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Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 Dopey Challenge Trip Report - January 9 and 10, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012
I was up and down all night with runny/stuffy nose, sore throat, fever and coughing.  It was a completely miserable night.  At around 9am I sent text messages to Jeff, Matt and Justin to let them all know that I wasn't going to be leaving my room.

I cannot remember the last time I was this sick - it was truly miserable.  I just laid in bed and dozed off and on all day.  My voice was completely gone so I couldn't even try to order room service and there was no way I was going to go out in public - thankfully I had a few snacks left from yesterday and that was more than enough as I really wasn't very hungry.

This was not the way I had hoped to celebrate the Dopey Challenge and my last full day in WDW.  Heck, I didn't even get to do any shopping for souvenirs - good thing I'll be back for the Princess Half!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Alarm one rang at 6:00am and the second one rang at 6:15am.  I got up and started to pack up my stuff.  Took a shower, took some last minute photos from the balcony and I was wiped out.  I had to sit down and rest a bit.  I was a bit shaky, coughy, and stuffy - those must be new dwarfs - of course Dopey ran two races sick ;).

I took my time packing and getting ready to head out.  At 10:10am I headed down to wait for my Magical Express bus.  Since I didn't get going quickly enough I kept my bags with me.  I was trying to avoid interacting with people as much as possible because I didn't want to make any one sick and if I tried to talk I started coughing.  I sat on a bench at 10:20am and just waited and watched people.

Finally, at 11:05am I boarded the bus.  The driver was in a very good mood.  We made stops at the Wilderness Lodge and the Grand Floridian and then we were on our way to the airport.  As we were going along, the driver was pointing out where the alligators like to hang out.  Yes, there was a 5 foot alligator hanging out in a pond by Gaylord Palms right where he said it would be.  Then he was explaining to us how there's something that's been making the bus late all weekend and that a lot of people were missing their planes.  Then he explained - it was the runners that ran in the races over the weekend.  The runners are taking way too long to go down the bus stairs - he said, one lady took 26 minutes to go down.  Of course he called me out because I was wearing my 2011 Goofy Challenge shirt, but I assured him that I wouldn't hold any one up.

Amazingly, my legs were feeling perfectly fine.  They didn't hurt at all Monday and today they didn't feel like I had even done the Dopey Challenge.  I assume it's because I was slow for the races.

We arrived at MCO around 12:05pm, checked my bags and took a bio break.  I made it through security, took the tram to the gates, bought some water and chips and was sitting at the gate at 12:40pm.  I downed some more medicine and hoped that it would kick in and last through the flight.

The plane boarded and I decided to head all the way to the back of the plane - the very last row by the window.  I was really hoping maybe we'd have some empty seats and no one would sit next to me.  No such luck.  The plane took off at 1:55pm.

Normally I wouldn't bore you with my travels, but there was a reason for this post.  It turns out that I was sitting next to a single Mom and her 15 year old daughter and across the aisle was her younger daughter.  I apologized that they had to sit there and listen to me cough and sniff the whole time - I really felt bad because I know I sounded like I was really sick.

Then I learned, yet again, that I have nothing to complain about and that I am lucky.  At one point, the 15 year old asked me if I was there to run in the races and I said yes.  That's when I found out that these three wonderful people were headed home after a Make-A-Wish trip.

Yes, Make-A-Wish.  The 15 year old girl had a heart transplant last year.  She had been sick for quite a while and had an artificial heart for two years while she waited for a donor.  She's  doing great now.  Looking at her you would never guess that she was sick.  Not only did this girl go through all of this, but she goes to schools and speaks about the experience, she talks to other children in situations like she was in, she volunteers her time and still finds time for school.  This girl is truly remarkable and is a great example of someone that really takes life and makes a difference with the cards she was dealt.  I also commend her Mom that had to do all this alone.  Her daughter got sick while the younger daughter was just a toddler and she was juggling taking care of her daughter in the hospital and her other daughter at the same time.  That's tough enough to do with two parents, but to do it all alone must have been horribly difficult.

They had limo service to and from the airports, flights on Southwest, they stayed at Give Kids the World, went to Sea World, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.  They were all smiles and sounds like they had a wonderful trip.  That's just so cool that they were able to make this trip.  Talking with them I am pretty sure this isn't something they ever thought they'd be able to do.

After meeting these amazing women it really made me want to help these organizations even more.  It is just such an important thing to grant these wishes and these organizations need all the help they can get - the more we all can help, the more wishes they can grant!  If you can help, I encourage you to visit the Team Voice donation page or even go to Make-A-Wish or Give Kids the World and make a donation - every dollar counts!

It was a pretty uneventful flight other than feeling pretty bad, but again after the story from my fellow fliers I couldn't even begin to complain.  The plane landed at 4:22pm and I got my bags and checked in with Super Shuttle at 4:50pm.

I had a ridiculous driver - waiting to pick up people that were assigned to another van, arguing with base about his assignments, taking crowded surface streets while the freeway was wide open.  It was a bit miserable and of course I wasn't feeling good either, but I made it home about 6pm and pretty much crashed.


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What an educational journey that was! Sorry you felt like CRUD!

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