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Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 Disneyland Half Marathon Trip Report Day 3 (Sept 4, 2011) - LONG

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The first alarm went off at 3:00am.  I turned it off, but ended up getting up before alarm 2 at 3:10am.  Cold shower any one? Well, it was cold, but it did wake me up and got my morning going.  I started my normal pre-race ritual of gearing up and getting ready to go.

At 3:40am I headed out to start my walk to the race staging area.  There were a few other folks out there that early as well - crazy runners :)!  During my walk I ate my Powerbar and drank some water.  I had made a  conscious decision to not carry any of my own water during the race today.  I've not been carrying water when I've been doing my training runs and I decided that I didn't want to worry about carrying something today.  I decided that I would make sure I took a few sips of water at each water stop and that should be fine.

The 1.38mi walk was a great way to loosen up and get ready for the race - I wonder if I'll say that after the race.  I arrived at 4:05am, took bio break number 1, then went to grab a piece of curb to sit and wait.  I kept my eye out for Justin as we had talked about meeting at the main stage, but I never found him this morning.

As I'm sitting and waiting, I always like the race stats that they announce, but I did notice that the numbers changed from announcer to announcer.  There were 14,870 registered runners, the youngest runner was 14, the average age of racers was 36, every state except for South Dakota was accounted for, there were 54 runners celebrating birthdays, 66.1% of the racers were female (I heard 62% later), the oldest runner was 87, there were 672 legacy runners, 1,275 kids participated in the kids' races, 443 foreign racers, 2,800 coast to coast runners (almost double the amount in 2010), 3,750 5K participants and 19,000 participants for the whole weekend.

At 4:54am I headed back to the porta-potties for bio break 2 and at 5:00am we were instructed to head to our corrals.  Last year, I was in corral C, this year I was in corral E.  Oh goody, I get to stand and wait around longer before I can get going.  This year there were corrals A - G so at least I wasn't in the last corral.  Unlike last year, I wasn't worried about being swept so I was fine with the corral placement and didn't mind being further back.

I turned my Garmin on at 5:50am and almost immediately I got a low battery warning.  What?  I kept checking it last night and it said it had a full charge.  I turned it off to save what battery there was and I'd turn it on right before starting.  In the meantime I had to figure out what I wanted to do.  Do I just run without it for the whole race, let it run until it dies?  I decided to let it run until it died and in the meantime, I set up Run Keeper Pro on my iPhone and held my phone so I could start the timer as soon as I crossed the start line.

Drew Carey was there running the race, but he didn't actually say anything, they had a girl that had run across the country say a few words and then finally the National Anthem started and was being sung today.  Interesting because the fireworks were let off during the National Anthem and there were no fireworks for the actual race start.  At 5:59am the wheelchair racers were off.  It was about three minutes between corrals and A went, then B, then C and finally corral E got to move closer to the start line as we got ready to go.  There goes D and almost 20 minutes after the 6:00am start corral E finally got to go.

The 2:45 Clif pace team was right in front of me.  I was going to try to keep them in my sight.  I started out using my run/walk intervals (2min run/1min walk) and as we got going I was feeling okay.  My calves were a little bit tight, but I knew that they'd loosen up pretty soon.  Before I knew it, we had reached the one mile mark.  Huh - that mile wasn't too bad.  I can still see the 2:45 Clif pace team for the next half mile or so - then I loose them and I never saw them again.  Funny, that's what happened last time I tried to stay with them too.

My stomach is feeling a little off this morning.  I'm not feeling sick just sort of uncomfortable.  I'm not sure what that's about.  I grab water at the first water stop and we head in to Disney California Adventure.  We don't spend a lot of time in this park.  The part that I missed was going through Paradise Pier and seeing the World of Color lights.  The good part about missing this was there was no boardwalk hill to worry about.  I remember seeing Phineas and Ferb and as we headed in to the Redwood Creek area I saw Russell from Up.  Now we've passed mile 2 and we head out of California Adventure and across the esplanade and in to Disneyland.

While I love running down Main Street and it's always a treat, I have to say I like Main Street in Walt Disney World better.  There were several princesses out at the end of Main Street.  We continue around to Tomorrowland and I see Darth Vader as I pass.

Here comes the mile 3 marker and right after that the 5K split point.  A lot of the course up to this point has been very crowded and it did force me to do some extra walking.  We're around the back side of Disneyland and heading out of the park.  We're coming up on the 4 mile marker and, that's it folks.  Once we leave Disneyland there are no more characters, no more cast members - it's you the other runners and the road.  A water stop was coming up at 4.5 miles and I took a gel and sadly it didn't sit well in my stomach, but I grabbed some water to wash it down and that helped.  As I'm trudging along, I see a light blue shirt with SCOPA on the back - huh, Mike Scopa is out here today.  I didn't want to bother him as he looked like he was concentrating on his running so I went past.

Mile 5 and I'm still trudging along.  All of a sudden a runner next to me asked me how I was doing and we started chatting.  He was 61 years old from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and was hoping for a PR today, but he fell about half a mile in to the race and hurt his leg pretty good.  He was still going to finish and get his coast to coast medal.  He started running again as he said it hurt less than walking - I'm telling you, that's some guts right there and made me realize yet again that I have nothing to complain about.

Here comes mile 6 and I grab some more water.  There's the 10K timing mats and a nice downhill/uphill section.  I look down and notice that my Garmin is completely dead.  I'm still maintaining my run/walk intervals and before long there's the mile 7 marker.  Every once in a while I would hear something talking saying a distance, time run and a pace - I couldn't figure out where this was coming from and I couldn't determine a pattern to when I would hear this voice speaking.  It was around the 7 mile mark that I realized it was my phone talking to me :).  Sometimes I liked this voice and others it was just discouraging.

The 8 mile marker came and went and soon we were at the Honda Center.  There was a nice little stretch of shade right around here that made me want to stop and enjoy it, but I kept going.  I had been battling my mind for a few miles.  I just want to walk, why it hurts more than running, but I'm tired, but it hurts to walk - and I'd have to talk myself in to continuing my intervals.  Thankfully these conversations were pretty short and the interval timer would buzz and off I'd go again whether I wanted to or not.

We're heading on to the unpaved portion of the Santa Ana Trail and I met up with Florida guy again and we chatted as we walked this section of the course.  This part of the course is pretty narrow and you usually end up talking to someone on this section as you kind of have to slow down a little bit.  Then right at the end there is a downhill/uphill section.  Mile 9 had a stop for Clif products and I declined those, but I did grab some more water.

Angel Stadium is just around this parking lot and we head in to the stadium and on the field.  I really like this part.  It's fun to be on the field, see everyone on the big screen and hearing the cheering.  It was timed pretty good for me, I was able to walk part of it and run part of it so it was super fun.

Around the other side of the parking lot and then as we exit there's another water stop.  Yep, I grabbed some more water.  Not much further and we're right there at the 10 mile marker.  I'm starting to hurt pretty good - at least my left hip is starting to hurt, but I just keep thinking that it's only a 5K to go and I got to keep going.

On I go and finally I see the mile 11 marker.  I know there's not much further to go but it's getting tougher and tougher to do the intervals.  I have to mentally push myself to run as much of the 2 minute run portions as possible and sometimes I was able to do it and others I wasn't.

Thank goodness, there's the mile 12 marker.  I know I don't have a lot further to go, but I am more than ready to be done.  I'm giving it everything I have at this point.  Finally, there's the mile 13 marker and I'm so close now.

I am tired but happy, I know the finish line is just ahead of me.  I can see it.  I run towards it.  I get to give Chip or Dale (not sure which one) a high five as I cross the finish line.  I walk forward and stopped Run Keeper Pro.  There are volunteers handing out Chilly Towels - cool moist towels, I took one, but I didn't end up opening it as the scent was a bit too strong for me.
As I continue forward I am given a medal.  Wow, these medals are quite large and very pretty.  I happen to notice that the only split I received to my phone was the finish time and really, was I that slow?  Then it occurred to me that it was actual clock time, not my finish time.  Hmmm...going to need to check on this later.

I walked up a bit further and a guy cut my coast to coast wristband off and then I was handed a coast to coast medal.  I love these medals - still one of my absolute favorites of all time.  I continue on and grab a Powerade and water.  Then I got in line for a finisher's photo, the lines were long, but they moved pretty quickly and I was done and through to the refreshments line.  I grabbed a banana, orange and 2 little Clif Bars and headed to a table to organize things so I could manage to get back to the hotel.
At 9:30am I headed out for the long walk back to the hotel with my medals clanking around my neck - very noisy.  It took a few minutes to get through security as all the runners had to stop and have their bags checked - seems there should be a better way to handle that part.  And a walking I will go.  Actually, it felt really good to get that walk in.  It gave me some time to reflect and wind down from the race.

I did pretty good today keeping my mental thoughts positive and not letting the negative thoughts over take me.  Oh, the thoughts popped up but I was able to get rid of those thoughts and stay on track.  I'm very disappointed with my time - 2 hours and 55 minutes is no where near where I wanted to be and I really felt with the time and miles I've put in that I should have done better.  I am guessing that all the treadmill time has actually hurt me to some extent.  Yes, I'm disappointed, but I'm also happy that I did push today.  I maintained my run/walk intervals through the race, I didn't let negative thoughts slow me down and I still had a lot of fun.

Run Keeper Pro reported the following:
Distance:  13.41 miles
Duration:  2 hours 55 minutes 14 seconds
Average Pace:  13:04 minutes per mile
Average Speed: 4.59 mph

Mile Splits were as follows:
Mile 1:  13:07
Mile 2:  13:22
Mile 3:  13:38
Mile 4:  13:11
Mile 5:  13:47
Mile 6:  12:59
Mile 7:  13:21
Mile 8:  13:07
Mile 9:  13:20
Mile 10:  13:37
Mile 11:  13:07
Mile 12:  10:34
Mile 13:  12:48
Mile 14:  12:55

I have no idea where the 10:34 for mile 12 came from - my goodness, if I could just do that for every mile I'd be able to hit my time goal!

I was back at the hotel at 10:06am and quickly changed out of my sweaty clothes.  I ate a Powerbar, orange, banana and little Clif Bar and drank some water all while putting my feet up.  I took a nice hot shower and relaxed for a bit.

Funny, but two hours somehow got away from me - not sure where they went, but eventually I did manage to get all clean and ready to head out.  It took me a while, but at 1:30pm I headed out for the third 1.38mi walk of the day.  My stomach still wasn't feeling great and I had a bit of a headache and have I mentioned how sore my legs are?  I am more sore than I've ever been after a half marathon, but I started walking and hoping that the legs would ease up a bit on the walk.  It was rather warm out this afternoon and felt pretty humid.

I headed in to Disneyland and was in the park by 1:45pm.  I headed straight for the Tiki Room.  Why?  I needed a Dole Whip Float of course!  I sat and enjoyed my float while waiting for the show and then I went in and enjoyed the birdies singing and the flowers crooning.  Oh my, the cast member doing the intro was a one man stand up comedy show.  He had a whole monologue and it was hilarious and great.

Next up was Pirates - got to love those pirates and their plundering.  Then it was time for some for some fun with Pooh and friends - very cute ride.  At this point I figured I must find some real food - it would either make me feel better or not.  I headed over to Village Haus and ordered a cheeseburger, fries and a rootbeer - hey, 15% discount with my pass.  I sat down and enjoyed the cool building while I ate and read for a bit.  My headache was easing up, but my stomach was still a little bit upset - nothing bad, just uncomfortable.

Star Tours had a 50 minute wait posted so I decided to skip it today.  Buzz Lightyear was only a 10 minute wait so I hopped in line...I wish I would remember that you have to keep pushing the trigger on this version...Oh well, it was cool, dark and a nice break nonetheless.

I decided to head out of the park at 4:40pm and as I reached the front of the park I was just in time for the Flag Retreat Ceremony.  This is something I've never seen before and I decided to stop and watch it.  This is an amazing, moving, wonderful ceremony.  It truly brings out the patriotism and pride for the USA and our armed forces.  It was truly amazing when an older gentleman in an electric scooter stood up for the National Anthem all the way through the flag folding ceremony - truly awesome.

Next I headed over to California Adventure and I only had one thing on my agenda and that was Little Mermaid.  I headed over and waited about 30 minutes.  I really, really liked this ride.  Yes, there are some story flaws and it's a bit truncated and some things were skipped, but it was bright, fun and catchy and there were some great effects.  I was very glad that I waited to see it.

Toy Story had a 40 minute wait and I decided to brave it.  It's a fun ride and I didn't mind waiting for it.  I headed back over to Little Mermaid and had a 5 minute wait this time.  There is so much to see that I caught new things this time around.

I was starting to wind down.  I walked toward Soarin' but the line was just too much for me tonight.  I walked over to Monsters Inc and it was down - boo.  I watched a few minutes of Electronica dancing preview show and then I headed out.

As you exit you're pretty much dumped out right at World of Disney so I headed in at 7:10pm.  I walked all through the store and came out empty handed.  I couldn't believe it either, but I didn't see anything that caught my eye tonight, but I'll shop some more tomorrow.

At 7:30pm I headed back towards the hotel.  As I was waiting for a light there was a cast member waiting too and we started talking - her name was Gina and she was super nice.  I decided to swing in to Subway to grab some dinner and breakfast for tomorrow and Gina ended up coming in too so we chatted some more.  Then we ended up walking and chatting all the way to my hotel.  What a super nice woman and I have a feeling she's an amazing cast member - I believe she works at the Veranda, but not positive about that.

I had to swing by the Cafe 2 Go to grab some water to drink and I was back in my room by 8:00pm.  I ate dinner, wrote in my journal and planned on being asleep by 10:00pm.  I am pretty exhausted and it's been a busy and interesting day!


Chris said...

I understand how you feel about your overall time, I've been there and sure I'll be back there at some point. :-) However, you did just fine! I think it's great that you are running good portions of these again and that will only propel you to better times/finishes. Use this as a springboard into the upcoming events, maybe add a bit more running intervals, etc.

You mentioned the gel not sitting right. i had that happen to me a year ago and ended up making me switch to bloks instead...just can't handle the consistency anymore...I have no idea what happened, body just decided it didn't like them anymore...weird!

Congratulations again! Great job, rest up as January is right around the corner!

-J.Darling said...

Okay, so now I might have to do a Disneyland 1/2 marathon... It IS my home park afterall... I REALLY want to run through Angel Stadium!

I hear if you don't train w/ snacks, don't eat snacks along the route. It works for me for 5Ks.

I teared up for you crossing the finishing line and getting that Coast to Coast! Quite an acheivement missy! Don't lose sight of that! :)

How much of your training was on the treadmill instead of on the road? (I prefer road running, even in the rain - which should kick in soon up here in WA!)

Justin said...

You had Maynard at the Tiki Room. We had the same spiel that day, absolutely hilarious! Hmmm, tiki tiki go leaky leaky! Hmmm.

Rae! said...

I am so proud of you!!! Funny how ALL my fellow Floridians kept coming up to you.Gee is that a hint??
Got to figure out what was keeping your stomach unsettled. That Clif bar??
I love the pictures!! I truly can not wait till Jan.2012

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