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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Review: Sep 26 - Oct 2

Goals for workouts this year:
1. 80-100 miles run/walk per month
2. One day of Pilates per week
3. One day of Strength Training per week
4. One day of Bike or Elliptical per week
5. One Incline Workout on the Treadmill per week

Here's this week's recap
PM Workout: Treadmill walk 4.52mi @ 14:38 per mi
Notes: Decided to walk instead of running tonight.  Left leg super swollen today although the pain is at least diminished greatly.  Got a great walk in.

PM Workout:  Treadmill walk 4.20mi @ 14:38 per mi
Notes: With a migraine walking was it for me today.  My left knee is finally looking like a knee again which is a big plus.  Got in a good walk despite the headache.

PM Workout:  Treadmill run/walk - 4.71mi, .32mi warm up walk, 4mi @ 14:01 per mi, .39mi cool down walk
Notes: Finally my left knee is feeling better and better and the swelling is down a lot.  It's really throwing me not having my Garmin and foot pod, but the treadmill does keep track so I'm just trying to go with it.  No intervals today, just did what felt good.

Notes: It hit me that I haven't taken a day off in almost two weeks and since I was tired I decided today was a good day to rest. 

PM Workout:  Treadmill walk 6.2mi @ 14:38 per mi
Bike - 23mi, 1hr 40mins, 13.7mph avg, resistance level 2
Notes: The treadmill was my friend tonight and the walk just felt really great.  Then I got a nice long bike ride in, not as long as I planned, but still good.

AM:  Walk 8.54mi @ 15:43 per mi (including stop lights and breaks)
Notes: I headed outside this morning and again it was already hot, about 85.  I gave up the run/walk intervals after the first mile or so.  It was well over 90 when I got done and the heat was pretty rough on me.  I had hoped for 15 miles today, but I ran out of time with other things on the calendar.

AM Workout: City of Hope 5K - 5mi, .9mi warm up walk, 3.1mi @ 17:10 per mi, 1mi cool down walk
Notes: It was 5K day today and I went with a friend that hasn't done any walking since February.  Needless to say she isn't in the best of shape for these events so it was a bit slow going today, but we enjoyed the day and since the course goes through the Phoenix Zoo we had some good views of the animals early this morning.

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: +11 pounds

Run/Walk Miles: 33.17
Bike Miles: 23.00
Elliptical Miles: 0.0

Pilates: MISSED 
Strength: MISSED
Incline: MISSED

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles: 13.54
Bike Miles: 0.0
Elliptical Miles: 0.0

Goofy's Weekly Training Challenge Results
Another good mileage week.  I didn't get quite as many long miles in as I hoped for this weekend, but it was still a good week overall.

Still fighting some swelling and pain in the left knee, but it seems to be getting better everyday - a plus for sure.

My eating was totally on track this week, not problems in that area.  I know that the whole 11 pound weight gain is super shocking - it was to me when I stepped on the scale - but I know that most of this was due to some extreme swelling in my legs.  I have kept track this week and as the swelling went down so did the number on the scale.  Hopefully next week's number will be much better.

We are now in October and the time keeps ticking away and bringing me closer to January.  I am starting to get excited for the challenge again and I know that I have to improve my self talk while out on the road training.  My body feels fine, but my mind is not in agreement and that's just silly.

Hope you all had a good week and a great start to the month!


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