be interesting to see if I can do any running - we'll see what happens.

Oh my goodness, that descent in to the airport was totally outrageous.  I've had some rough flights before, but I've never felt anything like this one.  It felt as if someone grabbed the plane and was playing Frisbee with it.  I love to fly, but this one even got my control freak a bit worked up and of course there was a super nervous flyer in front of me - yikes!

We landed at 8:44am and it was quick and easy to exit the plane and I headed straight for baggage claim and a quick bio break.  Only had to wait a few minutes for my luggage and was surrounded by other people here for the races too.  I headed out to find Super Shuttle.  I checked in, even though the guy was a complete jerk and had to explain that my confirmation number was really from Super Shuttle - ugh!  There was another solo runner and two other first time half marathoners on the van too.  The van was completely full when we finally headed out.

The stop right before mine (I was last) was the  Disneyland Hotel.  It was 9:40am and the line for the Expo was the longest I've ever seen at a Disneyland race.  Wow!  I was dropped off at my hotel and I headed inside.  I was able to get my room immediately and I headed to check it out.

I stayed at the Fairfield Inn and my room was 337, on the third floor.  Wow - this is a really nice room.  I'm super impressed.  Very nice and clean and there was one picture on the wall that I found a bit odd for Disneyland.
Couch and table area
TV, Dresser, Mirror
King Bed
Vanity Area
Desk Area
Picture 1
Picture 2 - Do you think this is an odd picture for a Disneyland area hotel?

I pretty much dropped everything off in my room and headed out to walk to the Expo at about 10:00am.  This was the most activity I've done in a couple of weeks and while my legs felt really good I'm really overly warm and not feeling 100%.  I made it to packet pick up at 10:24am and I got in line.

When I arrive, I don't see a Coast To Coast line.  I ask and find out that they are doing the Coast To Coast bracelet at the same time as normal packet pickup.  So, I head over to my line - why is my line always the longest?  It never fails.  After a short wait I got my half marathon packet, pins, and necklace voucher.  Then I headed over to the 5K packet pickup and there was no line at all so that was nice and quick.  I had to go to another area to get my necklace.  Then it was time to head up to get my shirts and goody bags.  I walked right up and got both shirts with no wait.
Tinker Bell 1/2
Tinker Bell 1/2
Tinker Bell Half Bib
Long Sleeve Tech Shirt for Tinker Bell Half Marathon
Never Land 5K Bib
Never Land 5K T-Shirt Logo
Tinker Bell 1/2Tinker Bell 1/2
Tinker Bell Half Charm Necklace

Now that the important part is done, I went straight to the official merchandise area and started shopping.  I found a men's technical Coast To Coast shirt, then I found an I Did It! shirt and I was so happy because I saw sizes from XS - to 3X.  Thank you runDisney for finally listening and realizing that not all runners are made in the same size!  I grabbed a key chain and as I'm standing there looking at other things I ran right in to Matt's aunt, De'Dee!  It was great running in to her and we chatted for a few minutes and decided to try to meet up for the 5K tonight.  I grabbed a Bondi Band, walked through one more time to see if there was anything else I wanted.
Coast To Coast Tech Shirt
I Did It! Shirt
Key Chain
Commemorative Pin ordered at registration
Bondi Band

Finally I got in line to pay - the line was super long.  It took almost half an hour to get through the line but it wasn't too bad.  I grabbed a pin and checked out - got to love the 20% discount with the annual pass.  I actually got out cheaper than I usually do!

The expo was calling to me.  Now, you have to understand that this Expo is not huge, but they do cram a lot of stuff in to it.  I browsed around and finally found a Power Bar for before the half on Sunday morning.  I also stopped at the runDisney booth to see if there were doing any pre-registration for anything I wasn't already registered for.  Nope!

At 11:45am I headed out and walked back to the hotel.  I was back in my room at 12:15pm.  Walking feels okay and isn't making me cough so that's a positive.  Since I hadn't had anything to eat yet I was getting hungry so I ordered room service.  Room service comes from the restaurant right in front of the hotel.  I sat and watched Mulan as I enjoyed my lunch.  Then at 2:30pm I figured I should try to nap for a little bit if I could.

I just dozed off and on and watched TV until about 7:00pm.  My throat is pretty sore again and I managed to bite my cheek and take a chunk out of it - ouch.  I'm really not feeling well still - and it sucks.  I got up and took my time getting ready, took some aspirin and headed out to walk to Disneyland at about 8:45pm.

It is completely windy out.  It feels really odd walking toward Disneyland while everyone else is going the other way and I'm wearing running gear.  I got there about 9:00pm and met up with De'Dee a few minutes later.  We chatted and waited to go in the park.

At 9:30pm they let us in and we headed down Main Street where we got to stand and wait.  We were in the park pretty quickly so we were right at the end of Main Street, pretty close to the castle.  They had a DJ keeping people energized and having fun.  We moved even closer to the castle as they roped off behind us.  They were setting up makeshift corrals - we were in A corral - ha, that's the only time I'll ever be in corral A :)!  There were going to be 4 corrals for this race.

Here are some stats for the weekend that they were announcing - 4000 runners for the 5K, 1300 kids, 48 states represented (No Maine or New Hampshire), 48 birthdays, 71% from California, 2nd highest state represented Florida, 920 men registered for the half, 10 countries, youngest half runner 14, oldest man 80, oldest woman 80, 508 people from San Diego, 11,082 women, 12,000 people registered for the events.

Finally it was time for the National Anthem - it was played on the trumpet as a sing-a-long.  I love it when they do this - it's very cool to hear the crowd sing.  Now it was time for  Tinker Bell to fly - that had to be a bit frightening with all the wind.  It was pretty cool having her all lit up and flying around the castle (take a look below).

It was time to start.  The start was to the right of the castle.  It was a bit congested right at the start, but I've certainly been in worse.  We did a run/walk just based on how each of us was feeling.  The park was relatively dark in places.  I really wish I could tell you a ton about the course, but it was dark and I was concentrating on breathing.  I know that we went through Toon Town and Frontierland.  There were photo stops with the Lost Boys, Hook and Smee, and parade floats.  It wasn't long before we were backstage and at the one water stop on the course.  I remembered this hill from last year - there's a bit of a nasty downhill/uphill section as you leave Disneyland and head in to the promenade on the way across to California Adventure.  We went by Tower of Terror and on to Paradise Pier and finally the finish line.
We grabbed our medals, water, fruit twist and banana. Then we joined a long line of runners to get a finisher photo in front of the Fun Wheel - I hoped it turned out because it was a pretty cool spot for a photo.
It was time to head out of the park and De'Dee and I headed our separate ways.  It was really great having someone to run/walk with and I really enjoyed the company and the race.
Never Land 5KNever Land 5K
Never Land 5K Medal 

I did okay during the race, breathing with all the sinus issues was a bit rough at times.  Mile one was 14:28, mile two was 14:03, mile three was 13:44 and one tenth of a mile was 12:14 - total time was 42:19 for an average of 13:39 per mile.

At 11:25pm I headed back to the hotel and I was in my room at 11:40pm.  As soon as I got back in my room, the coughing started and didn't stop for quite some time.  I'm a bit raspy in the lungs now, but my legs felt really good so that gives me a little hope.

Bedtime came at 12:30am and tomorrow should be park time, the expo and lots of rest!


-J.Darling said...

I'm so glad you do these indepth reviews! They always inspire me (and make me wish I could do every single one!!!).

Isn't it great running through DCA? It's such a pretty park (when it isn't full of construction).

I love it when "Good Neighbor" hotels aren't sure who their "neighbor" is (as evidenced by that artwork on the wall). lol

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