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Saturday, August 27, 2011

To Taper or Not?

Tapering for a race means to reduce training to allow the body to rest, recover, rebuild and get ready for peak performance on race day.

There are many opinions on tapering for a half marathon.  How long should you taper, how many miles are appropriate for the last couple of weeks leading up to a half marathon, what do you eat during taper, how much rest is too much?  These and many questions are probably rolling around your head in the last weeks leading up to your big race.

I have to be honest, I am sort of tapering for the Disneyland Half Marathon. What do I mean by sort of - I've shortened my miles and my intensity a little bit, but it's mostly because I've been feeling a bit over trained. My taper isn't as laid back as a true taper because I've decided I'll be using the Disneyland Half Marathon as a training run. Since I have no idea how I'll be feeling or how fast I will be able to go on race day I'm going to consider it part of my normal training routine.

Here are a couple of articles to help you wade through the half marathon taper dilemma:Half Marathon Taper - John Bingham for Runner's World

Marathon and Half Marathon Tapering Strategies from the MarathonRunner.com

Taper into your Half Marathon from boiserunwalk.com

Do you taper for a half marathon?  If so, how long do you taper?  What special things do you incorporate or remove from your daily routine in the weeks leading up to the race?


Richard said...

It's strange that a subject as innocent as a race taper can lead to disagreements. I look forward to your race report from DL.

Chris said...

As with all things "running", I think it's a personal thing...just like "what to eat prior to a race.." As time goes on and you compete in various events, you find your own routine that works for you and you should stick to it. At least, that's my opinion! :-)

I'm actually going to switch my taper routine up for Hartford Marathon. I was doing the typical long run a couple of weeks prior and then cutting the mileage and intensity, however, I read an article that I can relate to on this. It said to reduce the mileage, but not necessarily the intensity. Keeping some intensity in your intervals and such, keeps the short/long twitch muscles where you want them, but reduction in miles helps to keep them fresh as well. I will take two full days off from running prior to the marathon, but will probably bike or elliptical on those days. The few days prior to that I'm going to keep my ladder and hill workouts, just drop down the mileage to 3-5 instead of 5-7.

I know what you mean by "overtrained" as well...I was putting in 6/7 days running for a while there, but have dropped to 5/6 days and the extra day of rest has really helped me recover, I can totally feel it...you read about it and know it's true..but hard to do it when you're addicted like we are! :-)

Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure it'll be fine. Don't be afraid to push it a little bit during the half! I think you'll be surprised at how much your body is way more ready for it than your mind. I do it on occassaion during my training and am always surprised that I can crank it up a notch without really any ill effects. Build the base, add on to it a bit, build that base, add on to that a bit more....you're doing things the right way which will protect you from injury.

Enough of me, I'm totally rambling!!!

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