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Miles Completed = 29.01
(Run/Walked = 29.01, Biked = 0.0, Elliptical = 0.0)


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weekly Review: Dec 26 - Jan 1

Goals for workouts this year:
1. 80-100 miles run/walk per month
2. One day of Pilates per week
3. One day of Strength Training per week
4. One day of Bike or Elliptical per week
5. One Incline Workout on the Treadmill per week

Here's this week's recap
Notes: Okay, so I really should have worn my Garmin at Disneyland as it would have been extremely interesting to see just how much walking I actually did today.  Disneyland may be small, but if you criss cross the park over and over that distance has to add up.

PM Workout:  Treadmill walk 4mi @ 13:38 per mi
Notes: Was pretty tired from the long day yesterday, but still got a pretty good walk in tonight.  I feel a lack of confidence right now that seems odd.

Notes: I really wasn't feeling 100% today - I've just been busy and it's worn me down a bit for sure.

Notes: Another sort of yucky kind of day.  Fell asleep on the couch after having lunch - guess my body was trying to tell me it is tired :). 

PM Workout:  Treadmill walk 3.08mi @ 13:38 per mi
Notes: I was hoping to get more miles in than this, but I just wasn't feeling enough energy to keep going today.  At least I got a few miles in. 

PM Workout:  Treadmill walk 6.51mi @ 14:32 per mi
Notes: This was not exactly where I wanted to end the year.  I was way lower on miles this month than I had wanted, but I have to accept what I did and didn't do and call it a year.

AM Workout:  New Year's Day 5K - .59mi warm up walk, 3.10mi @ 13:26 per mi, .18mi cool down walk
Notes: Fifth consecutive year that I've participated in the New Year's Day 5K.  It was a beautiful morning and a familiar course and while I didn't push too hard I did better my time from last year by just a little bit.

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: +6.2 pounds

Run/Walk Miles: 17.46
Bike Miles: 0.0
Elliptical Miles: 0.0

Pilates: MISSED 
Strength: MISSED
Incline: MISSED

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles: 3.87
Bike Miles: 0.0
Elliptical Miles: 0.0

Goofy's Weekly Training Challenge Results
Pretty low week in terms of miles again this week.  I just have been fighting some tiredness.

There was nothing good about food this week.  No, excuses, I deserve that number on the scale this week.  I have just not been doing well in terms of food the last month or so.

We have now completed 2011 and moved in to 2012.  It promises to be an exciting year in terms of training and races and I hope that I can stick to my plans again this year!  Happy New Year, happy training and good luck with all your plans and goals!!!


Chris said...

How does your energy feel now? Try to keep those workouts small this week, but don't drop the level of effort, as if you need me giving you advice ;-)

With the food, I'm going to try and keep my carbs to good carbs like brown rice and green veggies. A new way to carb load for me as I typically hit the Doritos hard! Ha!

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