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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals for 2012

As with 2011, I am going to use 2012 to work on myself. I am super proud of the things that I accomplished in 2011, but I think I can do even more in 2012! So, with that, here are the top things that I want to work on in 2012.

1. Complete the Dopey Challenge
Yes, this is a goal again for 2012.  While I think I can complete the Dopey Challenge, I do want to better my times from 2011.  If I can do that I'll consider this a huge success!

2. Participate in as many runDisney events as I can manage
This should be a pretty good goal for the year.  If I can manage to make it to all the events, here's what I'll be looking at for 2012.

     -Disney's Family Fun Run 5K featuring the Three Caballeros (registered)
     -Walt Disney World Half Marathon (registered)
     -Walt Disney World Full Marathon (registered)
     -Neverland Fun Run 5K (registered)
     -Tinker Bell Half Marathon (registered)
     -Royal Family 5K (registered)
     -Princess Half Marathon (registered)
     -Expedition Everest Challenge 5K (registered)
     -Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K
     -Disneyland Half Marathon
     -Tower of Terror Family Fun Run 5K
     -Tower of Terror 10 Miler
     -Wine & Dine Family Fun Run 5K
     -Wine & Dine Half Marathon

3. Work on run-walk-run intervals and improving speed
I had some injuries and setbacks on speed in 2011 and in 2012 I want to focus on increasing my ability to do run/walk intervals.  In addition, I want to work on my speed and improving my finish times.

4. Continue working on eating better and losing weight
This will probably always be on my list of goals.  It's an area that I continually struggle with.  I hope that at some point I can find the magic key that will work for me long term, but I'm still searching for that internal key.

5. Add at least one day a week of Pilates to my workout schedule
I will try to be successful in this goal again this year.  I know that Pilates really helps my flexibility and helps strengthen my hips and core - both areas that need to work on.

6. Add at least one day a week of strength training to my workout schedule
I would like to use some form of strength training to work on my core, my hips and arms.  I really like P90X, but find that the length of time is just too long most days.  I think I will look in to using the new 10 Minute Trainer to start and see how that works for me.

7. Participate in at least one 10K
Even though I've done a lot of different events I've yet to participate in a 10K. I'd like to try at least one 10K in 2012.

8. Work towards a new PR in the Half Marathon
Of course I'd like to get under 2:30 in the half marathon, but instead of being specific I thought I'd just try to better my best time. Right now my half marathon PR is 2:40 and I'd like to get under that time.

9. Maintain consistent mileage each month throughout the year
I would like to run/walk 100 to 125 miles per month in 2012. I think this is doable as long as I continue with my long runs every other week at a minimum.

10. Run and/or walk at least one 20+ mile workout each month throughout the year
I have a pretty good mileage base built up right now and I'd like to maintain that marathon distance base.  In order to do that, I believe completing at least one 20+ mile run/walk a month will help me to do that.


Chris said...

You can do it! :-)

Richard said...

Those are some great goals you are setting out for yourself. I see good things in your future as long as you stay healthy and committed to your success.

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