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Sunday, September 11, 2011

2011 Disneyland Half Marathon Trip Report Day 2 (Sept 3, 2011)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The first alarm went off at 4:30am, the second alarm went off at 4:45am and I got up and got moving.  I needed a shower to wake up and get going and quickly discovered I had no hot water.  The water wasn't ice cold, but it was cold enough to wake me up and I can tell you I had a quick cold shower.  Then I got my gear on and got ready to head out.

At 5:16am I headed out to walk to the race site.  It was absolutely beautiful weather - not too hot, not too cold.  The walk is not exactly short so I clocked it on the Garmin so I'd know just how far it really was.  The walk was about 1.38mi - wow.  Still, it was a great warm up today.

It was about 5:45am when I got to the staging area.  I headed over to the porta-potties first for a quick bio break.  As I was standing around I took a few pictures for other racers - I always like to do that.  I stood around for a few more minutes and I decided to head towards the start corrals.  I was a little surprised that the start area was the same place as it was last year, only because it's a pretty cramped place to put this many people.

On my way over I ran in to Justin and his son Ethan - today was Ethan's very first 5K - so cool!  We all headed to the corral area and lined up toward the back.  I knew I'd be run/walking and trying to keep it light and easy and Justin and Ethan were planning on doing whatever Ethan felt like doing.

As we were waiting we were inducted as padawans, then a couple of storm troopers showed up and finally Darth Vader showed up.  It was fun to watch all the people get so excited for Darth Vader.  Eventually, good won and Darth Vader was forced to leave.  One of the storm troopers actually said have a nice day - which of course he had to deny since the other storm trooper was giving him a hard time about it.  Kind of funny.

They had a trumpet player play the National Anthem in a sing a long fashion.  I really like it when they do this.  It's always amazing to listen to the crowd's voice swell as the song goes on.  It shows a lot of pride in our country and it's just a very cool way to start a fun race.
Photobucket Rudy Novotny was commentating once again and in Jedi gear.

It was just a couple minutes later when we were off and running - well, okay it really took a while before we were able to actually run.
The course was pretty darn crowded in the beginning.  It seemed like the first mile was mostly walking and my time totally reflected that at 14:03 per mile.  The nice part of the first mile was that we ended up heading in to Disneyland backstage and headed towards the on stage portion.

Finally things started to open up a bit and thin out to make it easier to run.  I love going through Disneyland, it's so cool running through the park - lots of characters were out and about and cast members were out there cheering us on.
I have to say that it was a little disappointing not to be able to run through the castle for the 5K, but I knew I'd get to do that tomorrow.  I was using run/walk intervals as best as I could considering the crowds and felt pretty good overall.  I grabbed water at the first water stop (about mile 1.5) and I was glad to have that water as I was a bit thirsty.
Before you knew it, we were headed out of Disneyland having gone through it all to quickly.  It was fun heading across the esplanade over to California Adventure.  We hit mile two and my second mile was 12:20 which I was pretty happy with.  This part of the course was different as they had to change things due to construction in California Adventure and we hit a pretty good downhill followed by an uphill -  I just kept plugging along doing my intervals and totally enjoying myself.
In through California Adventure and water stop 2 (about mile 2.5) and I grabbed another cup - I was glad for the water as I felt it was a bit humid.  Mile 3 was a little slower at 12:38 per mi, but that's okay it wasn't bad.
As I approached the finish, line I didn't see everyone in this picture, but I did see Mickey and Minnie dressed in their Star Wars gear - very cute.
The last tenth of a mile was lined with crowds and as I got to the finish line Rudy Novotny was there speaking and he actually announced my name as I crossed the finish line - now that was cool!!!
The end of the race was so much better organized this year.  Last year was pure chaos, but this year it was calm an easy to navigate.  I did miss running through Paradise Pier and seeing the World of Color lights, but I didn't miss the hill :).  It was still a great course overall.

After receiving my medallion, it was pictures in one direction and food in the other - very easy to navigate.  I hopped in line for a finisher's photo and they had us lined up and were managing the lines to the photographers pretty well.  I had my picture in just a couple of minutes which was pretty nice.  It was odd that they didn't have the finisher's background for all the photographers, but I like the background I had just fine.
Next stop water, a banana and a mini Clif bar.  There was plenty of food and water available and no wait to get anything you wanted.

I hadn't looked at my time to see how I did, but later when I checked, I saw that I finished in 40:25 which is a 13:02 per mile pace.  I sure felt like I was going faster than that, but it was still a good race and I had fun.  It didn't make me to confident in how the half would go though.

The race was a success in the fact that I did not stop my run/walk intervals or let my head rule how I was feeling.  That's something I've been struggling with so this was a pretty big win for me lately.

It was about 7:40am when I headed out of California Adventure and went toward the road so I could head back to the hotel.  The walk was pretty quick and easy and I had a bounce in my step as I really felt pretty good.  I was back in my room by 8:00am.

I decided to stretch and cool down.  The stretching felt good until I got a cramp in my neck - too funny, I was able to work it out pretty easily.

My Garmin was flashing low battery through the whole 5K  and I'm not sure why as it said it had a full battery.  I decided to hook it up to my laptop instead of the wall outlet and see if that would help.  I would end up continually checking it all day to see if it said charging or charging complete.

It was shower time again and thankfully this time I had hot water - thank goodness.  I got done and went to dry my hair and the hair dryer wouldnt' work - well, technology apparently is not my friend.  I ended up ordering room service for breakfast at about 9:15 and had it by 9:30.  I enjoyed my pancakes and eggs and took some time to journal the race. 

Sadly, instead of heading out to the parks I was forced to do some work.  Yes, I have the kind of job that requires me to work during vacations at times - it's not always ideal, but I do what I have to.  It was well after 11am by the time I finished up the minimal amount of work that I could get away with and I was kind of tired.

While I could have headed out to the parks, I wasn't sure I wanted to put 3 miles, plus park walking on the feet the day before the half.  My confidence has been rather shaky and I didn't want to give myself any excuses.  So, what did I do?  I took a nap - I'm tired a lot lately and it felt good to have time to do nothing for a change.

At 6:00pm I headed to the Cafe to Go to grab some water and then headed back to my room.  I decided to order chicken parmesan from room service.  It was a good choice with a baked chicken breast, red sauce, spaghetti, bread sticks and a small side salad.  Perfect for the night before the race.

Once I completed dinner, I ended up getting my gear laid out and ready for the morning.  I kept going back and forth on what shirt I was going to wear and I ended up with my old red shirt again.  It's worn and comfy and has been through many races with me.

Oddly, I was a bit nervous for the race.  I know what I want, but it doesn't seem that my mind and body are on the same page lately.  No matter what I know that I am going to have a good time.  Finally, at 8:00pm it was about time for bed.


-J.Darling said...

Sounds like you had some good triumphs during the 5k! I can't imagine (at this point) doing a 5 k followed immediately by a marathon - but maybe someday!

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