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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #43

#43 - Animal Kingdom's It's Tough to be a Bug

From the Walt Disney World website:
It's Tough to be a Bug! is an an 8-minute, 3D movie and multimedia show, fun for big kids, teens and adults, performed in an air-conditioned movie theater embedded in the enormous root structure of The Tree of Life in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.

It's Tough to be a Bug! is hosted by Flik, everybody's favorite ant, and his grasshopper friend, Hopper, from the Disney·Pixar film A Bug's Life. The supporting cast consists of cute and creepy crawlers like spiders, termites, beetles, weevils and butterflies.

These amazing and amusing insects and arachnids invite the audience to be honorary bugs. Through 3D "Bug-Eye" glasses, get a fascinating and hilarious look into the animal kingdom that just might change your perspective enough to think: "It's Tough to be a Bug! Insects should be our friends."

But Hopper reveals humans as bugs' biggest enemy, and suddenly it's a swarm of activity. Hornets go in for the sting and everyone's a-buzz, reacting to the startling, surprising (and possibly frightening for little grubs, er, little ones) in-theater special effects. Finally, Flik cues the finale and the show metamorphoses into its sweet spectacular finish. Gotta take it from an ant: from cocoon to curtain call, It's Tough to be a Bug!

Why am I looking forward to It's Tough to be a Bug?
This is a 3D attraction that can be completely frightening and scary to some guests - and not just children.  It's an attraction about bugs, need I say more.  Not only is it about bugs, but there is dark, smells, water and angry bugs.  It can be creepy for sure.

The attraction does attempt to be light hearted for the most part and it does those parts very well.  We get to meet some extraordinary members of the bug family, starting with Flik our host.  We get to learn about some of the good things bugs can do for us and it makes you feel okay about bugs.

Things turn a little dark, scary and even a little painful when Hopper shows us and shows us all the ways that we hurt bugs.  He then turns the fly swatter on us and here's where little ones start to scream and I can't blame them at all.  There are spiders, stinging bees and other effects that truly are meant to frighten.

The show turns light hearted again as we wrap up the show and Hopper gets what's coming to him.  Thank goodness for the ending otherwise everyone would leave creeped out with very negative feelings towards bugs.

Yes, the show can be intense, so why do I like it?  First of all, you get to walk through the queue and study all the amazing animals in the Tree of Life.  There are plenty of opportunities to take amazing photos of the tree and its sculptures.  I think the Tree of Life is truly one amazing work of art and I'm glad that this attraction affords the ability to see it up close and personal.

Once you get inside the Tree of Life there are some amazing show posters hung up with all the famous bug shows.  Take a few minutes to stroll around to the different posters and see what the bugs have been producing.

Background music also plays a pretty big part of the queue for this attraction.  While a lot of people probably don't pay too much attention to this aspect, try to listen to the music and see what you hear.  I'll give you a couple of hints - flight of the bumble bees makes an appearance and other classics like Beauty and Bees can also be heard all performed by bugs of course!

If you haven't seen this one, give it a shot.  Be aware that some things may scare you or you're little ones and you'll be just fine.


sambycat said...

the posters and the preshow music are my favorite! well, except for singing “we’re pollinators! WE’RE POLLINATORS!!!!!!”

i swear i’ve YET to completely settle back into my seat AND put my feet onto the floor for this show. no spoilers, but um, no.

if you like vegetables, fresh fruit and flowers....

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