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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Running the Sahara Movie

Over the weekend I wasn't feeling great and decided to watch a movie on Netflix.  I settled on Running the Sahara.  It is a documentary about three men who join together to run across the Sahara.  Their journey ended up taking 111 days and was over 4300 miles.  That's the equivalent of around 170 marathons run over 111 consecutive days.

The story was rather interesting as it followed the three men and their challenges, injuries and triumphs along the way.  There was a good mix of team dynamics, personal thoughts and feelings, and logistics.

As I watched the movie, it kept me entertained and in awe of the physical feat these men undertook.  I was rooting for them to finish, urging them to work through logistical problems, wanting them to keep supporting each other and get through this journey they set out on.

The men also had a cause to talk about and that is providing water to the people in Africa.  They didn't drill this in to you through the whole movie, but there were parts dedicated to the lack of drinkable water and lack of wells for people to access.  There is a charity called H2O Africa Foundation (www.h2oafrica.org) which describes the charity set up to help provide the people of Africa water.

If you enjoy running, the challenges of traveling through six countries in Africa, the team and personal dynamics then you will probably enjoy this movie.


Richard said...

I've heard of this movie but never seen it. Thank you for the review, I will add it to my future movie list.

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