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Monday, January 2, 2012

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #2

#2 - The Walt Disney World Full Marathon

From the runDisney website:
The Walt Disney World® Marathon presented by CIGNA is the final race of the weekend, where you will complete the most magical 26.2 miles on Earth. The course takes you through all four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks, starting at Epcot®, continuing on to the Magic Kingdom® Park, Disney's Animal Kingdom® Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios before an exhilarating finish back at Epcot®.

The Walt Disney World® Marathon will feature:
26.2-mile course through all four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks
Disney Entertainment on-course
Event Weekend Transportation for Walt Disney World® Resort guests

Each participant's registration in the Walt Disney World® Marathon will include:
Champion® Unisex Long-Sleeved Marathon Tech Shirt
Mickey Mouse Finisher medal
Official Race Program Guide
Goody bag
Personalized bib (Must register by November 1, 2011 for name to appear on bib)
On-course and post-race refreshments
ChronoTrack D-tag timed race
Family Reunion Area with live entertainment and characters
Personalized results website

Why am I looking forward to the Walt Disney World Marathon?
Ah, this is a loaded question - do I really look forward to a full marathon?  Well, yeah I do.  At least I look forward to this one.

The start of the full marathon will be pretty much the same as the half marathon which I detailed in Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #3 so you can read that for more information about the pre-race process.

The race starts and you have a long journey ahead of you.  The first couple of miles take you along the road, in to the Epcot parking lot and finally in to the park.  It's a short journey through Epcot this time around and before you know it you'll be head back out of the park.

Now you begin your journey along the road and towards the Magic Kingdom.  It's quite a stretch of road and you'll chew up quite a few miles.  Back to the Contemporary and the hill that everyone loves to hate.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll be past that hill in no time.

Just past mile 10 and you'll be heading in to the Magic Kingdom.  The best part of the course is right there in front of you - Main Street and cheering crowds.  Enjoy your run along this extra special part of the course and soak in the atmosphere.

You head along through the Magic Kingdom and by the time you exit you'll be through 11 miles of the race.  You'll be going along by the Grand Floridian and then the Polynesian and as you come up on the Walt Disney World Speedway you'll be hitting the half way point of the race.  Yes, you're half way through - it's all figuratively downhill from here.

This next part of the course is long and can be a bit boring.  It's all road running and there's not a whole lot to see along this part of the course that leads you towards the Animal Kingdom.  As you come up to mile 16 you'll hit a food spot - lots of bananas to be had here.  It can be helpful to eat one of these bananas, but only if you know it won't make you sick to your stomach!

The course now takes you through Animal Kingdom.  This is a really fun part of the course, both backstage and onstage.  Unfortunately your time in the Animal Kingdom will go way to quickly and you'll wish you had more time in this park.

Now you're back on the road for quite a while.  Around mile 20 there's an out and back section that can be good and bad.  The cool part is the big screen that you can see yourself on as you run by and you can see how many people are behind you or in my case how few people :). 

Mile 22 leads you in to Hollywood Studios.  I love and hate this part.  I love going through the park, I hate dodging park goers.  The park will be open by the time I am running through and guests are very impatient when they have to wait for runners to clear the path so they can continue on their path to whatever attraction they can't wait to get to.  The Cast Members do their best, but some people are just plain rude during this part.

As you head out of Hollywood Studios, you travel around the Boardwalk area.  This is another area of the course that I really like.  It's sort of peaceful, you know you're getting close and Epcot is just up ahead.

You enter Epcot and you know you have just over a mile to go.  Since I'm slow, I'll end up congratulating a lot of other finishers as they pass off the course, many with beer in hand :)...I love that part, it's cool to see so many medals walking around and I know that I don't have too much further to go before I get one of those medals for myself.

Around World Showcase, through Future World and now you're exiting Epcot for the last time.  There's the 26 mile marker and you have .2 mile to go.  You're so close now, the smile spreads across your face.  Keep that smile in place and once you hit the finish chute get ready to be overwhelmed by your accomplishment.

As you cross the line, throw your hands up and put on your biggest and best smile.  Make sure you mug for the photographers - you did it, you're a marathoner.  Don't forget to look for the characters at the end of the race because you'll want to give them big happy high fives.

Don't stop moving quite yet, as you continue through the finish area you'll finally reach the volunteers with those coveted medals.  You can't help but beam at the volunteer that places the medal around your neck.

The glow of the full marathon will last for weeks - you'll be sharing war stories with fellow runners, bragging to friends and family, explaining yourself to folks that just don't understand.  The best part - it really doesn't matter if no one gets why you tackled 26.2 miles because you'll feel invincible.

If you have the time on the course, there are plenty of opportunities for photos with characters.  If you can take the time, stop and enjoy that on course entertainment.  I will have to enjoy it as I keep moving because I'm not quite fast enough to take the time to wait in lines :).


Chris said...

Great recap! Of course, you left out the best part.....running by the sewage treatment plan and taking in that "fresh air", lol.

I actually enjoyed the time between the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom, got my thoughts in order to tackle the second half of the run. Not to mention you get to see some really whacky characters that you just won't get to see normally! i think I saw a bear with a banjo?

Banana's, you ain't kiddin'! I think I ate 4 banana while running that course last year. Watch out for the peels! :-)

Karen said...

I look forward to Disney too! (well, not this year.. .next though!). Agree with you on Hollywood Studios, not sure if the love/hate is just that you are towards the end and ready to be done or dodging the Park-goers or both. Have a great race!

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