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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #13

#13 - Disney's Animal Kingdom's Expedition Everest
From the Walt Disney World website:
Expedition Everest in the Asia area of Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park is a high-altitude, high-speed, roller coaster train ride for big kids, teens and adults to the "Roof of the World," home of the inhospitable snarling beast, the Yeti, at the mountain's peak.

Climb aboard a railway car for a full-steam-ahead adventure bound for Mount Everest. Your trek across the treacherous terrain of the towering Forbidden Mountain begins with a few scenic twists and turns, then sets out on an ascent towards the summit.

From this panoramic point with amazing views across Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park, you plunge into darkness. Returning to the light, you see that the tracks have been twisted into a dead end. As the wind howls, you realize there's no place to go on this expedition—or is there?

Careening into the darkness, you might get a glimpse of the denizen of this icy domain. Nail-biting hairpin turns hurl you forward and down sudden drops on the mountain slopes in a race to escape.

But beware. There, up ahead… waiting for you… lurks the Yeti.

Why am I looking forward to Expedition Everest?
I love Animal Kingdom and the addition of this roller coaster was a huge win for me.  Yes, Animal Kingdom had Primeval Whirl, but it's not in the same league as Expedition Everest in my opinion.

The journey begins when you step in to the queue.  This queue has so many details and so much to look at, it's virtually impossible to take it all in.  Every time I get in this queue I discover some other little detail that just makes me think - wow!  I highly recommend taking some time to really examine the displays and note just how much thought went in to creating this environment.  The Imagineers truly outdid themselves on this one.

Once you reach the boarding area your party will be put in to rows and then you'll be boarding your train.  Make sure you wave good bye to the cast members as your train pulls out because you never know if you're going to make it back or not!

The ride starts out tame enough and you can enjoy the lush surroundings as you get ready to go up the lift hill.  Again, take time to notice the details even in the surroundings of the lift hill.  You pick up a little speed and oh no - the track is out, you can't continue.

This is where the ride gets a little more wild.  Be forewarned - you will be going backwards and it can be a bit disorienting at one point.  Now you're traveling inside the mountain.  There's the Yeti, he's breaking up the track making escape almost impossible.  You start going forward again and there's the Yeti larger than life and ready to reach out and grab you!

Thank goodness, you made it past that nasty old Yeti and you make it back to base and can get off this crazy train!

Now, it really is a truly thrilling ride and I do recommend that you give it a try.  There are no inversions and the drops are not insane and if you chicken out and don't ride, at least go through the queue so you can see all the great stuff in there.

I am disappointed that the Yeti is not working as he was intended.  He used to be quite terrifying and truly awe inspiring, but now he's just sort of there with strobe lights flashing so he's not as menacing as he used to be.  That being said - he is huge and worth taking a look at and for me, it doesn't ruin the ride by his being inn B mode.

Next time you're in Animal Kingdom, grab a fast pass or if you don't mind going solo, jump in the single rider line and give this excellent attraction a go!


Richard said...

This is one of those rides that I am really looking forward to riding in January, especially if I can make a detour for a quick ride while during the marathon....

Leanne T said...

This ride scares the crap out of me. I have not been on it, but the rest of family LOVES it!

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