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Monday, December 26, 2011

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #9

#9 - The Volunteers

I've talked about the Cast Members that are spectacular and can really help you through a race, but I haven't yet expressed my appreciation for all the volunteers that will be at the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

There will be over 7000 volunteers assisting during this spectacular weekend.  You read that right - over 7000 folks will be volunteering.

Where will encounter these volunteers?  Everywhere!  You'll see them at the Expo handing out bibs, goody bags, directing runners where to go, bag check areas and more.  You'll see them at the family reunion area prior to the race start and again at the end.  Volunteers will be on the course handing out water, food, and sports drink.  You'll see them after the race directing runners to refreshments, medical tents, and photo lines.  Most importantly, you'll likely receive a medal from a volunteer.

Volunteers play such a large part in the events we participate in, without them it would be pretty difficult to put these events on.  Not only are they providing valuable services, they are also personal cheerleaders.  These folks are out there motivating runners, cheering, saying encouraging things, acting as janitors and more. 

We all know how early we have to start these races - it's early, it's dark, it can be cold, rainy or sunny.  Those volunteers are out there with us - some of them even earlier as they get things prepared for us to have a fabulous race.

So, no matter how much you hurt or how great you're feeling - do not forget to thank these wonderful folks.  We all owe them a huge debt of thanks and appreciation!


Chris said...

So true, and I never miss an opportunity to say thank you to as many of them as I can.

The first year I ran in Disney, I was still a "newb" to how these events came together and didn't even think about it. That is, until I was pacing behind a gentleman who would yell "Thank you for volunteering!" through every water stop. I quickly understood how it all worked and fell right in line at the next water stop...then on to the finish line when handed a medal.

Leanne T said...

It's always amazing when you think about all the people behind the scenes that make the "magic" happen.

Karen said...

wow - 7000! That is incredible... I love that you get free park entry if you volunteer.

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