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Monday, December 5, 2011

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #30

#30 - Disney's Hollywood Studios Toy Story Mania!

From the Walt Disney World website:
Grab a pair of 3D glasses, climb aboard a carnival-themed tram vehicle and zip through a gallery of midway-style games inspired by the Disney·Pixar Toy Story films in this interactive attraction designed for the entire family.

Toy Story characters host different games—matched to the character's animated personalities—that challenge both beginners and experienced gamers, as players of all skill levels have fun on Toy Story Mania! in the Pixar Place area at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park.

Step Right Up to Toy Story Mania!

A much larger-than-life Mr. Potato Head is the "Boardwalk Barker" who welcomes you to the Toy Story Mania! attraction. With more lines of dialogue than any other Audio-Animatronics figure ever created for a Disney Park, Mr. Potato Head yuks it up with you and keeps the jokes cracking until your carnival tram whisks you away to where the midway action is.

Join the Gang in Andy's Room for Toy Story Mania!

Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Hamm and more from the Toy Story gang are there to call out helpful hints and cheer you on. With your spring-action shooter, take aim at targets (moving ones are worth more!) and launch virtual:
•Darts to burst balloons
•Rings to capture little green aliens
•Eggs to splatter across barnyard targets
•Baseballs to break plates

Before you take on the big targets, test out your skills with your spring-action shooter during the pie-throwing practice round.

The Next Dimension on Toy Story Mania!

Follow the trajectory of the virtual objects as they travel towards their targets through a dazzling 3D landscape. For an added "4D" element, you can feel them as they whoosh by. Watch out for the water-filled balloons—they pop and splash.

Points pile up when you hit your mark. Keep your eyes open for hidden targets with bonus points that promote you to a different level of play.

Your score is recorded and compared to other players' tallies. Play Toy Story Mania! again and try for the day's high score. It's a ride that's a game—or is it a game that's a ride?

Why am I looking forward to Toy Story Mania!?
The first thing that I am looking forward to is the queue line.  I love the queue for this attraction.  There are so many fun things to see in here - it's very nostalgic and fun to see all the things I enjoyed as a child.  There are larger than life games and toys that you may have grown up with all over the place.
2009 TSMM
2009 TSMM
2009 TSMM
There is also Boardwalk Barker Mr. Potato Head that likes to keep the crowd entertained while they wait.  He does actually interact with people and some of his comments can be quite humorous.  He can also take his ear off and then put it back on.  While he is fun to watch for short amounts of time, his act can be a bit repetitive after a while so be aware of that.
2009 TSMM
2009 TSMM
Finally, you don your 3D glasses and board your game vehicle.  In front of you you will see a string pull toy gun that you will use to shoot at things during the game.  While I really like the idea, I have to say that my arms and hands don't love this aspect of the ride by the end - it can be very tiring with the repetitive motion that has to be used. 

As the ride begins you'll first be taken to a practice area where you'll get to test your skills and see how to aim and shoot.  Don't wear yourself out here as you have many other targets to aim at later in the game.

When you finally get to start earning your score you'll encounter 3D effects and some 4D effects too.  You'll ride through several different shooting arcades and get to shoot at things like ducks in a row, little green men, bats, plates and more.  As you hit some targets it will pop up other higher score targets and some of them also add additional experiences such as blasts of air or mists of water.

At the end of the game you'll be ranked against the other player in your vehicle.  Take a look at some of the high scores for the day and month - some people either spend way too much time playing this game or are just really darn good!

Let your competitive spirit soar and give this game that's a ride, ride that's a game a try and see how you do!


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