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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thank You for the Concern!

I've had quite a few comments regarding my still being sick.  I wanted to just post a quick thank you!  It means a lot to me that you care enough to post :)!

Just so you know, I did go to the doctor when I got back from WDW.  I have completed a 10 day dose of some hefty antibiotics, Mucinex, and cough syrup.  Thankfully the antibiotics did wipe out the infection and got rid of most of the coughing.

I am now dealing with some strange sinus issue.  It's been very warm here in AZ and we have a ton of things blooming.  I think I may have been hit by some sort of allergy.  I am battling a very sore throat, sinus drainage and the occasional coughing fit.  I'll be trying some new allergy/sinus medicine this week to see if that helps and if there's no change I'll be headed back to the doctor.

So, no worries - I am working to get over this and I hope to be back on track very soon!


Richard said...

I've had a lot of that type weather here near Houston and my allergies have been off the scale as well and have been normalizing over the last few days. Glad to hear that you're being prudent and glad you realize that we all just care about you as well.
Take care!

jedamiani said...

Hi Amanda! I hope you are feeling better as well. I started reading your blog in December of 2010 when I was doing research on the Dopey Challenge. I am really inspired by your accomplishments. I will be doing the Princess Half at the end of February, maybe I will see you out there! I did have a question for you... I read that you did the TInkerbell in intervals. What were your intervals?

Thanks and take care!

Amanda said...

Jedamiani - Thanks for following and for your comment.

I used the Galloway run/walk intervals all last year, but as I've started doing what I'm calling organic intervals. I am running until I feel like I need to change my pace, or in the case of last weekend - whether I was going to start coughing.

If you're new to intervals, take a look at JeffGalloway.com or one of his books to see what he recommends, or try 30 seconds run, 30 seconds walk and increase to whatever is comfortable for you and your pace.

fitnessforever04 said...

I know this isn't on the right post, but do you know when they're going to reveal the 2013 WDW Marathon Medal?

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