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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #3

#3 - The Walt Disney World Half Marathon

From the runDisney website:
On Saturday morning, it's “Runners to your mark!” for the Walt Disney World® Half Marathon presented by CIGNA. 2012 will mark the 15th anniversary of the Half Marathon race and we're celebrating with a special edition commemorative Donald Duck medal for all of our participants. Whether you're a first timer or veteran, this race is perfect for you. The 13.1-mile course will lead you through Magic Kingdom® Park on your way to a thrilling finish at Epcot®. Don't miss this exciting race as we celebrate Donald's 15 years of running with us at the Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend! 

The Walt Disney World® Half Marathon features:
13.1-mile course through Walt Disney World® Theme Parks
Disney Entertainment on-course
Event Weekend Transportation for Walt Disney World® Resort guests

Each participant's registration in the Walt Disney World® Half Marathon will include:
Champion® Unisex Long-Sleeved Half Marathon Tech Shirt
Commemorative 15th Anniversary Donald Duck Finisher medal
Official Race Program Guide
Goody bag
Personalized bib (Must register by November 1, 2011 for name to appear on bib)
On-course and post-race refreshments
ChronoTrack D-tag timed race
Family Reunion Area with live entertainment and characters
Personalized results website

Why am I looking forward to the Walt Disney World Half Marathon?
It's an early morning start, very, very early.  The race has a 5:30am start time, which means you end up getting up and getting ready in the very wee hours of the morning.  It can take a bit to get up and get going so you have to give yourself some time to wake up. 

Once you head out, you're on your way to the start line over at Epcot.  Chances are you'll mill around and meet up with folks in the family reunion area and chat until you're finally called to the corrals.

The corrals are over a quarter of a mile walk away from the family reunion area, be prepared for a slow trudge as everyone heads off to find their place in the sea of participants.  Don't get overwhelmed by the number of people, you're all here for the same reason - one magical race!

Depending on what corral you're in, you might have quite wait until you actually get to start running.  Some folks will plant their behinds on the pavement to wait, others will stretch the whole time, still others will jog in place or try to get some warm up running in.  I personally just try to relax, maybe chat with some folks around me - whatever works to pass the time.

Now your corral is moving forward towards the start line and nerves start to set in.  You're about to start this 13.1 mile journey.  The announcers will get you fired up and ready to do.  Get yourself mentally and physically ready to go because it's about to begin!

You cross the start line and the timing mats and it's official, you're on your way.  There's quite a lot of road time coming up first so settle in to your pace and find your comfy zone.  Keep your eyes open for characters on the side of the course - if you're not worried about your pace or are fast enough to make up time, hop in line and get your picture taken with them!

Mile 5 and you're almost to the Contemporary - yes, this is a hill and yes you have to do it.  Don't fear the hill, it's just more pavement and every step gets you one step closer to the finish line.  Be prepared for the bottleneck that can occur here, it can be pretty crowded along this stretch.

The best part of the course is coming up - the Magic Kingdom.  You'll enter the park and before you know it you'll be running down Main Street to the cheers of the crowd.  Head around through Tomorrowland and then you're on your way to run through the Castle.  Smile big and make sure that you find those photographers so that you can get a couple of good shots as you come through the Castle!

Continue on through the Magic Kingdom and and you'll be exiting the park.  You'll go past the Grand Floridian and Polynesian and you realize that you're over half way done.  Take a moment to be thrilled about how far you've come and then keep on going.

It's a bit of a long stretch now as you head back along the roads to Epcot and the finish line.  Be prepared for some craziness in the form of on ramps - yes, they are banked and hard on the body.  Try to stay on the flattest part of them to prevent soreness from the unevenness.

Finally you reach the Epcot parking lot and all of a sudden you're in World Showcase running around the countries.  Through Future World to head back out of the park.

The finish line is less than a quarter of a mile away.  Get ready, you're about to finish this awesome race and get that commemorative medal.  Here it is, the final stretch to the finish line.  Smile big and throw your arms in the air - it's here, you're done.  Get ready, there on the side of the finish line is Mickey and Minnie - make sure you give them a nice big high five. 

Now you continue forward and finally you get to the volunteers with the medals and now there's one being places around your neck.  Yes, you finished the WDW Half Marathon!

There are so many memorable moments along the course, you'll be glowing and talking it about it for the next week or more.  Enjoy your accomplishment, wear your medal with pride and know that you're a half marathoner!!!!


Lisa Fine said...

Love this!

I ran one of my last runs before the half next Saturday, and was pretty much grinning the whole time. I can't believe race weekend is almost here. So exciting!

Richard said...

Awesome visualization! It reminds me when I did my last long run before last May's Ironman and visualized all the race day details during that training run.

In only a few days that will be us high-fiving Mickey and Minnie at the finish!

Leanne T said...

Sounds awesome. Almost makes me want to become a runner.

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