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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spirit of the Marathon Movie

I was sitting at home on Friday night, not feeling fabulous about a failed long run earlier in the day.  I wasn't in to watching anything that was on television or that I had recorded on my DVR, so what to do.  I fired up Netflix and did a search on Hood to Coast, which I was interested in seeing - no go, it's not available online, bummer.  So, I did a search on similar movies and came across Spirit of the Marathon.  I had heard a little bit about this movie, but hadn't seen it so I hit play.

I was enthralled right from the start.  The film follows six runners on their path to the 2004 Chicago Marathon.  It hits on their training, their thoughts, the reasons for running, and finally through their journey on the course.

If you're not a runner and wonder why people would want to run 26.2 miles, this is a good film to see.  It doesn't get so technical in to the sport that you can't follow it because you don't understand the terminology or acronyms and it's got good personal stories.

If you're a runner and have never done a full marathon, it's motivational.  There's a good mix of professional runners, speedy runners, injury, average runners and older runners.  The stories make you start thinking about whether or not you could do this and what it would take to do it.  It gets you excited for the distance.

Already run a marathon?  Well, it still doesn't disappoint.  You'll probably think back on your experiences during your training and during your race.  It makes you remember the hardships, the successes and most of all the feeling of finishing that marathon and what it meant to you. 

I really enjoyed the mix of legendary running folks, history on the distance, and the stories of real people.  The stories were spaced well and there wasn't any one story that was drug out for too long.

Having walked only one marathon to date, it brought a lot of feelings to the surface.  The difficulties that you encounter during training, the learning curve for fueling, the physical pain, the mental toughness it takes - it's all brought up in this movie.

When the race footage starts, the nerves, the wonder, the challenge all comes flooding back.  Watching these runners smile, grimace, overcome pain and support each other is done really well.  You root for these people because a marathon is a challenge and you want them to succeed.

If you get a chance to see it - I would recommend it.  If you've already seen it - what did you think?


Lisa G said...

I am going to look into finding this movie. It sounds very interesting!

Jenny said...

I absolutely love this movie!!! I try to watch it before every race, because it's so motivational. I even put it on my phone to watch it on the way to San Francisco last weekend!

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