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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Dopey Challenge Trip Report - January 8, 2012

It was a long rough night that's for sure.  The fever was in full force and my throat continued to burn like it was lit on fire.  My nose was runny and stuffy at the same time.  Ugh - this is not good!

The first alarm went off at 2:00am.  I was awake, but I seriously considered skipping the race.  I just wasn't feeling good at all.  I laid there and contemplated what to do.  In the end I decided I couldn't just not at least try.  I figured I'd just start and see how far I could make it - that's the least I could do.

At 2:15am I got up, took a shower, ate a few pretzels and got all my gear on and got ready to go.  I knew I was in for some trouble because my throat was swollen. swallowing was almost impossible and I was finding it hard to take a full breath.

I headed to the monorail at 2:45am and had to wait for the gate to the escalator to open just like yesterday.  I just held up a wall while I waited and then headed up and hopped on the monorail.  The monorail headed to the TTC at 3:00am, I transferred at the Ticket and Transportation Center and then it was on to Epcot.  Once I arrived at Epcot I headed straight for the family reunion area, but then I decided that I might as well take a quick bio break because I didn't want a repeat of tummy troubles again today.  Great - my right contact is driving me crazy, but I didn't have to deal with that too long because the darn thing fell out and was gone.  Good thing I normally run without my contacts or glasses at home and I have one eye that can still see :).

Back over to the T-V bag check area and shortly after I got there Chris and Lorraine showed up and we got to talking about the half and stuff in general.  This helped keep my mind off how I was feeling so thanks guys!  Justin and Jordan showed up (James was off to the corrals).  So far, it was a bit better than 2011 - Justin was doing pretty good, Chris was a bit worried about his breathing and heck I didn't know how far I'd be going today.  So nice just gearing up with these guys and getting ready for the day ahead.

At 4:30am we were on our way to our corrals.  The walk to the corrals was a little quicker than yesterday but still pretty slow.  All to soon it was time for us all to head our separate ways.  Still wanting to avoid a repeat of yesterday, I decided on another bio break since the lines were short and I was still in my corral by 5:12am.

I found a couple of people to chat with.  One was doing her first Goofy and had never run back to back runs - she'd done marathons before though so hopefully she did okay.  The other one was doing her very first race - not just first marathon - very first race.  She had never done a run longer than 18 miles - again, I hope she did okay!  Again, having nice people to talk to while we waited was helping me to keep my mind off how bad I was feeling.

Time for the National Anthem and Fireworks and the first corral was off.  Corral G, which is where I was, started moving forward at 5:45am and we were off right about 6:00am.  I wished my corral mates good luck and we were all on our way.

Last year when I started the full marathon my legs were so tight and sore that the first three miles were pretty miserable and I just prayed that my muscles would loosen up.  As I started today, I was able to start with a light jog and to my complete surprise there was no pain or tightness in my legs at all.  It made me super happy that at least I didn't have to worry about my legs right away.

Mile one went by without without much trouble and I started my Lifesaver and sip of water routine.  Mile two and we're headed in the Epcot parking lot - along the way there were some lit up bugs - butterflies and dragon flies - they were pretty cute.  Mile three and I was through Epcot.  It was at this point that I decided to try to run even a tiny part of each mile for as many miles as I could and walk the rest.  I knew that I wasn't going to be much good for more than that.  The first three miles took 15 minutes per mile - slower than I had hoped, but my legs felt good and I was handling the breathing okay.  I was trying to keep a positive attitude.
Back on the road for mile four and the sun was just starting to come up.  There they are, the sweeper vans, all lined up in the median.  One of the drivers was there and told me that this was my movie, everyone else are just extras.  I told him that as long I didn't see him in his van later on I'd be feeling pretty good.  I continued on to mile five and decided that I'd better start doing some Powerade.  I was really worried that having a fever and sweating was going to dehydrate me.  Powerade on a sore throat - not the most pleasant experience, but I knew I needed it.  Nothing super exciting for miles five and six, I just kept going.  Miles four through six took 14:47 per mile.

Miles seven and eight were just some more road to travel and lead to mile nine and the Contemporary hill - thankfully, that hill doesn't scare me too much any more and I didn't find it super difficult today.  I was still able to run a little bit of each mile and my legs were holding up really well.  The Lifesavers were acting as fuel as well as cough drops and throat lozenges.  Multi-purpose fuel love it!  Miles seven and eight took 14:49 per mile.

Mile 10 and I'm heading in to the Magic Kingdom.  I know Jeff is out there spectating and I hope to see him, but I didn't.  There were a lot of characters out today - Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Tiana, Naveen and Louis, Buzz Lightyear, Cinderella and Prince Charming and there were probably even more.  Miles nine and 10 took 14:39 per mile.  Mile 11 and we're heading out of the Magic Kingdom.  Mile 12 and we're going by the Grand Floridian - Pooh and friends are out and as we continue on, Golfing Mickey and Goofy are out as well.  Miles 11 and 12 took 14:31 per mile.  I'm maintaining consistency, but I'm not really feeling any better.

I know that if I can make it half way I can finish - at least that's my thought process and I keep telling myself this over and over.  I'm there, mile 13 and the Speedway.  The halfway point and also the transition for the marathon relay runners.  I'm impressed - it's super organized, there's no congestion and it feels no different than doing the full last year.  Mile 13 takes 14:49.

Now I'm noticing just how warm it's getting.  I am wearing long sleeves, but it's an Under Armor Heat Layer, but the black short sleeve shirt was probably not the smartest idea.  I am really starting to feel the heat.

I remember this next part being very boring last year, but it's not quite as bad this year for some reason.  Seems like more entertainment on the course or something.  At mile 14 I grab a banana and continue with the rest of my normal fueling.  My stomach is perfectly fine today - yeah.  My legs are feeling awesome.  I'm still getting a very short run in at the beginning of each mile and I finish mile 14 in 15:10.

There was trouble during mile 15.  I was finding it a bit tedious, I was getting hotter and hotter and I was having more and more trouble breathing.  Now, the breathing part was probably a good thing since the Waste Treatment area didn't bother me at all :).  Mile 15 took 14:54.

Coming up to mile 16 I grabbed another banana - I'm doing anything and everything to keep my energy up at this point because each medical station is looking more and more tempting as I feel worse and worse.    I'm doing Powerade and water as much as I can and I'm still doing Lifesavers too.  Mile 16 took 14:57.

I'm really starting to fall apart now and I don't know how to keep going.  I just want to sit down and be done, but I keep going.  Finally we're in Animal Kingdom.  I love as you get ready to go in the park and they have animals out to greet us - goats, pigs, birds, ferrets, llamas, and more.  That's so cool.  This park goes by way to quickly - especially today since it's got some nice shade and it's just a good break from the roads.  Mile 17 took 15:28.  Here's an example of just how zombie like I was at this point - no shame, I look bad in this picture...If my words don't do it justice just how bad it was at this point, then I think this picture says it all.
I did get past that zombie look a bit.
There's Jeff at the Animal Kingdom entrance.  I cannot even tell him how good it is to see him at this point.  I was slowing down, breathing was getting worse and worse and my spirits were plummeting faster than the Tower of Terror (and yes, I realize the ride is being pulled down)!  Jeff just kept me going.

The Grave Diggers were just outside of the Animal Kingdom again and it's fun to watch runners take photos and then get back up off the ground :).  Mile 18 and back out on the road and it takes 15:28 and I really cannot do any running at this point because it makes me lose my breathe and start coughing which starts me gagging.  I hate the overpasses along this part because they have these lines that make me sort of dizzy.  I just keep trudging along and mile 19 takes 15:07.

It's hot at this point, I have confirmation that it is not just me because the water stops are offering to pour cold water over runners' heads.  I opt not to do this because I don't want squishy shoes.  This part is one of the worst to me because it's an out and back loop area and at this point I'm so not in to it.  Mile 20 takes 15:30 and mile 21 takes 16:06.

I continue trudging along the road.  It's getting tough to put one foot in front of the other, but I keep going.  This next mile seems to go on forever.  Mile 22 and we're heading in to Hollywood Studios.  Mile 22 takes 16:07.

The good thing about being in the park at this point is the distractions.  You have to avoid the crossing park guests (most were very well behaved this time) and there's just activity to take your mind off things.  I see Jeff again and he cheers me on and reminds me to just keep going.  Mile 23 takes 16:27.
Mile 23 goes and just after that I know I only have a 5K to go.  On any other day I would say - I can do a 5K no problem, I can always do a 5K.  Today, I'm not so sure that's going to be the case, strike that negative thought, I will do this even if it kills me.  I'm out of Hollywood Studios and headed toward the Boardwalk area.  It's slow going, but I'm still going.  Mile 24 takes 15:10.

I wanted to badly to go faster but I just couldn't.  There was nothing left in the tank.  I'm on the Boardwalk, Epcot is coming and the cheering spectators are a huge help at this point.  The International Gateway is right ahead.  Thanks to Team All Ears for the shout out as I went by - much appreciated.  On to World Showcase, the end is near, but not near enough yet.  I love the crowds and other finished runners in World Showcase - very fun to chat and congratulate each other as you work to take your mind off things.  Mile 25 takes 16:10.

On to Future World - so close now.  It's just so hard, but I'm going to do this.  There's the Gospel Choir - I cheer and applaud them as I go by and thank them.  I'm exiting the park now.  Mile 26 takes 15:54.

There's Jeff - I owe him so much.  I am emotional because I'm not sure if I would have made it without his support.  I really could have stopped so many times.  I am truly on the home stretch now.  I feel like crud, but I jog it home to the finish line.  This time I get to high five Donald - this makes me smile because I really needed that high five today.  I'm done.  I did it, I'm not sure how but I did it!
I get my marathon medal, a bottle of water, skip the Mylar blanket and there it is - my hard earned Goofy medal!  I jump in a short line for a Goofy Finisher photo.
I grab food and beverages and head out to find Jeff.  I set my stuff down to rearrange things and I see Jeff heading to find me.  I try to yell, but I can't yell loud enough for him to hear me - I have no voice.  I grab my stuff and run to catch up with him.  

Physically, at least in terms of my legs I'm having no pain.  My knees, hips and feet all felt perfectly fine.  At least my training miles seemed to have paid off.  I finished seven minutes slower than last year which is a bummer, but I accept that I did my best.  It does bother me that I'll never know what I could have done, but I'll have to try to train hard for next year!

Jeff and I walk towards the monorail station.  I still can't say enough about how much I appreciated Jeff's support today!  As we near the monorail station Jonathan is there to congratulate me which was really nice.  We chatted for a few minutes and then headed our separate ways.

I headed up the monorail ramp and while it was crowded I was one the next monorail standing room only.  It was about 1:18pm and after transferring at the Ticket and Transportation Center and some trouble stops along the way I was back in my room at 1:56pm.

Time for a shower, some snacks and then time to relax.  I know that it's usually not the best thing to do, but I was feeling pretty rotten so I decided to try to nap for a bit.  I did doze off and on, but for some reason I couldn't keep my legs still because they just started hurting/aching - I've never had this before and I assume it has something to do with being sick and depleted.

At 4:45pm I got up and got ready to head to dinner.  I rummaged through my suitcases and found some expired cold medicine - works for me.  I also break the rules and take a nice large dose of aspirin and downed this with some more water.  Then I just took it slow and easy.

At 5:45pm I caught the monorail to the Polynesian.  I arrived and found Justin, Jordan and James in the lounge enjoying some drinks and appetizers.  Shortly after that Jeff and Trace arrived  Then Matt and Theresa showed up.  We all chatted until it was time for dinner at 'Ohana.

At 6:55pm we were called to our table.  The group was joined by De'Dee.  Dinner was really good.  Appetizers consisted of chicken wings, dumplings and salads.  The main course was steak, shrimp, chicken and pork all served all you care to eat from huge skewers.  Dessert was banana bread pudding with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.  It was a great meal and the company was quite entertaining tonight (I'd tell you to ask Justin, but I'm not sure what he remembers)!

It was Evening Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom so Jeff, Trace, Justin, Matt, Theresa and I headed over on the monorail.  We started out with the Jungle Cruise - we had one of the best skippers I've ever had.  I wish I remembered her name - she was so in to her job and had the best delivery - she really made the ride fun!

We also rode Haunted Mansion, Snow White and the TTA (Peoplemover).  Jeff and Trace headed off and the rest of us decided to head on Space Mountain.

I knew Space Mountain was going to hurt and boy did it.  Kind of like being in a washing machine or dryer.  As much as it hurt me, I think Justin was much worse off - he was in the car behind me and all I heard the whole time was owww, ouch, owww, ouch...

The medicine was wearing off by this point and my voice was pretty much gone.  We all headed out at 11:10pm and said our goodbyes.  I opted to walk to the Contemporary.  I stopped by the front desk to get a new room key because I couldn't get in to Bay Lake Tower with mine.

I was back in my room at 11:40pm and was in bed by 12:10am....and that's when things went from bad to worse.


caballerofan said...

So impressed by the way you powered through that race. Your ability to overcome the voices in your head telling you to quit is a major achievment. That is something which is hard enough to do even when one is feeling good.

I gain inspiration from watching runs that I'm not participating in. There are so many people and I often find myself wondering "what's that persons story" Such would be the case of seeing the man run past me wearing a shirt that read POWERED BY A DONATED HEART. But while strangers can be inspiring, its a brings great joy when a friend rises up to meet their goals and refuses to give up without a fight.

Congrats on your finish. You earned it with every step.

Richard said...

I love the way you overcame adversity to stick with and finish the races this weekend. I'm sorry that it had to be so tough on you, but I think you have to look back and see that you have improved yourself and your fitness so much that even being sick can't keep you from finishing an event so taxing that most people would not even think about trying under the best of circumstances.

I remember riding in Soace Mountain (and a few other rides that night) where I felt every movement just reverberate through my sore leg muscles. Ouch!

~* Jenn *~ said...

I don't know you well as I just found your blog, but I am so impressed with your ability to stick with it despite not feeling well. You did fantastic!

I think you might be the most experienced person I know regarding the disney races. Wondering how long you would allow for the expo? We will arrive in Orlando on Thursday and want to hit HS early so we can ride TSM with my kiddos and such. If it were you, how would you schedule the expo in order to ensure you got maximum park time? :) Thanks!

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