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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wine and Dine Half Marathon

Good luck to all of you runners that are headed to Walt Disney World this week for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon events.  I must admit, I didn't realize how much I would regret not going back to tackle this race again this year, but next year I'll join you all for a great run around the parks at night!

Just a quick tip for those of you running - the bib will have your B-Tag attached to the back.  You do not remove the timing tag from the back and you need to be careful not to bend the tags.  Stop by and check your B-Tag at the expo to make sure that your information shows up correctly.  Be aware of where you wear your bib - try to keep it as low as possible or as close to the ground as you can wear it comfortably.  I found out the hard way at the Disneyland Half that wearing your bib higher may cause your tag to not get recorded along the course.

Remember that this race starts late at night - the last corral is not scheduled to start until 10:20pm.  That's 20 minutes after the first wave starts.  Try to plan according to where your corral is in terms of fueling and bio breaks prior to getting in your corral.

Try to take it easy as much as possible during the day, get your feet up and relax maybe catch a little nap.  Fueling is a bit trickier for a nigh time race, but you should try to eat somewhat normally early in the day - avoid large heavy meals unless you're used to eating them and then running later.  Snack on lighter fare the rest of the day and think about stopping food consumption a couple of hours before the race (again, unless you're used to eating right before running).  Stay hydrated on water and use some sports drink if you need it.

Check out the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Program for more information on the expo, race, fueling, recovery and the after party event!

Most importantly, remember to smile and wave at the cameras, thank the amazing volunteers and HAVE THE BEST RACE EVER!!!!


Lisa Fine of Healthy Disney said...

Yay! Thank you for the best wishes, and for the advice. It'll definitely be different to run a night race.

Woo hoo! Can't wait!

Rae! said...

Yes this race is a late night one. The humidity can sneak up on ya too. I may have to redo this one.

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