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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #18

#18 - Magic Kingdom's Pirates of the Caribbean
2007 POC
From the Walt Disney World website:
Pirates of the Caribbean, a classic attraction in Magic Kingdom theme park that appeals to big kids, teens and adults, features a 14-foot drop over a waterfall into pirate caves. The boat then floats through a town where pirates are pillaging and Captain Jack Sparrow is hiding.

The Pirates of the Caribbean journey begins at the end of the Adventureland area where a skeleton pirate sits in a crow's nest attached to a ship's mast. He guards the stately Spanish fortress, El Castillo - Torre del Sol. Pass under his black sail and pirate flag to the cool, covered, cavernous queue quarters. If ye be seekin' adventure, climb aboard a boat.

Pirates of the Caribbean Sack the Spanish Main
Take heed: there may be rough waters ahead. Or at least a quick plunge over a 14-foot waterfall! Land in the middle of a pirate battle. The Wicked Wench galleon blasts canons under the direction of Captain Barbossa, who demands the capture of Captain Jack Sparrow. Can you spot Sparrow before his archenemy does?

Around the Pirates of the Caribbean Town
As you meander through the town, keep a look out for Captain Jack Sparrow. He's on the lookout for the treasure map, the key to the town's riches—as are the other roguish swashbucklers who are trying to beat him to the booty. Even the town's magistrate, Carlos, can't escape the pirates' inquisition. He gets dunked in the water well while being asked, Where's Cap'n Jack?

Meet more Pirates of the Caribbean as they jauntily sing their theme. "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirates Life for Me," they declare as they chase ham-carrying maidens.

In the town being pillaged by the Pirates of the Caribbean, there are rackets and revelry. Chess-playing pirates remain locked in an everlasting moment of stalemate. A mischievous mutt holds the key to release the imprisoned pirates—but he's not giving it up for all the bones in the dungeon. The wenches are wily. A salty marauder hangs his hairy leg over the edge of a bridge. Even the cats are surly. Buildings burn. The town has been plundered. Is this the work of Captain Jack?

Ah, matey, "dead men tell no tales."

Why am I looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean?
Pirates of the Caribbean is located in the Magic Kingdom in Adventureland.  As you enter the queue take a little time to look around and see what little treasures are hiding around.

Ahoy mateys, climb aboard your very own boat and set sail for adventures untold.  Beware there be pirates ahead!  The boat travels over a single waterfall and that's when the journey really gets exciting.

The harbor looms ahead and it appears to be under attack, but don't worry they aren't looking for you,  it's Jack Sparrow they be after!  The town is ahead and it looks like the mayor has been captured and is being tortured for information on Jack Sparrow.

It appears that Jack is hiding in a dress shop and near by an auction is taking place - the red head seems to be very popular here.  The boat continues to sail through the town and now the pirates are singing a catchy little song as they pillage and plunder and ravage this little town.
2007 POC
2007 POC
2007 POC
The town has been set on fire and there are pirates in a jail trying to convince a dog to give them the keys to let them out.  Last but not least - Jack seems to have found the town's treasure!
2007 POC
The tour is over and thank goodness you haven't been captured.  Disembark quickly and get out of there before you're found!

Pirates of the Caribbean is a classic ride and while a lot of folks like to compare it to the Disneyland version, I say enjoy it for what it is.  It's a great ride and there are so many details to take in you'll have to make a sacrifice and visit this attraction over and over so you can take it all in!


Leanne T said...

This has always been one of my favorite rides!

Richard said...

Ah, Pirates! I love the POTC ride!! I wish I had more free time this month to keep up with all your wonderful countdown posts.

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