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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Week Before Your Big Race

With just over a week to go to the Disneyland Half Marathon, I thought it would be appropriate to share an article I saw about preparing for a marathon and what to do the week prior to the race.  You can check out the article here.

Trying to stay healthy should be your main goal before a race and here are a few ways to do that: 
  • Something a lot of runners struggle with is tapering, or reducing their miles in the week or two prior to the race.  You've put in the training so trying to cram in another long run isn't going to benefit your race and you run the risk of injury.
  • Eat food for fuel - carbs and protein are good choices to keep your body fueled, but don't over do it.  Eating too much won't be helpful and since your miles will be lower you're not burning as much as you were during training.
  • Sleep is important and while you may think the night before the race is most important, it's not.  You should try to get some good nights' sleep for the two or three nights before the night before the race.  That's most important.  Then if you find you can't sleep the night before the race, you can just rest and know you'll be okay because you've stored up that sleep in the previous few nights.
  • Be prepared - mentally and physically.  Visualize your goals for the race, see yourself through each mile and how you'll feel, feel that medal being placed around your neck.  Prepare your race gear, know what you're going to wear, pack it, lay it out whatever you need to do to be ready and reduce your stress.
  • If you travel to the race, try not to do so much sightseeing that you wear yourself out in the days leading up to the race.  Keep it relaxed and allow plenty of sitting and putting the feet up time.
What are your favorite tips for staying healthy, ready and relaxed prior to your big race day?


Princess Fee said...

Great article, Amanda, and great tips. I know that I am finding tapering really hard this time, but for the sake of recent foot pains I am really making myself take it easy. We've done the hard work, right? ;) Hope to see you next week!

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