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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #4

#4 - Disney 2012 Family Fiesta 5K Featuring the Three Caballeros
From the course map (view course map here):
The Family Fiesta 5K featuring the Three Caballeros will take place on Friday, January 6, at Epcot ®.  Adults, teens, and tweens will enjoy a fun-filled and exciting fun run with an unforgettable finish. Every finisher will receive an exclusive Three Caballeros 5K medallion. 

Why am I looking forward to the Family Fiesta 5K Featuring the Three Caballeros?
Starting with my very first runDisney race, I participated in the family fun run 5K.  It has been a tradition that I carry on with each event.  I find these events to be just what they are advertised as - fun runs.  You aren't timed, there are no results posted and everyone is truly there to have fun.

These races are not your local 5K that doesn't cost much to enter.  The price for this race was $50 per participant.  The reason I don't find this to be so horrible is that it includes a race t-shirt, finisher's medallion, on course support, characters on the course, and post race refreshments.  That's a pretty good list of things for a 5K. 

On race day, there is usually a character meet and greet set up for the early birds and/or those that like to wait in quite long lines to get a picture taken with their favorite character(s).  I don't usually do this, but I have to say that the Three Caballeros does tempt me - I don't see these characters out and about as much as others so it's a unique opportunity.

There are no true corrals, they will have signs posted for different race paces.  It's on the honor system to line up at your real pace.  Most people do this pretty well, but there are a lot of participants - up to 5000 races so it will be crowded no matter what.

The featured characters usually kick off the race.  Starting outside of Epcot in the parking lot the race begins.  The course takes you around the parking lot and in through backstage of Epcot.  You then enter World Showcase, go around the different countries, enter future world go through the Leave a Legacy Monuments and around Spaceship Earth and finally exit the park and end in the parking lot.  It's a pretty easy course, the only potential challenges are the crowds in the beginning and then the bridge/hill at the International Gateway area towards the UK in World Showcase.

There are two water stops on the course which are placed well and manned by awesome volunteers.  In addition, you will likely see some characters out around the course that are there for photo opportunities.  You can ask the cast member that is there with them to take a photo with your camera or phone and that doesn't cost you a thing!

At the finish line, all finishers will receive a finisher's medallion.  These are sort of plastic\rubber flexible material and they are always themed to the race.  I'm looking forward to see what this year's medallion looks like - should be fun.

I really enjoy these 5K races because it's a nice warm up for the upcoming longer races.  It gives you a chance to stretch the legs, get a feel for the terrain and weather.  I figure I'd end up doing a run on my own, so why not go ahead and do a race with a bunch of other fun folks!

This year also marks the first year that I am intending to dress up for a race.  I'm not doing anything fancy, but I have put together a very basic Jose Carioca costume - tie, hat, gloves, shirt, sweatpants, tail, and maybe shoe covers.  I have never done this for a race so it makes me a little nervous as I just hope I can run with this stuff on.  If the weather is too warm, I will end up scrapping the costume idea in exchange for comfort.

I urge everyone to try one of the family 5K races that runDisney puts on - it's truly fun and you will see a lot of characters both on and off the course!


Chris said...

This is great, thanks Amanda. Kiley and I just read through the post together and now she's super psyched for the run! I've also explained to her that people wear thier medals all weekend. To which she replied "yeah, but won't it choke you when you ride Rock'n Roller Coaster with it on?". :-)

Rae! said...

Cool medal!!I want pics if you wear the costume!!

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