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Friday, November 25, 2011

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #40

#40 - Disney's Health and Fitness Expo
From the Walt Disney World Marathon website:
Disney's Health & Fitness Expo held at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex will prepare you for everything happening during race weekend. The Expo will host seminars on training, racing, and nutrition featuring speakers and panelists from the world of running. While picking up your official race number and packet, check out the newest Official Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend Merchandise, as well as the latest in apparel and fitness equipment.

Speaker Series
Disney's Health & Fitness Expo features celebrity runner appearances and seminars on training, racing, and nutrition. Each seminar will last approximately 45 minutes and will include Q&A and autograph sessions. TV and Radio Commentator Creigh Kelley will host.

Packet Pick-Up
All runners must attend the Disney Health & Fitness Expo for Race Number and Packet Pick-Up. Please visit our Event Details page for more information.

Official Race Merchandise
Make sure you stop by the Official Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend Merchandise shop at the Expo to purchase your race apparel and other commemorative items.
Why am I looking forward to Disney's Health and Fitness Expo?
Start at the HP Field House
One of my favorite things about Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is the expo.  It makes the whole thing real.  As soon as I get the expo, the excitement picks up for me.  I love the energy, the crowds, the volunteers and all the fun things to see.

The first thing I do when I arrive at the expo is get my bibs.  This is usually when my nerves start to kick in a bit.  Once I have bibs and see my numbers and my name on them I know that I have races to run and all my training is done.  If you've ordered commemorative items (Mickey hats, pins, etc...) you will receive them when you get your bib(s).

After getting my bibs I always stop to check that my timing tags are working.  They have a station set up that allows you to walk over a timing mat to make sure the correct information shows up.  This is always a good thing to do - there are times when the timing tag does not work correctly and it's better to know now so that you can get it corrected and get an official chip time for the race(s).

There are scheduled speakers throughout the expo and these take place here at the HP Field House as well.  I highly recommend catching some of the speakers if you have time.  Jeff Galloway has great sessions where he goes over his run/walk/run method, fueling, mental aspects of the race and allows plenty of time for questions and answers.  John "The Penguin" Bingham also has a couple of sessions and is another great speaker.  There are a lot of sessions and there may be a few you'd like to catch, check the official program for more information about sessions (the program can be found here).

This is also the place to pick up Race Retreat, Chear Squad, Pasta in the Park, or other miscellaneous tickets.  There is usually an official Disney merchandise area set up here as well.  Depending on when you get to the expo, this area may be way more crowded than the other area over I'll cover next.

Next we head to the Milk House
Once you have your bibs, commemorative items, and tickets, you'll need to head next door to the Milk House.

The first thing I do when I get to the Milk House is head in for Goody Bag/T-Shirt pickup.  They make this process very easy.  Each event has a separate location and those locations are split up by t-shirt size.  You'll need to pick up the size shirt that you indicated on your registration, but if you need to change the size you can stop by information and ask if there is any availability and they'll give you a slip of paper.  To change sizes you have to head back to the HP Field House and there's a station specifically for shirt size changes - this is available on a first come, first served basis and they often run out of some sizes, but it's still worth a try.

The shirt pickup includes your good bag too so you don't have to make another stop for those.

Now you are free to wander the expo.  All the vendors will be setup here.  You will find another large official Disney merchandise area here.  It is usually crowded, but I highly recommend if you want to pick up any items do it now.  You'd be surprised at how quickly the items sell out.  Some things you can expect to find are:  commemorative pins, vinylmations, finisher's shirts, head bands, key chains, wine glasses, jackets and lots of official runDisney gear.  It's probably a good thing to note that this merchandise is not cheap, but there are some great commemorative items that will help you remember and celebrate your accomplishments.  The clothing is pretty much all Champion and it's important to note that the women's Champion items can run a bit small and they tend to only go to XL - it's great if you're average sized, but if you're like me and tend to run bigger, you might want to consider looking at the men's options instead.

There are quite a few good deals to be had at the vendors in the expo.  I recommend at least walking around and seeing what samples are available and if there are any good deals on your favorite brands.  One thing I often get a good deal on at the expo is Body Glide - they often have quite substantial discounts during the expo and it's a good time to stock up.


Chris said...

Ya know, get those things you might need like compression socks or KT Tape for those unexpected Goofy injuries! LOL

Love the expo, everything but the crowds.....hate the crowds....

J. Wazowski said...

looking forward to once again picking up a half marathon key to hang on my lanyard. do they make a 5K keyring? im so in trouble with anything 3 Caballero themed.$$$

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