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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #10

#10 - Magic Kingdom's Aloha Isle

From the Walt Disney World website:
Refresh with soft-serve ice cream with a tropical twist.

Why am I looking forward to Aloha Isle?
First off, it's located in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom.  Such a great place to stop and have a nice treat.  Now, this isn't just any treat, it's a special treat.  You can get this treat here and at the Polynesian, but I enjoy it more here in the park where I can sit, relax, soak in the atmosphere and people watch.

What is this treat you ask?  It's a Dole Whip.  What, you've never had a Dole Whip?  Well, if you like pineapple and soft serve ice cream, you really should give this a try.  Okay, you can get vanilla, orange or swirl as well, but for my money, I'll stick with the pineapple.

Served in a cup or in a float, it's a great pick me up.  If you're lactose intolerant, you can enjoy this  treat as there is no dairy.  The Dole Whip Float includes pineapple soft serve in pineapple juice.  You can get a rootbeer or Coke float, orange and vanilla swirl, or pineapple and vanilla swirl, or just any of the flavors on their own.

I have only been to the Magic Kingdom one time when it was too cold to actually eat a Dole Whip - that was Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2010.  I truly expect to enjoy a fabulous Dole Whip Float after the Half Marathon this year!


Lisa Fine said...

Yay Dole Whips! They're easily my favorite snack in Disney. And yes, I only go for the pineapple ones (well, maybe sometimes a pineapple-vanilla twist). I'm skeptical of the orange flavor.

And while I love eating them in Adventureland, I really love going to the Poly too, especially on a hot summer night in time to eat a Dole Whip and watch the Electrical Light Parade. :)

Lisa G said...


Chris said...

So what you are saying, weather girl Amanda, is that you expect a warming trend for this years marathon as compared to previous years? ;-). I tell ya, it does appear that the temps in general have been warmer than the last couple of years that I've been obsessed with the weather down there. Fingers crossed!

I also hear that Aloha Isle is famous for Blogger interviews.

Not sure if we are going to make the meet this year as it might be chaotic with the kids and in-laws. Is it Saturday or Sunday? I keep forgetting.

Jenny said...

I know it's still too early to REALLY tell - but have you seen the Accuweather.com forecast for marathon weekend? Highs in the 70's! Dole Whips will be perfect (even though the temps will suck for running).

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