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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Team Voice Mid Summer Virtual 5K - Recap

I headed out at 8am this morning for my 5K run/walk.  It was about 81 when I headed out and there was a nice cloud cover to make it a little less bright on my eyes, it also meant it was more humid than usual. It was still a nice day to go out for a run though.

I was hoping to do better today than yesterday, but I was actually a little slower today finishing in 39:03 or 12:35 per mi.  Even though I didn't manage to go faster, I did manage to run more and stay on my intervals today.

After I got back, I put in a $40 donation to Make-a-Wish since I was over 39 minutes and I pledged $1 per minute it took me :).

Did you do a virtual 5K today?  How did it go?


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