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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Runner's Den Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon Race Recap

The alarm went off at 4:30am this morning and honestly, I thought about skipping this race all together.  I knew it was going to be cold and I haven't been feeling great all week so I figured this was going to be a bit rough today.  I dragged myself out of bed and got the dogs their breakfast, ate some cereal and applesauce (my normal breakfast) and took a nice hot shower to get myself going.  Got all my gear together and headed out at 5:20am.

The drive to the race was pretty uneventful, it took about 35 minutes and other than some fog there wasn't anything exciting along the way.  I had read where to park, but it took me a time around the block to figure out where to turn in to the parking garage and actually park.

I headed out of the car to go get my packet and it was pretty darn chilly out this morning.  It was about 37 degrees and I was super glad that I had a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve shirt and gloves.  The cold wasn't bothering me too much, except for my hands which were cold even with gloves.

Packet pickup was super quick and easy as I was pretty early.  I walked right up to the table to get my bib and right up to get my shirt and goody bag.  This race was using B Tag timing chips so I knew that I'd have to secure my bib at the bottom of my shirt - I finally found a good way to do this at my last half marathon - to make sure that the readers would pick up my time.

Back to the car to wait until closer to race time.  No reason to stand out in the cold for 45 minutes before the race start.  While I waited I took a quick look through the goody bag and honestly, there wasn't much in there just some other race flyers and a sample of some new Wheaties for IronMan athletes.

At 6:45am I headed out to find a restroom.  Since the race setup was at a community center at least there was a real restroom to use instead of having to use a portapotty.  Something that a lot of people didn't realize as I headed over to the start and there was a line of about 50 people waiting for 4 portapotties - yikes!

The start line was about a quarter of a mile up the road, so I headed that way.  The race was smaller than I expected considering this was the 24th annual running, so there were no corrals.  I knew that I would be one of the slowest people so I lined up in the very back.  There were some interesting pace group times for this one - I saw some of the normal times like 1:45, 2:00 and 2:30 and then there was some like 2:07 and 2:22 - sort of strange times.

At 7:30am the air horn blasted and we were off.  It was a slow start for so few people, but the timing mat was relatively narrow and we all had to funnel through.  I figured I'd try 1 minute run, 1 minute walk intervals and I did this for the first mile, but the legs weren't quite warm enough to keep that up, so after the first mile I decided to walk for a bit to get warmed up better.

The first few miles went by without too much excitement, I was feeling slow but okay.  By mile four I started feeling a little nauseous so I stopped doing a Lifesaver every mile and just took them as I started feeling sluggish.  I ran in to a couple from California and a lady from Arizona at mile five and stayed with them for a very short amount of time.  They were using run/walk intervals, but even though I am slow their intervals were just too slow for me and I found that it was difficult to stay on their pace so I headed out on my own.

This was one of those races where the back of the pack can be pretty lonely as I felt I pretty much had the course to myself the whole time.  Yeah, there was no issue of crowding on this course.  I kept plugging along and was feeling pretty good up through mile nine when I started feeling like I was running out of juice.  I kept running when I could and walking when I needed a rest and tried to maintain my pace as much as I could.

Finally hit the ten mile mark and knew I only had a 5K to go - and as usual I always tell myself that I can do a 5K no matter what.  Overall, my legs were feeling pretty good, just a little sore so I kept at it all the way to the end.  The last .20mi was actually tough to keep running, but I did it any way.

The course was pretty uneventful, but well marked and well supported.  Most of the course was on the busy main roads and I don't really love that, but there was a nice portion after mile eight that went on a paved bike path and that was much more enjoyable.  It was relatively flat with only a couple of very minor ups and downs so I'm sure that made for some good times for many folks.

The one bad thing I noticed is that by the time I finished, they were starting to pack things up.  I never even saw any post race refreshments.  Thankfully, I still had water left and I brought a Powerade Zero for the drive home.

After a nice cool down walk I headed to the car and headed home.  I had to run the heat in the car all the way home to ward off the chill, but other than it was an uneventful drive back home.

One thing I can say this year is that my times are pretty darn consistent, even if they are consistently slow.  I finished this race in 3 hours 24 seconds, 13:42 per mile.  Am I happy with that time - not really, but I know that I haven't focused much on getting faster this year so it makes sense.  I am starting to find a balance between running and walking again and want to continue increasing my running time.  Again during this race I didn't follow the interval timer exactly - I am finding that I am starting to go more by how I'm feeling than by the intervals and I'm okay with that.

Here are my miles splits for today's race:
Mile 1 - 13:13
Mile 2 - 14:08
Mile 3 - 14:03
Mile 4 - 13:51
Mile 5 - 14:03
Mile 6 - 14:23
Mile 7 - 14:09
Mile 8- 13:27
Mile 9 - 13:34
Mile 10 - 13:59
Mile 11 - 13:23
Mile 12 - 13:25
Mile 13 - 13:11
Last .16 - 12:04

It seems that I 've gotten pretty good at maintaining a consistent pace, now I just need to get the pace faster.

Here is the medal from today's race:

Would I do this race again?  I might.  It was well organized, well marked, had plenty of on course support and the medal was pretty nice.  I think it would be a great race for anyone that was looking for a quick time.  It's not a course for anyone that is looking for on course entertainment as there was no entertainment to be found on this course.


karen @ working it out... said...

Congratulations! Looks like a fun race - Disney is just around the corner :)

-J.Darling said...

It makes you miss Disney races, doesn't it? I can't wait for my first one! I keep wondering in the back of my mind if I can make it through a Wine and Dine 1/2 on Wedding weekend if we schedule things just right...lol eh, better to save that one for another day!

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