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Miles Completed = 29.01
(Run/Walked = 29.01, Biked = 0.0, Elliptical = 0.0)


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Review: Oct 3 - 9

Goals for workouts this year:
1. 80-100 miles run/walk per month
2. One day of Pilates per week
3. One day of Strength Training per week
4. One day of Bike or Elliptical per week
5. One Incline Workout on the Treadmill per week

Here's this week's recap
Notes: Needed a rest day and that was not a good thing because I was starving all day.

PM Workout:  Treadmill walk 6.0mi @ 14:17 per mi
Notes: Got a good long walk in tonight.  Upped the speed on the mill and everything felt pretty good.  My left knee is still a bit stiff and sore and times, but it also feels better too.

PM Workout:  Bike - 25mi, 1hr 44mins, 14.3mph avg, resistance level 2
Notes: Got in a great bike ride tonight.  Left knee was a bit sore all day so the bike was the best option for the night.

PM Workout:  Treadmill walk 5.25mi @ 14:17 per mi
Notes: Left knee sore all day again, but while on the treadmill it felt great.  Hoping that walking this week instead of running will give me time to heal up a bit for my weekly long run.  The new pace on the treadmill feels pretty natural so that's a big plus. 

PM Workout:  Treadmill walk 5.39mi @ 14:17 per mi
Notes: Got in another great walk tonight.

AM:  Run/Walk (a lot of walk) - 12.72mi, .3mi warm up walk, 12.01mi @ 14:16 per mi, .41mi cool down walk
Notes: Okay, I did the planned miles.  My left knee hurt for the entire first 2-3 miles before settling down.  Did okay with 2min run/1min walk intervals for the first 6 miles, but the last 6 miles was mostly walking.  It was gorgeous weather outside and was a perfect day to be out there doing the miles not on the mill.

PM Workout: Walk - 8mi @ varied pace
Notes: Flew in to Seattle for a conference (I grew up in WA and it was the first time I had been back in about 17 years or so).  Walked all around the water front, Pike Place Market, did some hills and some stairs.  My left knee was not happy with the hills or the stairs, but it just felt so great to be outside and enjoying the view!

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: -9.8 pounds

Run/Walk Miles: 37.36
Bike Miles: 25.00
Elliptical Miles: 0.0

Pilates: MISSED 
Strength: MISSED
Incline: MISSED

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles: 50.90
Bike Miles: 25.0
Elliptical Miles: 0.0

Goofy's Weekly Training Challenge Results
Got in a great week in terms of miles.  Been dealing with my left knee issues - thankfully, I can walk with no issues and running is okay once I get warmed up.

My eating was totally on track this week, no problems in that area.  I told you that the weight gain was a flaw, but most of that is back off which is what I expected. Travel will more than likely throw me off again the next time I weigh in though - it always does.

So hard to believe that we're getting so close to January - I know I'm strong, but I also know that I feel like I've fallen backwards right now.  I'm trying very hard to get over the mental issues, I think that's what's holding me back right now.

Here's to a pretty good week.  Hope everyone else had a good week!


Chris said...

On schedule. Despite the knee issues, you are doing the right things and heading in the right direction, keep up the great work! Sounds like the knee is more of a muscular thing than structural, right? Have you had it checked out by the ortho?

BTW - I used some of the KT Tape I bought in Disney last January for the calf. Of course, the whole story of how I bought the tape came back. Good times, good times... :-)

Rae! said...

I swear by k- tape!!
Sounds like a good week. Ice that knee. Just ice it after training.
I can not wait for Jan!!! I am glad to hear all the good things going!!
Keep it up!!

shalini said...

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