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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 2011 Wrap Up

Weight Watch: -7.8 pounds
I'm actually pretty happy with that number this month - finally right?  I worked hard and stayed on track and it is finally showing.

Mileage Watch:
Run/Walk: 121.93 miles
Bike: 98.00 miles
Elliptical: 1.09 miles
Total Miles: 221.02 miles

While it was not a record breaking run/walk month, I still managed to get a good number of miles in this month.  I also got more bike miles this month and I know the sad little elliptical was rather neglected again this month.  Overall, I'm still happy with this mileage!

Goal Review
I completed one event in August -  a 5K.  I am glad I did the event, but it was a horribly bad race for me.  The heat, the hills and my feeling over trained made for a not so fun day.  I finished with a pace of 13:54 per mi and I walked a good portion of the race.  Still on track for at least one event per month though so I am happy about that.

I still managed to stay well over the 80-100 run/walk miles per month goal!  I had to back off the miles a bit this month to help my body recover, but that's okay.  I still have a good base and am feeling much stronger than I was last year at this time.  I still have issues to work on and I will continue to work on them.

September 2011
The Star Tours 5K and the Disneyland Half Marathon are on deck for September.  This will be my third time doing this race.  I'm not sure what will come of this race.  I want to push and do well, but I've been feeling a little bit worn out lately so I'll have to see how I feel on race day and go with the flow.

I have yet again been relegated to the treadmill for the entire month of August and I'm afraid that's going to hurt my effort at the Disneyland Half.  I'm sure all you runners are aware of the differences between running on a treadmill and running outside and that always impacts me.

I am actually pretty happy with my weight loss at this point.  I am almost 35 pounds lighter right now than I was at the same time last year.  I'm down 19.2 pounds since Jan 1st and 26.6 pounds since I re-focused in mid-May.  Those numbers are interesting and I'm proud of the progress I've made.

September is the time to kick in the training for January, get ready for the fall goal races and start loving the fact that the weather should begin cooling down.  Race season in AZ is right around the corner and I'll have a few more events coming up to round out the year.  What are your plans for September?


mgreene said...

You have posted some really impressive numbers this year. And the fact that you don't miss many days is a plus too! And you can see how you're improving based on this - that is the whole idea!

-J.Darling said...

"I am almost 35 pounds lighter right now than I was at the same time last year. " This is a great reminder to me to keep at it! I've only been keeping off 1 lb/month so it's so easy to lose sight of the fact that, if I keep losing 1 lb per month, I'll still be able hit my goal in a healthy fashion in 2 years! In the grand scheme of things - that's nothin'!

Richard said...

Those numbers are not just "interesting" they are awesome and inspiring! You have so much to be proud of this year and I am so happy the results are showing for you.

I am starting to wonder if I will even recognize you in January...

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