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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Countdown to 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend #56

#56 - Disney's Animal Kingdom's DINOSAUR
From the Walt Disney World website:
DINOSAUR is a thrilling adventure at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park aboard a time rover that transports Guests to the age of dinosaurs on a daring quest to bring back a living piece of history.

A routine visit to The Dino Institute museum is interrupted by a mischievous scientist with a secret mission. The scientist recruits you to travel back to the Cretaceous era, 65 million years ago, to capture a mild-mannered Iguanodon and return to the present day with the 3.5-ton dinosaur in tow.

Once you climb aboard an experimental CTX Time Rover, you'll want to buckle up. Time travel can be one turbulent trip!

Your rover arrives in a dark prehistoric forest that's almost pitch black, but you can sense large creatures are moving all around you. Some are gentle giants; others are monstrous meat-eating predators in search of a tasty snack. Suddenly a enormous animal appears—and it is not one of the friendly variety.

The Iguanodon is nowhere to be found and you're lost in a thick jungle with hungry dinosaurs, but that's not the worst of it: the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs is about to strike. You've got to find your target and get out of the past before you become history.

The countdown begins: 60 seconds before the meteor pulverizes the Earth! You hear the terrifying roar of an unimaginably huge beast. Is it the friendly Iguanodon or the carnivorous Carnotaurus? Get ready for a bumpy ride filled with thrills and close calls!

The clock is ticking. Will you escape or become extinct?

Find out by visiting the Dino Institute in the DinoLand, U.S.A. area of Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.

Why am I looking forward to DINOSAUR?
Okay, I have to be honest - Dinosaur is not my favorite ride.  It can be a bit rough depending on where you sit.  So, why is it on the list you ask?

Well, I love the audio animatronic dinosaurs, especially the Carnotaurus.  They are impressive in size and appearance and even sound.  They put a little fear of the dino in you when you see them most notably the first time you experience the ride.

The queue is pretty cool as well.  The dinosaur institute has examples of plant and animal fossils, a full size dinosaur skeleton and voice overs by Bill Nye the Science Guy.

From the queue, you head in to the pre-show where you are briefed on your "unauthorized" mission to go back and retrieve a dinosaur and bring it back to the institute.  It's an entertaining pre-show.

You then head to the loading area where you board the ride vehicle and head out in search of the right dinosaur to bring back before something terrible happens.

As I mentioned, this ride can be a bit rough - you are jostled left and right and forward and back.  In addition, it's very dark in parts, loud in others, flashing lights and other things that little ones (and some big ones) will be terribly frightened by.  Heed the warnings on this one because they mean it! 

Don't forget to smile because you will have your photo taken on this ride which you can purchase after you exit your ride vehicle and are dumped out in the ride store.


Jonathan "The Voice" said...

Okay -you're totally getting me excited about this! And since I'm solo too, we HAVE to do some touring together when we can! :)

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