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Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Dopey Challenge Trip Report - January 7, 2012

It was a restless night to say the least.  My throat woke me up quite a few times and I am pretty sure I had a bit of a fever as I was just way too hot all night long.  Alarm 1 went off at 2am and I was not feeling great at all.  My throat really felt like it was on fire - so painful to swallow.  I finally got up at 2:10am, ate a mini Clif Bar - not my normal pre-race bar which I was a bit worried about, drank some water and got myself ready to go.

I left the room at 2:45am and headed to the monorail.  They didn't have the gate open to go up the escalator yet, so I leaned against a wall while I waited.  Finally they came to open the gate and I headed up to the station with the other folks that were waiting and we were on the monorail and on our way at 3am.  The ride was enjoyable as we all chatted the whole way.  Transferred to another monorail at the Transportation and Ticket Center and was at Epcot at the family reunion area (which didn't have the letters up so you could meet people) at about 3:20am.

Met up with Lorraine (and Chris who wasn't running today), Jeff, Lisa (and Trace who wasn't running today), Justin, Jordan, James and Jonathan.  We all stood around and chatted for a little bit.  At 4:07am it was time for a bio break.  My throat is still so sore, but I know that I can run with a sore throat.

We started the long trek to the corrals at 4:40am.  Now, this is always a slow death march, but this year it was truly awful.  We were hardly even shuffling.  It was wall to wall people.  You may think I'm kidding, but I didn't reach my corral until 5:16am - yes, it took over half an hour - NUTS!

I found a spot in the G corral and waited.  There was a woman, 2 guys and 3 young girls that kept the whole wait very entertaining.  They had way too much energy and enthusiasm.  It really helped keep my mind off my sore throat and made the wait go more quickly.

Finally we heard the National Anthem and then the fireworks went off.  Interesting, the only fireworks this year were for the first wave of runners, but they were still very cool.  The G Corral didn't get going until after 6am so it was a bit of a wait for those of us in the back, but then we were off and running.

As I take off my legs feel really good and I notice during that first mile that I'm probably going a little faster than I should and finish mile one in 13:59.  I took a Lifesaver and a sip of water and that felt really good on my throat.  Mile two feels really good too and it takes 14:27 and I took another Lifesaver and sip of water, which I will do every mile for the race.

Mile three and I'm still on the road and I'm starting to not feel very good.  Yeah, my throat still hurts, but I can deal with that.  Now I've got cramps in both sides and I'm feeling like I might throw up.  Mile three takes 15:31 and I force myself to eat the Lifesaver and sip some water.

My stomach is not feeling good at all, but I trudge on.  At least the Lifesavers help keep my throat moist and a little less sore and aren't making my stomach any more sick.  Mile four takes 15:13.

As we go along it is time for the usually dreaded Contemporary hill.  I have to say that even though I'm not feeling good at all, my legs are holding up quite nicely.  Mile five takes 14:40.

Time for the Magic Kingdom.  I decided to slow down and try to enjoy the park and the energy.  There were a lot of characters out in the park:  Buzz Lightyear, Stitch, Alice and the Queen of Hearts, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Tianna, Naveen and Louis, and the Country Bears.  My absolute favorites were Donald dressed as a knight and Daisy dressed as a princess - I have never seen them dressed this way and I really thought it was pretty awesome.  Then of course there was Captain Jack Sparrow.  Mile six takes 15:25 and of course the Magic Kingdom helped take my mind off all the discomfort I was in.

Now I head out of the Magic Kingdom and I'm on the back road headed toward Grand Floridian Way.  Nothing too exciting along here, but I'm starting to feel even worse than before.  Mile seven takes 15:13.

I continue to trudge along with side cramps, stomach ache and sore throat.  Everything is feeling worse, but at least my legs feel okay.  I have never had to stop to use the facilities during a race, until today.  I had to stop, there was just no way I could keep going.  I found a short line for the port-a-potties between mile 7 and mile 8 and I hopped off the course.  I am glad I stopped because I'm not sure I could have kept going otherwise.  Of course, it made mile eight a slow 18:09.

Over half way - thank goodness.  My throat is still super sore, I still feel a little sick to my stomach, but at least the side and stomach cramps are easing up.  I pick up the pace a bit more now.  I notice that where there is supposed to be gels, there are none out.  I am glad I don't rely on them.  It was sort of like being in a cartoon though - the road was so sticky it was like I had to forcibly unstick my feet with each step.  I just found this humorous.  Mile nine takes 14:03.

Mile 10 isn't that exciting, but it does have the lovely banked turn.  I am able to run/walk it without too much trouble.  I only have 5K to go.  The run/walk is feeling good, but I'm pushing and am a little worried about how that will affect me tomorrow.  Mile 10 takes 14:18.

As I continue along, all I can think is thank goodness I'm almost done.  Mile 11 has a lovely overpass and I just trudge along and do the best I can do.  Mile 11 takes 14:23.

Okay, now I'm starting to just feel like I can do this.  My legs are feeling good, it's a bit depressing that the rest of me is having so many problems.  It's been a little bit of a battle to keep going today, but mentally I stay strong and just focus on finishing.  Mile 12 and we're in the Epcot parking lot again and this mile takes 13:57.

Now I get ready to head in the park.  I do love doing the park, it's just more good energy and again, I know it's almost the end.  The end is near, I see the Gospel Choir.  They are singing Gospel today - thank goodness it's not Queen this year :).  I exit the park and it's the final stretch.  I just continued the run/walk as much as I can and mile 13 takes 13:58.

Here comes the end.  I run as much as I can and I'm almost at the finish line.  I cross the line and I'm completely upset.  I wasn't able to high five Donald or Goofy because they were queueing people up for photos at the finish line.  I think this is very inappropriate and a bit rude.  It's upsetting because after the rotten time I had out on the course today I really would have liked a high five.  Rather than a tenth of a mile it was more like four tenths of a mile and I did that at a 13:48 per mile pace.  I was very disappointed that my finish time was 3:18 - five minutes slower than last year.  I was really hoping to do better than last year, but considering the circumstances I can't beat myself up too much.  I am still super proud of myself for finishing.

The weather today was completely perfect.  I couldn't complain about that at all.  At least I didn't have to contend with super cold or super hot or rain with everything else going on.

I headed through and got my medal and a Mylar blanket.  Then I headed to get my finisher photo.
I absolutely love this medal.  It's so much prettier in person than it is in photos.  It's just unique and fun!

Somehow I totally missed the food and beverage line and walked right by it.  I didn't even bother trying to go back and get stuff, it just wasn't worth it today.  I headed straight for the monorail, the line was long but I managed to get on the next monorail.  It was standing room only, but whatever.  It took almost an hour to get back to my room.  The pilot kept accusing people of leaning on the doors and stopping the train and then we stopped between the Magic Kingdom and the Contemporary and he announced that they'd be rebooting the monorail because there was a technical problem - hmmm.

I made it back to my room at 10:50am.  I ate a snack, drank some Powerade and water and took a nice shower then got ready to head out.  I was moving a bit slowly, not because I was sore, but because I just wasn't feeling all that great.

At 12:25pm I walked to the Magic Kingdom.  I was feeling a little shaky, but at least my stomach was feeling better.  My throat was still incredibly sore though.  I met up with everyone at Aloha Isle around 12:40pm  - how sad, I just couldn't bring myself to try eating a Dole Whip.  It was a great meet up with Jeff, Richard, Jonathan, Lisa, Trace, Justin, Jordan, James, Andy and his wife, Bryan, Amy and little Hayden.  As we were sitting there a Photo Pass Photographer came and took some pictures, but I can't find the card he gave me now so I don't even know how the pictures turned out.  It was really nice to sit and chat with everyone and catch up with every one's race experiences.

At 2:10pm Jeff and I caught a boat to the Wilderness Lodge for lunch at the Whispering Canyon.  I had a turkey sandwich and fries.  It tasted pretty good and I know that I needed the fuel.  The restaurant seemed like it was in between lunch and dinner so it was quiet and the wait staff all seemed preoccupied with restocking tables so there were no fun antics going on.  That was okay for me today though.

At about 3:40pm we caught a boat back to the Contemporary.  Jeff and I parted ways and I headed to the market for some snacks and water.  I was back in my room by 4:15pm.

I laid out all my gear for the full marathon tomorrow.  I watched some TV and read for a little while.  At 6pm I started to doze off and on.  I'm pretty sure I had a bad fever and I was waking up sweaty, my throat was still on fire and now I couldn't even take a good deep breath.  If I had to cough it was just the type of cough that was making me want to throw up.  This was not looking good for the full marathon tomorrow.


~* Jenn *~ said...

My goodness, sorry you weren't feeling well for the half. Hoping you had better luck for the full. I look forward to reading your recap!

KippWade said...

It's really incredible to hear how bad you were feeling and kept going through!

I'm still wrapping my head around completing the half and I was feeling okay. I just cannot imagine doing all 3 races and not feeling well.

You might not have broken any personal records, but you more than earned those medals this time out!

Richard said...

Given how sick you were feeling, you looked pretty good on Saturday when I saw you. You did a great job on getting yourself through the race! I can't imagine how mentally tough it must have been feeling like that in the middle of marathon weekend--that definitely shows your mental toughness and the importance of keeping a good attitude.

Rae! said...

I am so inspired.. You always amaze me.

meganinwonderland.com said...

It sucks that you were so sick for the race. I got sick after the weekend.

I was in Corral E and they did have fireworks for each of the corrals. After the first corral, the fireworks only went off at the start line. For the first start, the fireworks went off at the start and at the overpass near the back of the corrals. I only remember this because the start for corral F seemed to come to quickly after the start for corral E.

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