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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review of 2011 Goals

There were some great things about 2011 and some things that I did not do so well on.  Let's take a look at the goals I set at the beginning of 2011 and see where I ended up!

1. Complete the Dopey Challenge
This is one goal that I succeeded at.  It was a tough journey, but it was also very rewarding and prompted me to sign up to do it again in 2012!

2. Participate in at least one running/walking event each month of the year
This is another goal that I succeeded at!  Here are the events that I completed in 2011:
     -New Year's Day 5K
     -Buzz & Woody's Family Fun Run 5K
     -WDW Half Marathon
     -WDW Full Marathon
     -Lost Dutchman 8K
     -Run for Ryan House Half Marathon
     -Pat's Run 4.2 Mile Run
     -Peace Officer's 5K
     -Arizona Road Racer's Summer Series Race #2 5K
     -Arizona Road Racer's Summer Series Race #4 5K
     -Arizona Road Racer's Summer Series Race #5 5K
     -Disneyland Star Tours Family Fun Run 5K
     -Disneyland Half Marathon
     -Walk for Hope 5K
     -Women's Half Marathon
     -Runner's Den/Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon

3. Release the fear and return to running or run-walk-run intervals
I am not as fearful of running now.  I do still struggle with the running because I am worried about re-injuring the knee that I had so much trouble with after the Disneyland Half Marathon.  That being said, I am perfectly okay with the fact that sometimes I have to walk.

4. Continue working on eating better and losing weight
I ended the year down 9.4 pounds.  While this is good that the number was down, it's not what I had hoped to accomplish and I know that for most of the year I have struggled with eating better.  This is one goal that I could have done a lot better with.

5. Add at least one day a week of Pilates to my workout schedule
This goal was a total failure.  I did a few Pilates workouts this year, but lets face it, nowhere near as many as I should have done and not even close to once a week.

6. Add at least one day a week of strength training to my workout schedule
Fail, fail, fail...Man, I so failed on this one.  I know how much this would help my overall goals and I still couldn't muster the willpower to do any strength training.

7. Participate in at least one 10K
Oh, boo - I didn't manage to get a 10K in.  While this should be an easy race distance to find, I am having trouble finding one on a weekend I can make it to.  I will get a 10K at some point.

8. Work towards a new PR in the Half Marathon
Another goal that I did not meet.  This is a hard one for me.  I find that I'm having trouble getting faster and I can accept that I didn't get a new PR because it will come when it comes if it is meant to happen.

9. Maintain consistent mileage each month throughout the year
I did manage to meet this goal.  I managed to get between 80 and 100 miles each and every month this year.  I'm very happy with the fact that I managed to get the miles in and ran/walked more miles this year than I ever have before.

10. Run and/or walk at least three days a week in 2011
I did not go through my training log and count the number of weeks that I did this, but I think there were probably only a couple of weeks this year where I didn't meet this goal.  I am perfectly happy with my success with this goal.  I do think it was doable to do three days a week most weeks.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my progress over this year.  These goals were really year long endeavors and I'm very happy to say that I stuck with most of them.  Sure, there were things I could have done better on, but since I'm human and have a life I can accept those areas where I struggled and know that I can continue to work on them in the coming year.


Chris said...

Considering work priorities and such, I think you did all you probably had time for! So I wouldn't worry about missing some of the goals here and there. Great work last year!

Richard said...

You took a annual goal list that would make most athletes quake with fear over what they had gotten themselves into, and then you went out and had success across those goals. I think the most important thing you wrote about the year was an acknowledgement that you have a life, which can keep you back from some of the goals. I feel that shows you really understand the balance necessary between life and training.

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