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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #28

#28 - Epcot's Soarin'

From the Walt Disney World website:
Soarin' is a multi-sensory attraction for big kids, teens and adults in Epcot theme park that simulates a peaceful hang-gliding flight over the Golden State of California.

Fasten your seat belt on the multi-passenger glider and be lifted 40 feet into the air. Swoop up and soar towards the clouds and spectacular California panoramas. An IMAX projection dome wraps 180 degrees around you, so you're engulfed by the impressive scenery.

Special cameras on airplanes and helicopters captured many of the shots and the glider moves the same way the aircraft did, so you really feel like you're flying as you glide over such awe-inspiring vistas and landmarks as :
•San Francisco
•Golden Gate Bridge
•Redwood Creek
•Napa Valley
•Lake Tahoe
•Yosemite National Park
•Anaza-Borrego Desert State Park
•San Diego
•Los Angeles

Get a bird's-eye view over a PGA West golf tournament, a skiing and snowboarding exhibition, and float above cowboys on horseback as they race through the wilderness.

Feel the wind in your hair. The air fills with the scent of orange groves, evergreens and the sea breeze. Your feet dangle free. Dip down so close to the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, you think your toes will get wet. Then return to the sky and continue on Soarin' to a fantastic finale where fireworks burst into sensational colors around you.

Why am I looking forward to Soarin'?
Soarin', in my opinion, is one of the best examples of Imagineer creativity.  To think that someone could come up with this amazing ride using an erector set and then see it through to fruition is absolutely fantastic.

This attraction is located in The Land Pavilion at Epcot.  The queue is not anything to be excited about, but there are some interactive games to help occupy your time if the wait is long (and it usually is).  That's about it though, it's just a long line.

Groups of riders are then separated and you get to wait in another line, but I promise this line is shorter.  Then the smaller groups are separated in to three lines.  Each line corresponds with a row on the ride.  The front row of the ride is usually the most coveted as you have an unobstructed view of the screen.  The other two rows can see dangling feet, although I don't find this too distracting as the ride is so captivating.

You'll take a seat and fasten your seat belt.  The ride area goes dark and the ride lifts each row in to the air and then the movie begins and your ride vehicle emulates the movements of a hang glider as you soar over incredible sights.  In addition to the fabulous sights and sounds, the best part is they have added scents as well - oranges, ocean and pine.

There are some things to be aware of - motion sickness and a fear of heights come up the most.  You'll have to know how bad your motion sickness is to know if will bother you so use your best judgement.  As far as heights, yes, you will get a sense of height as the ride vehicle raises up to 40 feet high and the sense of height is greater with the photography of the movie.

This is a ride that truly has to be experienced to be understood.  Use Fast Pass or take your chances and jump in the stand-by line and give it a try!


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