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Saturday, February 4, 2012

2012 Dopey Challenge Trip Report - January 6, 2012

Alarm 1 rang at 4am but I didn't get up until alarm 2 at 4:10am.  I got up, took a shower and got ready to head out.  I left the room at 4:34am and headed for the bus.
There was a bus waiting and I was the first person on board.  I felt really odd wearing a costume...It just seemed a bit odd for some reason.

The bus left the Contemporary at 4:54am and we headed to Epcot.  It was a pretty short trip and I arrived and headed to meet up with everyone.  Jeff, Lisa, Trace, Chris and Kiley were in line for the character photo op so I joined them.  The line was long, but we had fun chatting.

Jeff, Lisa and Trace were dressed up as the Three Caballeros and they looked so amazing.  Lots of people wanted their pictures.  So fun!  We finally make it to take our picture with the trio.
Shortly after that we were headed to our "corrals."  For the 5K, you don't have organized corrals like the longer races.  You have signs with estimated mile paces on them and it's on the honor system for everyone to line up at their anticipated pace.  We managed to squeeze in at about 6:20am.  It was so incredibly crowded.  I've really never seen so many people trying to squeeze in to the corrals.  They ended up doing 3 waves for the 5K, this is the first time I've seen them do waves for the 5K but I'm glad they did it.

The National Anthem was sung and then it was time for us to be on our way.  Trace was walking the 5K with a broken toe so Jeff, Lisa and Trace decided to stay together.  I decided to run/walk and Chris and Kiley were with me in the beginning.  Kiley was setting the run/walk pace for us.  It was really fun to see her out there.  I'm very impressed at how well she did at 7 years old - great job getting her out there and keeping her going Chris!

We headed around the parking lot - no, that's not the most exciting part of the course and it's always a bit crowded through here.  Pretty soon we were heading in to back of Epcot and then in to World Showcase and we hit the one mile mark.

I continued with the run/walk and Chris and Kiley were with me for quite a while.  I grabbed some water at the first water stop and kept chugging along.  I have to say that I'm not used to running in a hat and big baggy sweat pants.  Sadly, you cannot see my tail in any of the pictures and I was kind of proud of that tail :)!  It was making me super hot!

Somewhere along the way I lost Chris and Kiley so I kept run/walking.  I was really feeling pretty good.  My legs felt fresh and happy to be moving.  I finally made it to mile two and shortly after there was the second water stop.  I kept trudging along and continued to feel pretty good.
The announcer at the end, put his microphone down and shouted out that he liked my costume.  That was kind of funny.  That was it, the race was over in 46:06.  It was slower than I wanted to be, but I felt good so that's what really mattered.

I have to be honest, I didn't pay much attention to the characters on the course today.  It didn't seem like there were very many characters out, but that could have just been my perception.

After I finished I hung around the finish line area and saw Chris and Kiley finish.  Not long after that Jeff, Lisa and Trace finished.  We all headed over to get our finisher photos.  Lisa and Trace headed back to their resort and Jeff and I ran in to Justin.  We chatted with Justin for a bit and then headed toward the buses.
At about 8:10am I was waiting in line for a bus back to the Contemporary.  It was a pretty short wait and I was back in my room by 8:40am.  I did a little work, took a shower and got ready to head out.  10am I left the room and caught a bus to Hollywood Studios.  I was in the park by 10:30am.

I headed towards Star Tours to wait for Jeff to get off the ride.  Odd, my throat is starting to hurt, just a crazy soreness I couldn't seem to shake.  Jeff and I hopped in line for Star Tours.  I do like the new version - it's really well done and enjoyable.  Sadly, it seems like I go to the same places all the time, but I guess I need to ride it some more so I can see some other places.

At 11:45am we headed to the ABC Commissary for lunch.  I had a burger with 2 shrimp on top, fries and 2 waters.  It was a good lunch, I enjoyed it.  I used a nice cup of ice for my water and it felt good on my sore throat.

We headed over to Tower of Terror and got in line, but then a couple gave us fast passes so we didn't have to wait in line - so nice and so cool!

A quick bio break and then we headed to the Great Movie Ride at 1pm.  We had a female cowgirl and she was just too smiley for the part, she wasn't bad, I just didn't get the smiling.

Snack break time - I had a nice cold Popsicle and more water.  Again, it just felt good on my throat.  Then it was back to Star Tours again. A little shopping around the park and then it was time to head to Mama Melrose to wait for dinner and meet up with everyone.

At 4pm we headed in for dinner - it was Trace, Lisa, Chris, Lorraine, Jonathan, Andy and his wife, Justin, Jordan, James, Jeff and me.  It was a great dinner of chicken parmigiana and spaghetti - yum!  Dinner was over about 5:25pm and we were walking around and ran in to Matt, Theresa and De'Dee.  We all chatted for a few minutes and then headed out separate ways.

Justin, Jordan, Jeff and I headed to American Idol to catch Jonathan.  Jonathan was selected to perform for the 6:30pm show.  We headed in at 6pm to watch the rehearsal and then show.  Jonathan did a great job getting the audience involved and looked like he was having a really good time.  Unfortunately he was up against some pretty stiff competition and didn't move on.  I give him a lot of credit for getting up there and doing it though.

All of us headed for the exit at 7pm and I took the bus back to the resort.  I stopped at the market for water and snacks for after the half and was back in my room by 7:55pm.  I took some time to lay out all my gear for the half marathon, set my alarms and was in bed by 9pm.  My throat was still super sore and I was hoping I'd be able to sleep!


Leanne T said...

Sounds like a fun time! Hoping your sore throat is not a concern.

Richard said...

The 5K's always seem like so much fun! I'm going to have to make time for one on a trip some day.

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