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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Goodness?

With Thanksgiving fast approaching here in the U.S. I thought it might be a good idea to share a few ideas on how to manage your diet and/or exercise during turkey day weekend.

Stick to your goals:  You know you have goals, you know you've been working hard on them.  Yes, it's a holiday and yes, it's okay to indulge in moderation.  Just don't forget where you want to be and how to get there.

Don't skip your workouts:  Training has been going well, you've made progress, you're on track for your next goal race or min goal.  Just because it's a holiday weekend doesn't mean that you shouldn't workout.  Many times there are family pressures, lingering work stress or other factors that can cause you to derail your plans, but remember working out can be you time, it can help you stay centered and calm.  You might have to get up early to workout, but try to get some activity in.  If you can't or don't want to do it alone, recruit the whole family and take a nice long walk before or after dinner.

Try to avoid grazing:  Thanksgiving often means snacking all day.  Make a plan to help you avoid grazing - yes, the amount of food that you consume each time you graze may be small, but those calories add up if you keep going back every time you walk by the food.

Drink your water:  Remember that water serves many purposes.  One, it can keep you hydrated which is always important.  Two, it can help you feel fuller.  A lot of times we eat, but we're really thirsty.  Try drinking water and see if that helps the food craving pass.

Indulge smartly:  We all have our favorites.  Don't deny yourself or you may end up over indulging on the forbidden food item.  Instead, try to limit the amount of the food you take.  Fill your plate with good for you foods and leave just a small amount of room for your favorites.  As you eat, save your favorite for last when you're fuller so that you can enjoy the smaller portion without feeling like you could eat more and more of it.

Beware of hidden fat:  Yes, those veggies are good for you, but wait, are they?  While veggies are good, they may not be prepared in the healthiest manner.  Were those beans sauteed in butter?  Are those mashed potatoes full of heavy cream and butter?  Be mindful of how things are prepared and if you're unsure what's in them ask.

Avoid the skin:  I know - how can you tell me to avoid the crispy, yummy turkey skin when it's just begging you to eat it?  Well, turkey skin is really just a whole lot of fat.  If you have trouble avoiding crispy skin there's a few things you can do.  Cook the turkey covered the whole time, when the turkey is done the skin isn't crispy and can be removed and won't be so appetizing.  Cook the turkey breast down, this will keep the skin uncrispy and provide moist and delicious white meat.  Do whatever it takes to avoid those extra fat calories.

Be realistic:  Are you trying to lose weight?  Now isn't the time to beat yourself up for no loss.  Instead, focus on maintaining your weight so that you don't go crazy at your next weigh in and there's not a loss posted.  This will help you enjoy your weekend without the added stress of trying to shed pounds.  This doesn't give you license to eat everything in sight, but with careful moderation you can have fun and maintain the losses you've already made.

Keep it lean:  Go for lean turkey and lots of veggies (sans butter).  Fill your plate with good lean protein and steamed veggies.  This will help fill you up and keep you full and not blow your entire plan.  Just remember to enjoy what you're eating.

Slow down:  Not only physically and mentally, but in your eating as well.  Chew your food slowly, set your silverware down between bites, sip water between bites.  All these things will help you slow down and enjoy your meal and the company you're in.  It will also help you recognize when you're full - when you eat to fast you consume way more food than you really need and that's when you have to unbutton your pants to be able to breathe.

Go Non-Traditional:  There's no denying that most of us love our traditional Thanksgiving meal.  We have our favorites that we've enjoyed since childhood and they bring back happy memories.  What if you did Thanksgiving at another time of year instead - you can still enjoy all your favorites, but cook half as much as you would with company.  During Thanksgiving, be creative and find something different to start a new Thanksgiving tradition.  Find something more healthy and enjoy it.

No matter what, enjoy the time you spend with family and friends.  Use the time to de-stress and recharge your energy levels and mental strength.  Don't neglect your body, keep it active and happy too.  Remember that each good choice will lead you to another!


-J.Darling said...

Great tips! I always encourage folks to focus on giving of yourself to family and friends on that day. If you're alone, call up a friend and really GIVE a true, undistracted, listening ear to him/her. That is the greatest gift (and one that so many of us are missing in our multi-task world). If you focus on the things and people you are thankful for (donating a small amount of time to a charity project is a GREAT way to be reminded of how blessed we all are), the food becomes just that - food, without that supernatural pull holidays seem to bring on.

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