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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly Review: Nov 7 - 13

Goals for workouts this year:
1. 80-100 miles run/walk per month
2. One day of Pilates per week
3. One day of Strength Training per week
4. One day of Bike or Elliptical per week
5. One Incline Workout on the Treadmill per week

Here's this week's recap
Notes: My legs were a little sore from the race yesterday so I took the day off.  No excuse for eating poorly though.

Notes: Took another day off, although my legs are feeling better. I didn't feel like doing any activity.

Notes: Still not feeling like working out, low motivation.

Notes: Okay, so mentally just not feeling like working out this week.  I know that's not good, but I've just needed the break I guess. 

Notes: Yes, I'm completely lazy.  It's really felt good to give myself a bit of a break this week.

AM Workout:  Treadmill run/walk 16.00mi @ 13:40 per mi
Notes: Set out for 15mi on the treadmill this morning and managed to get 16mi done.  So glad I started using Lifesavers on my long runs - I never run out of energy when I have one per mile - 15 calories per mile seems to be pretty good for me.  I walked the first 11 miles or so between 13:38 and 13:57 per mile and then I added in some running segments on the last 5 miles.  Legs felt pretty good overall and not much pain.

AM Workout:  Walk 2.97mi @ 17:23 per mi
Treadmill walk 1.25mi @ 14:17 per mi
Bike - 20mi, 1hr 26mins, 13.9mph avg, resistance level 2
Notes: My dogs were so happy to get out on a walk this morning and they did really good considering they haven't been able to go out all summer.  It was a nice recovery walk.  I got home and jumped on the treadmill to round out my miles for the week.  Finally, I jumped on the bike and did a 20 mile ride.  Legs just a little sore from yesterday's long run/walk, but nothing too bad.

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: +3.8 pounds

Run/Walk Miles: 20.22
Bike Miles: 20.00
Elliptical Miles: 0.0

Pilates: MISSED 
Strength: MISSED
Incline: MISSED

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles: 49.58
Bike Miles: 30.0
Elliptical Miles: 1.08

Goofy's Weekly Training Challenge Results
Managed a bronze medal again this week. While I took some days off for mental health, I'm still happy with my miles for the week and the way I felt after my long run/walk this week.

I am continuing to work on walking faster and my treadmill walks are now at a 4.3-4.4mph which also pushes my running speeds up when I can add running segments.  My knee is feeling better, but still takes time to warm up.  Once it warms up it feels really good so that makes me pretty happy.  Still some lingering pain the ball of my right foot, but it is already a lot better than it was last week after the half marathon.

Food completely sucked this week.  Honestly, I think that I was self sabotaging myself this week for some reason.  I just couldn't bring myself to eat right at all.  I was just craving everything bad I could find.  I know that I need to work on that!

It's hard to believe it's almost the middle of November and that a new year is just around the corner.  This year has been full of interesting experiences and new milestones.  It'll be interesting to see how next year's challenges turn out.

So, this week was about taking a mental break and re-fueling my ability to keep myself motivated and ready to go.  What do you do when you hit a point where the body's ready to go, but the mind just needs a break?


Richard said...

In answer to your question at the end, I had a glorious week of hardly working out and eating poorly. I think it is something that might need to be done every now and then to maintain an overall mental balance. I've been so good for so long this year (I HAVE had my unintended off-plan points) that I thought I needed a true break to just pig out and enjoy for a moment. One thing I did discover is that there is such a thing as eating too many peanut butter cups--who would've known there was such a thing? ;-)

You have made a lot of progress this year, you can have a break and move forward next week, even the week after if you want.

Rae! said...

I can relate to all of it. You will be fine. I agree with Richard. I think we have to have at least one day to eat whatever for that day. My trainer gave me a day a week to do that BUT keeps my calories in check.
I can't wait!!!

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