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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #14

#14 - Magic Kingdom's Mickey's PhilharMagic

From the Walt Disney World website:
Mickey's PhilharMagic in the Fantasyland area at Magic Kingdom theme park is a 12-minute 3D movie starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck that features scenes from classic Disney films projected on one of the largest seamless screens in the world.

Even before the show starts, you can't help but be awed by the massive 150-foot-wide screen. Once you put on your "opera glasses" and the action starts up—in glorious 3D—the colorful animation and soaring music combine to create a dazzling spectacle that will put a smile on the face of any fan of classic Disney animation.

When Donald Duck decides to "borrow" Mickey's sorcerer's hat from Fantasia, he plans to conduct a magical symphony. But things do not go as expected, and he ends up on a whirlwind tour of some of the most memorable scenes in Disney animation history. Be on the lookout for a few extra special surprises!

Many classic Disney Characters were animated using computer graphics for the first time—specifically for Mickey's PhilharMagic. Whenever possible, the original animators were brought in to supervise the new animation.

Mickey's PhilharMagic is located near Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, next door to Peter Pan's Flight.

Why am I looking forward to Mickey's PhilharMagic?
Located in the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland, is a fantastic 3D movie - Mickey's PhilharMagic.  As you walk through the queue take a few moments to read the posters of the acts that perform in this venue - they are charming and quite a lot of fun to read.

Once you are in the waiting area, you will gather around several doors that will open towards you when it's time to enter.  It's really a very pretty waiting area with musical instruments and music notes all over the place.  The area is dim and while it's made for standing, it's a great place to calm down, cool down and relax for a few minutes before the show.

If you don't want to walk all the way across the theater to sit down, hang back a little bit and you'll be able to pick a row where you will be able to sit closer to the middle.  There really aren't any bad seats in the theater, but I understand the feeling that you must sit in the middle and there are ways to do that without plopping down and making people move around/over you so be polite!

Before you know it you'll start hearing backstage activity - Goofy, Minnie and Mickey.  Where's Donald?  He's sleeping on the job of course...and that's where the story begins.  Donald is up to his normal misbehaving and he takes Mickey's Sorcerer's hat and all heck breaks loose.  We follow Donald on his adventures to retrieve the hat and get it back to Mickey.  Along the way we get so see many of our favorites in 3D and with scents as well.

This is my all time favorite 3D show.  I like 3D, but the effects are usually lost on me - I almost always see them in double, not full on double, but like a shadow.  This is one 3D show that I don't have that happen.  The 3D is stunning and good enough that I honestly wouldn't mind reaching out to try to touch some of the effects myself!

The story is cute and being able to see so many of my favorite characters in one show makes me very happy.

Don't forget to turn around at the end of the show - I promise it's worth it!


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