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Friday, November 4, 2011

2011 Women's Half Marathon Expo

I headed out in a wicked dust storm and made my way to Scottsdale to pick up my packet for Sunday's half marathon.

First stop - bib pick up.  It was well organized and much more spacious than last year.  It was also completely empty.  I walked right up and had my bib immediately.  Super quick and easy this year for sure.

On my way out I stopped to sign up for the bus program.  Since the course is pretty much point to point you park at the end and take a bus to the start.  They offer this service free and just have to sign up.  I signed up for the 4:55am bus - this is the first bus and probably much earlier than I need to get there, but I don't want to be rushed and I can grab some curb and wait at the start line.

I headed down stairs to the Expo to get my goody bag and tech shirt.  I stopped and got my good bag which is pretty cool as it's a reusable tote bag.  Just a few feet away I stopped and got my tech shirt.  While the shirts are pretty nice they are women's cut and I'm sure they are perfectly fine if you are overweight at all.  This is one of my biggest pet peeves of this race - they only have shirts up to an XL.  While I can do an L or XL in a men's cut or unisex shirt an XL women's cut shirt is just to grabby and tight for me.  If you are going to offer women's cut shirts only at least offer larger sizes - not every runner/walker is a 100 pounds and perfectly shaped.

There were a few vendors that I wanted to check out while I was there so I headed around to check things out.  My first stop was the Bondi Band booth - I wanted to get a few new colors and a few extra head bands since the ones I have are getting a bit worn out.  I picked up 3 head bands for $20 - money well spent for me since I use them pretty much every day.

I checked out a couple of apparel spots - it was very cute, they had changing rooms.  The changing rooms were these little pink single person tents.  Very clever idea!  Sadly, I didn't find any new gear that I wanted.  I was hoping to find some new tops or bottoms, but my wallet was happy that I didn't find anything.

My new quest is to lighten the amount of stuff I carry with me.  Specifically for races, I want to carry less with me and I need to figure out a way to wear my bib lower - those darn B-Tags just don't read well when worn on the chest.  I stopped at the iFitness booth and was checking out their belts.  I was really excited because they have one that has double pouches and includes a bib holder and you can add as many 6oz or 8oz water bottles that you want.  They are really nice because they are water resistant as well.  I tried one on and unfortunately I found the pouch was difficult to put my iPhone in and take out while wearing it.  I also found it difficult to wear as you don't wear it at your waist you wear it on your hips - again, if I was a stick figure this wouldn't be a problem, but my body shape did not like this placement at all.

The expo is pretty small and there really isn't a ton of stuff to see, but one booth I just had to stop at...Which one you ask?  The runDisney booth of course!  I was hoping they might have an example of the 3 Cabarellos 5K medallion, but no such luck.  In fact, I was stunned because they didn't even have the Donald medal. 

I was wearing my 2011 Disneyland tech shirt so I actually got a lot of comments from volunteers and the runDisney booth!  It was a great conversation starter and I answered a lot of questions about the Disneyland Half course and experience.  I didn't mind though :)!

That was pretty much it for packet pick up and the expo.  I headed out and home through the dust storm.

When I arrived home, I checked out the goody bag and there was a sample of natural laundry detergent, pretzel chips, sunflower seed butter, Gu chomps, Emergen-C, and a mini Lara Bar.  A pretty good assortment of items this year!

The race is on Sunday and I have to say I'm kind of excited to see how the race goes this year.  They made a couple of course changes at the beginning so that will be fun.  I just hope that I can keep a consistent pace, even if it's slow.  I'll post a race recap on Sunday and let you know how it goes - good or bad.


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